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  1. I've seen it. I was very frustrated when the other communities gave you a hard time about it during it's trial. So many inexperienced people expect things to work perfectly on its first spin- you've been doing great! I look forward to hearing more success stories from you. Keep it up!
  2. GMOD Zombie Escape

    It sounds like a good idea to me.
  3. Is liking traps gay?

    Schrodinger's cat was also a trap. Welcome to quantum physics, kids.
  4. Lies and Deception

    Thought he was talking about me when he mentioned monkeys
  5. Be safe and have fun. Traffic is awful there.
  6. Joris is very well-established and a wonderful person I've met elsewhere. That's a promising partnership! I recall witnessing an iffy start, but I'm glad it could work out. I'm not sure if Jorris still produces maps as well... either way and anyhoo: A very valuable affiliate or team member for any community. Cheers!
  7. It was fun, goodbye everyone!

    I'm not convinced your'e leaving, but wouldn't want for you to prove it anyways. Thanks- I'm not a big fan of my own voice, but I suspect most of us are like that. I do catch people mocking it, and I catch myself mocking it too You can travel too! You will make it happen.
  8. GFL Member Directory

    Only 43.3 C (110 F). I'm hot.
  9. The Event Coordinator Team

    Gigantic team. Not sure how they'll manage all those people. (Reference) I don't disagree with the OP, that merging the teams was very poorly implemented; they were/are too scattered when I had a good look last and acting like separate teams from within, and there were still a lot of dependency on staff while the purpose of these teams is meant (or should be) to alleviate them of their tasks so they can concentrate on bigger projects or guide many projects. I still think the concept of merging was a very good idea with advertising goals, but being a good idea isn't good enough. Just the tip of the iceberg with a few posts above... it's too much to cover and would be wasteful of me to continue.
  10. I'm Back

    Physics still? It sounds like you've been doing well, and I hope you continue at it.
  11. GFL Member Directory

    My dad and I
  12. Moving ones own content to other forum sections

    I've been persuaded... Roy should be the only person who can post, edit, hide or move topics. Better play it on the safe side guise.
  13. Moving ones own content to other forum sections

    What if people could edit their own posts and abuse it. I'm scared.
  14. Moving ones own content to other forum sections

    Have people been abusing "Hide"? I don't know; I cannot see and say for myself. Either way: A concept has been proven. I think the permissions itself is low risk even if we were to stipulate "abuse" although I don't think most users recognize they've posted in the wrong category before others have. Maybe start off soft by limiting it to a group such as Server Admins.
  15. Bring back perma vip at 10k

    Scenario 1: Scenario 2: I drew this for nothing because I'm a moron.