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  1. I just want to give some insight to anyone who isn't an Event Coordinator, although it's good to know as an Event Coordinator: I have seen in past communities and organizations, that these roles often make great pathways to leadership. If you're interested in Staff positions, which would be quite good for you right now as inferred in earlier announcements, then I would definitely consider this. Don't wait for things to be official. Not an Event Coordinator? It doesn't mean you can't take a stab at an event. Remember: It's okay to fail.
  2. I'm glad something like this is finally being implemented. Keep up the great work. I recommend these guys also take a look at the Mini Divisions while they're at it... kill two birds with one stone.
  3. This behavior is common in big communities. It's much easier to get 10 people to agree on something compared to 100+ people. To be clear about my point: This isn't a problem because we're in GFL, but because GFL is a larger community. I personally think some of the changes have a sensible approach such as increasing the size of our leadership. I think some of the problems are misunderstood such as communication. If my computer isn't turning on because the systemboard is damaged, then I'm not going to solve anything by replacing the AC adapter over and over again, and so I believe GFL can get a little bit stuck investing into the wrong remedies.
  4. I remember you. Welcome back. You came back at an interesting time.
  5. Are these ideas you made? Why not simply post it on the forums?
  6. It's okay. People need to get things off of their shoulders. I personally wouldn't measure who's better than who or who has done more than others. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and they contribute to the community in different ways. There are corners of the community we need to cover and everything in between. It's a common question in our academic and professional careers, and the same applies here: "Is it better to specialize, or to be a jack of all trades?" They're going to have a few people who look super by one measure and absolutely horrible by others, and you'll also have people who will look decent by many measures, but never the best at any one or two. It is often inefficient to have a team of individuals covering one corner alone; conversely: You'll never have anything great if nobody is the best at anything, and so organizations often aim to have a balance of both and hope the superposition of the two groups is greater than the direct approach of having only one or the other. Everyone has their value here, and each has made their contribution. We can look at them by one measure or measure them by all, but the right way to do this is look at the big picture and see how they fill that remaining puzzle piece.
  7. I think people should already want to do this, but you can give additional incentive with something like a "Recruiter" badge or title. Merge it with Member Acceptor and purge the old title/role.
  8. Weren't there a few CAs demoted at the end of January or something like that? My memory is a little bit weak. I would imagine people began to notice some of the effects not too long after like in March or something weird. Why would you even need to tell me this? It's like I can see the future or something. I recommend reading the entire post for anyone who is interested in any leadership role, but I have no problem highlighting the repeat: I am definitely not a suck up. I think there was some mystery surrounding my demotion and I'll just get straight to the point: I don't just tell people what they want to hear:
  9. council

    Delegate tasks to lower tiered Staff members such as Server Admins and Server Managers. "I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep." - Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Would you rather have 10 Community Advisors working on a project, or a Communtiy Advisor leading 10 team members per project? You'll get more done and it will inherently compensate for your "communication issues" because the members will more directly know the status, and they might even be able to communicate its progress or results for you; furthermore: They'll become more involved and invested, it'll take a load off your shoulders, and it'll prepare them for Staff roles when the time comes (like now). Of course... for critical tasks: Hold their hand and guide them through it should they need it, or work on it separately (a redundant although protective measure) should they fall behind or fail.
  10. council

    Be careful not to create too much paperwork for trivial tasks.
  11. Stop wasting your time on the name. Roy is giving you all a big hint about your chance at Staff roles if you wanted it before, want it now, or may want it in the future: Yesterday was the time to shine, but you can start today.
  12. I recognize you although I never knew much about you. It's fun for me to learn more about you guys.