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  1. It's been tough for everyone. I think it'll be all good.
  2. Quarantine

    We definitely get nervous when we go out. I've been doing shelter in place for about 3 weeks now- it's just kind of boring.
  3. You're always welcomed back. My girlfriend wants me to grow it back... progress, but the awkward not as good as the Beatles length.
  4. Quarantine

    Yikes. According to the news there was nearly 1500 in my area.
  5. Quarantine

    I noticed in my area the panic buyers aren't willing to spend an extra 20-50 cents on the organic food, which is surprising because I live right in the heart of liberal, fake and hippy land. I wouldn't deny being one myself... I got the starter kit going to a decent university, growing my hair out and working on the beach; also: I didn't have a smartphone until this January (forced to upgrade by my provider or have no phone), but I made sure my first one was an iPhone. Is there a Sprouts in your area?
  6. Quarantine

    We've been visiting the places we like to eat it, but we take it to go. Early into this we did so voluntarily, but now it's the only option. I can tell it's really hurting a lot of the small local shops we really like I'm very worried they're going to go out. I don't know what I can do for them. I tried offering to buy gift cards, but they're so mom and pop they don't have it; they also don't believe it will help that much. I think they are being very crippled by this often running on skeleton crews (probably for a loss).
  7. Will there special arrangements for us to game or browse the forums from home. I really need this job.
  8. Quarantine

    It's not a thing in some states including mine. We're just like other countries baffled as to why some people are so obsessed over their guns. From what I'm reading on local news... not sure how reliable it is... people believe there will be more crime and slower responses. Some terrible people have taken advantage of this at shops that have been closed due to shelter in place, but I haven't heard of anything more or unusual/alarming for home invasion.
  9. Quarantine

    They closed the gym at my apartment complex I use to run outside, but what stopped me from continuing was the weather. The weather here known to be nice although we still have rainy seasons, which happens to be now too. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about the water- I remember walking through Copenhagan it was like swimming in cold air and almost all of the pictures I took you could see the mist as if it were some kind of filter on my camera.
  10. Quarantine

    The company I work for was among the first to send their employees away from their work areas to work from home. They did this at the end of my first week as a new hire. I study a lot. Mostly electromagnetism and some Calculus. I'm waiting for a book on High Speed Digital Design someone recommended to me. My girlfriend and I have been watching Westworld again because she forgot most of the first season. I want her to see the second season so that we can move onto the third one. We've been playing the Switch. We couldn't figure out why we couldn't unlock anymore characters, but it turns out that you rematch them in a different mode. We finally unlocked all of them so I don't know how much more of that we'll be playing- bots are getting too easy. I bought her the new Animal Crossing game. I deactivated my Facebook for my previous job (wasn't a requirement but heard it helps) and so LinkedIn is really my new social media. I just made it a couple of months ago, but I've just been using it recently and buffing it up. I'm not looking, but I want to create a digital trail of my experience and success; also: connect with old friends, many of whom I only had contact on with Facebook prior to deactivating it. It's been pleasant to chat with them and we've been dazzling each other with our updates and adventures.
  11. I decided to scan it just in case you really were curious. edit: A second look since I scanned it in quickly I am noticing I made a mistake on that C one at the very bottom it really that 3-bit AND not a 2-bit one otherwise the output is A or C if you're intending only for A. The key thing here is that all your software is backed by hardware. It's possible to sweep through different commands first before reaching the other in software, but the cascade if is already at a physical disadvantage compared to the switch. The drawing at the very end is only for a 2 bit if or switch with three plausible outcomes (technically four), and so I could see it having a very large impact when it's larger like 32 bits or many many cascaded stages.
  12. One of my personal favourites although I suspect it's the least for others. There is a hardware reason for that. Conditional if/else statements have exactly the same hardware implementation as a switch. It's called a multiplexer (commonly referred to as MUX). What happens when you cascade your if statements you're also cascading a MUX in the hardware, which inherently increases the physical length the signal has to travel. I show the logic for a MUX at the end of the guide. What's happening in your switch statement is also a MUX. If you only have two cases it's the same as the if else statement. If you add more cases, then it's not cascading... it's cascoding (things are stacked on top of each other). The hardware becomes substantially larger and more complicated for the hardware person, but the physical length the actual signal has to travel from left to right is substantially shortens as it passes through less combinational logic. I show the visualization in another guide, but I don't refer to the MUX at that topic. I'd personally be curious to see a test that does just one if-else statement versus a switch that has two cases (or one case and a default) because it's physical characteristics should be the same.
  13. Everything about this thread made me cringe
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