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  1. Name: Bloopers Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:83812714 Banned by: Alexis Ban Reason: Muted for Micspam Why should you be unbanned Jokingly after someone with a soft voice joined the server, I yelled into my mic for no more than 5 seconds saying something close to, "WOAH, IS THAT A FEMALE", and with no warning that I was being too loud, I received an immediate permanent mute. I really had no idea how loud I was, considering a lot of people were talking at the same time I was. I was warned a couple seconds before the mute was given, but it literally had no purpose. Keira said, "you're very loud", which would have told me that I need to stop and quiet down. That's literally all it took. Instead, I feel it's a little unfair and overboard to issue a mute over something that wasn't to be malicious or purposeful. If anything needs to be validated, Keira can be asked what happened since she was active at the time.
  2. Name: Bloopers Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:83812714 Banned by: Console Ban Reason: Karma Too Low Why should you be unbanned I'm sure it's know by anyone who plays on Rotation that everyone's latency is god awful and the gunfights are based off of whose hitbox will connect with a shot first. Anyways, I was passing a detective in a room with two terrorists and shots began to go off. I read chat and see the detective called a KOS on one of the terrorists in the room. As I walk towards the entrance of the room, the detective is firing shots at both terrorists while exiting the room (only one is KOS'd). I begin to shoot the terrorist KOS'd by the detective, and I somehow manage to shoot the detective in the head, killing him instantly (he forgave me in the report). The detective wasn't even in my crosshair when I fired, which is where the beginning of this appeal servers a purpose. I continue to shoot at the KOS'd terrorist and kill him as well. Once I I'd the body, I move to the other terrorist in the room and begin to shoot at them for not killing a KOS'd person (by a detective) that was also firing shots at and damaging a detective. I have a detective and two innocents on my killed list, so of course I get karma banned. Premise: I killed a detective in crossfire while following a KOS that they killed, then killed another innocent for not following the KOS while being in the same room as the KOS'd person.
  3. Name: Bloopers Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:83812714 Banned by: Myst, originally. Ban Reason: Permanent gag Why should you be unbanned Five months goes pretty slow when your main way of communication is restricted due to your own negligence. Within that time, I was able to reflect and fix what got me to this point. Only being able to type was hard at first, but I learned to cope once I realized there was no getting me out of the hole I dug myself into. After a couple months, I knew there was literally no way for an appeal to be taken serious unless there was change in my behavior and attitude. I myself have noticed a decline of my toxic behavior, if not none at all. It's easy for me to say this, but I have also had people tell me they've noticed a change as well. Even for the day or day-and-a-half that I was ungagged due to the change in the comm. ban system, I would say I was very neutral and a lot better than before. I will own up to my actions. I know how I treated others, and it's no way to act regardless of the setting. I apologize for any problems I may have caused in the community and realize it won't be easy to see the authenticity in my words. I have been given many many chances before and I am very thankful that GFL is an understanding community. I don't expect this to be accepted immediately. It will take a serious discussion and consideration, I get that. If it helps, I will be accepting of this being my very last chance and take a permanent gag if anything happens again that may slightly resemble my old self. I am that confident that I have changed and can keep my behavior to the standards of the server.
  4. Name: Bloopers Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:83812714 Banned by: Myst Ban Reason: Permanent gag Why should you be unbanned Well I'd like to start off by saying that I don't mean to be as unpleasant as I am. Sure, this may seem like another sad attempt from someone trying justify their toxicity, but I genuinely do apologize. I understand that I was warned NUMEROUS times and had multiple chances. Most of the time it is just banter and the people usually understand I'm joking. A lot of my previous warns/gags were due to minor playful insults. I knew I was on the verge of a permanent gag beforehand, but I couldn't refrain when I was blatantly being targeted by another member. That wasn't the first time or the last time. I'd prefer to not name anyone since I want to stay on topic. Once gagged, I haven't been toxic in the slightest. It's helped me realize how it is possible to play the game without having to blurt out some sort of put-down or insult every time you die or anything happens for that matter. I know this wouldn't technically be a "second chance" considering the number of chances I've had before, but I really wish to have this decision reconsidered. It's living hell not being able to talk when that's what you're used to. I don't break any other rules, and if anything, I help out the server in ways involving getting rid of cheaters. I mean no harm to the server or community and would highly appreciate a reevaluation of my actions and come to a compromise. If I do happen to get this issue resolved, I will willingly accept any punishment given out hereafter.
  5. Name: Bloopers Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:83812714 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I'm standing on the opposite side of the pit on innocentmotel around the corner opposite of spawn. Once I turn the corner and look towards the pit, I see an unidentified body with a DNA scanner right next to it and 2 players standing on top of his body, so I assumed it was a detective that was killed by two traitors. One player was looking down the hallway with an M16 and moving left and right as if they were trying to kill another player, while the other was crouched without a weapon next to the body and not doing anything in that situation. Waiting about 3-5 seconds for the players to ID the body, I began to KOS each of them. Shortly after both players were killed, someone shot me so I defended myself. In total, I killed 3 innocents with good cause. I had 956 karma and ended up getting banned after that round. Nowhere in the rules does it say how long you have to give a person before ID'ing a body, but considering the circumstances, I felt I gave ample time for either of the players to ID the body. This was just a cluster of bad events which I do not feel I should be banned an entire day for, or any time at all for that matter. ..
  6. Name: Bloopers Steam ID (or steam profile link): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127891157/ Banned by: Console Ban Reason: Karma Ban Why should you be unbanned I killed about 3 RDM'rs along with people being false KOS'd. I don't have any previous bans, and if it were intentional then I would have been banned by a staff member.
  7. Name: Bloopers Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:83812714 Banned by: I don't remember Ban reason: RDM or something Why you should be unbanned: I got banned like 2 years ago, and uh, I'm not as immature as I used to be. I believe I've changed, and I'm willing to be better.
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