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  1. I look like a Pokemon trainer
  2. Any Harry Potter fans?
  3. Ah, I have to apologize. Everyone will have a different answer. The size is dynamic based on window size and resolution. You can see in my video above that if you change the size of the window, then the image will resize and reveal more or less of my cover photo. I am stumped at the moment at how it chooses to stretch your image. I tried a 500 x 500 and it scaled it to 1.37:1 width:height. Next, I tried with a 500 x 400 and it scaled it to something completely different... 1.10:1 width:height. It looks to me the width will stretch perfectly to the frame and you'll want the width to be about 1.2x larger than the height to minimize vertical stretching, but this could be different for you. The answer is to hand waive it for now sorry!
  4. Old thread, but it's off-topic and pancakes need help. I'm stoked today about my trip and decided to poach the eggs this morning. I've known that it wasn't terribly difficult, but something about it comes of as "scary" and mysterious. They came out EXCELLENT, and I really enjoyed the runny yolk on top of the pancakes this morning. Been cooking the pancakes with blueberries too. If you do it homemade, then the blueberries are insanely better. I don't know what the stores and restaurants do to screw it up because I don't do anything special... I just add blueberries as I'm cooking them and they just have this awesome sensation as they burst into each bite. I love cooking so much!
  5. That's a lot of games, do you play a lot too? I think I own only 60 or 70 games, but I wont lie... I only play 2 ~ 3, and really mainly one game (Counter-Strike: Source). Congratulations on becoming a Member You have many great opportunities - especially if you play multiple games and modes - and we're glad you chose us! Many cheers!
  6. rust program

    Useless thread.
  7. I'm not touching any bans. Ban is expired, and so I will lock and move the thread.
  8. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  9. Looks good to me. Welcome!
  10. Heading out to Scotland this weekend to show a visiting friend around. I wont be bringing my laptop. I hope this thread might serve as an example for others who want to share their personal activity, and of course, it's always mysterious when someone isn't online all weekend at all. Cheers!
  11. It'll fit the frame 849 x 440, but only 849 x 200 will show.
  12. Was everyone lagging (due to this special round)? EDIT: Just a special note for the OP and others: I'm not allowed to touch bans.
  13. I don't watch any particular channels, but I bookmark a bunch of songs into a "Youtube" folder and listen to them all the time.
  14. Hey guys, I've gone ahead and removed some of the posts. I'm not trying micromanage the thread and apologize if I am coming off that way. Keep in mind not everyone in this community has revealed their personal conditions. While myPHART may be awesome and can handle jokes, it's very possible that you are making something seriously offensive for another. I am not meaning this for every topic, but this is clearly a very sensitive topic.
  15. Looks like the question has been answered. Congratulations on your membership and thanks for choosing our community