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  1. Discord Events

    Town of Salem is awesome! We called it Mafia or Werewolf where I played it, and we would play it in person and come up with all of these fun roles.
  2. Blake out, Peace GFL.

    You didn't paint this?? Okay okay... clearly a bad joke because she didn't smile. My advice didn't work for you here and I'm sorry. It didn't work me here either Keep at it, though, because I practice what I preach and it has definitely been working for me in real life. You're going to do great. Thanks for giving us a shot!
  3. Operators -> Server Admins

    "First time" I've heard of it Anyhow: The benefit or goal to this suggestion isn't necessarily the name change itself, but it's inherent of trying to improve efficiency (having two titles for effectively the same role); aiming for consolidation and simplification, which appears to be a goal, and an added bonus of having one less title/rank to fiddle with.
  4. All these people leaving.

    Pfft. This community doesn't learn from its lessons. This is why we repeat the same mistakes, implement ideas a year after it's suggested, and people end up getting demoted, quitting, leaving... and we've even had sabotage (many prayers for our former CS:S ZE server). (I've got a fun phrase for this one: "An un-aimed arrow never misses its target") This is a community where the cost of failure is more than the lack of effort; furthermore: active, passionate, loud, and people who are more involved sometimes have to make decisions that isn't always a favourite, and so they are easy targets for demotions and harassment. Look at your staff team and you will see that quietness and inactivity has been a solid safety net for far too long and it's often a more promising pathway for promotion than effort.
  5. Operators -> Server Admins

    Most importantly: My suggestion pertains to the forums although the extension and details layout a plan for Server Managers who prefer consistency, or for Server Managers who would like to implement this on their own server. Emphasis is used to make this clear. What difference would it make if they were called Server Admins on the forums and they were effectively Operators? We do the same thing for trial and we were doing it long before the badges- it is a working system. It worked here in the parts that used this idea in the past, it works in other communities, and so I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say that "it might" work here It's not just in other communities as someone has pointed out earlier, but I also see this in various professional organizations (please don't limit yourself to retail and fast-food thinking). Not a lot of people were crying the same thing when it happened to Trial Managers, Event Coordinators, and Trial Admins. Our ranking system has clearly been a problem as they constantly update it and fiddle with the names, and we see a direction or aim although we are only taking half measures to try and fulfill them. I have never seen a server where it mattered who was "more powerful." Leadership is leadership, and most Server Managers ask for their teams to not intervene between each other should a "lower tier" person be facilitating an event (unless it is blatant abuse). The previous sentence also shows how this idea is a pathway to shorten the gap between positions and to improve the cycle of leadership... definitely a big problem here, and so that's another benefit. The best I could think of - off the top of my head - where this may be a "problem" is maybe a karma reset on TTT although this is a trivial matter and I've noticed a lot of the full-blown Server Admins weren't on top of it anyways; it has never been a problem where Operators, Trial Admins, or Server Admins simply say "I do not have that command," and these commands vary across games and modes anyways. Our former CS:S ZE server and I do not know the details for our current CS:GO version had Server Admins with varying commands too, but that didn't require them to make ten different positions to fit each set of commands.
  6. Operators -> Server Admins

    Suggestion: Consolidate by purging the Operator title/rank and call them Server Admins; use a tier system to differentiate between effective operators and Server Admins. Keep it simple. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I've noticed an effort to consolidate some positions such as Event Team into Media Team, which was one step further than my earlier recommendation (I'm not against it). Why have Operator and Server Admin when the forum permissions are the same? I've seen on other communities using tiers for their Server Admin team, and so I think it would be in good alignment with previous decisions and goals to use Server Admin instead. Should it matter what they are called in game? I don't think so. Forum ranks haven't always matched the rank in game (we've seen this with Staff positions), but IF a Server Manager really wanted to be extra consistent, then I would imagine it would not be too difficult to use Level 1, 2, and 3 Server Admins in their games ie. Level 1 could be the equivalent Operator until a regular Server Admin at Level 2; Level 3 for Senior or Head Admin, etc. I personally know - so far as in game goes - that it would be very easy on the Counter-Strike games. I've seen it elsewhere and it was my intended strategy for Zombie Mod to skirt the operator permissions on the forums so that the entire team could use the Server Admin forums; we're now half way there such that Operators having matching permissions, which I think is great although we can do better. Given this previous sentence and how I was able to implement it early on: Server Managers could implement this suggestion at their own discretion should it not be approved Lastly: My suggestions are always open to compromise. If you kind of like parts of it and not others, then implement the parts you like and hold off on the other parts.
  7. I tried it again, i really did

    I will first admit I am VERY guilty of this. "Everyone's a jerk." "Everyone picks on me." "I changed, but they didn't." "It's not me; it's them." If the entire world is full of assholes, then maybe it's time to take a good look in the mirror. There's clearly a common denominator, and so maybe there are a few things we can work on; me too! You're a package deal, though, and you've got a lot of positive things I like a lot about you. I think it outshines any negatives you may carry. I hope your future endeavours suit you well. I said the above in hopes it will be a valuable consideration although it's up to you determine whether or not it's true even by the slightest bits. Good luck!
  8. They clearly work on aircraft since it is technical sometimes.
  9. GFL Member Directory

    I'm in the process of backing up over 150 albums on my social media before deactivating those accounts You cannot win. I've also been considering a picture to show off the abs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This was an awesome vegetarian pizza.
  10. All these people leaving.

    All communities going down say that. What's important isn't the fact that people are leaving, but the ratio of how many leave compared to how many come in; furthermore: How involved the future generations of members are, but I think we're getting too ahead of ourselves looking into that detail if that ratio - to begin with - is not looking too promising.
  11. 17 dead in florida school shooting

    Heart breaking every time. I felt a lot safer while abroad, and I personally think gun control works well. There were certainly alternatives and hiccups here and there ie. knives and attacks, but nothing as much as here (in the US).
  12. All these people leaving.

    I'm glad you brought this up because I wrote about this whole culture thing just before my demotion in some thread with a title like "We Value Your Input" or some silly lie like that. Anyhow: People will always be leaving and so I think that alone does not negatively reflect the community. I suspect 10 ~ 20 of us have been on the edge of leaving and have been thinking about it for a while... that one person who does it pushes the rest of the dominoes down, and so you'll see many people leave in brief periods of time. It happens everywhere. What concerns me further than this is how we respond to it, and how we stay competitive. What are we producing new or which characteristics are we toning? If people leave, then are people coming in too? For example: You may have seen two recent promotions for CS:GO Division Leader, but did you see Server Managers follow? Council failing us in the past, moving to Community Advisors, and then going back to Council and doing it all over again; their team has become a bit feeble and quiet too. You don't need to be from the future or to be a scientist to take make a sensible estimate if you've already seen it happen before. If you're really concerned for the community, then here's what you're going to have to do... make it happen yourself. Don't just ask what's going wrong or post about how concerned you are for people leaving. The staff team already knows I don't think they are doing very a good job, and so it's up to people like you to get on it. Don't just talk about it, but do something. Start recruiting; start those threads and respond to others.; share your ideas; host an event; make the community you want to be a part of and lead the way. Be a champion and be passionate. I have seen the following during all of the time I have been here (and I've seen it elsewhere too): I've noticed that regular members have had a stronger impact on the community than staff members who have grown weary, bored, or playing it too safe in order to retain their title and be worked by the system. Practicing here will really help you out with it when you do it in real life, and it'll really be rewarding even if you get nothing out of it here. Good luck.