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  1. Ben, I think your thoughts on this are not really fitting right. Are a lot of GFL members already RuneScape players with members? I don't think so. If you're going to advertise something here, then you'll probably want to create events that are F2P, easy to do, typically more social or helping new players, and give them a pathway into your RunesScape chain of command (leadership); give them incentive as it seems many GFL kids are looking for ways to earn different titles and badges (possibly a RS mini division badge in the future?) Aside from that: These events are great if you already have momentum in the game, but it didn't sound to me that you had that. If you do happen to have a lot of RuneScape people already who are not in GFL, then your next steps should be to attract them to our community boards and show them the other features GFL offers them. This is how you take advantage of the mini-division idea and possibly turn it into a full-blown division. They'll join us and begin to play other games, or when it's time for them to transition beyond RuneScape, they may choose us for the other games; also: They'll get involved with ideas, network and create a team dynamic GFL didn't have previous to this division. It'll enhance everyone's fun. You've really got to milk this opportunity and cater to your audience.
  2. It's a good attempt and close enough for practical purposes.
  3. I cannot recall a time I've ever pointed my finger at you (in terms of blame). I make suggestions and give my opinion along with it, but I only blame myself while I was in a position to make some of these decisions. I've known that I was a pretty critical person on the team and helped preserve a dynamic, unique perspective, and the charisma our team needed to be successful [reference]; you've lost a good magnitude of that, and I've been unwilling to help anyone with just about anything GFL related after this situation although I still provide bits and pieces of criticism wherever I may feel. It's not your fault in the slightest bit. You lost any programming talent you had left where I could make small tune-ups or resolve problems with important plugins like RPG, RTV, and adding little features like self-beacon, and it was a very sensible move for you to begin working with someone else and try something new because things were just going to continue to break down without anyone looking into it. I blame both myself and the Directorate team. It's true that I knew they wouldn't like my response in the PM, but I didn't know I'd be instantly demoted over it. To me: This is like showing up 10 minutes late for work and getting fired on the first time. They honestly put their foot on top of mine and fired a gun at it to inflict pain, but my damages were a mere graze while they lost a few toes. This was a pissing contest they could not win. Maybe they "win" here in terms of authority, but not in terms of the results they'd like to see or anything beyond GFL. It's like having someone who makes you $100 k per day... maybe they're a tad bit cocky or you don't really like their attitude that much (I mean... if you come across someone who makes $100 k per day, then are you confident they'll be among the most humble people you've met?)... you're not going to fire them over small things or disputes unless you're stupid and willing to make only $100 per day compared to what you had before. Sometimes: You have to put up with their shit. It's true you don't have to if you're the boss, but you also need to consider the expenses of not doing so. I see their attempts to recover and pull from the little bits that I do mention (noticed the advertising within thing in the last announcement but only a suggestion of "tell your friends" to follow it, lol? [my post] [the announcement]), and I feel like it's not going to work because I'm not giving all the details - they can preserve the subsistence I talked about [reference], but it's going to be a life of hunger. I am definitely very bitter about this and my unwillingness to help has led to a situation much like this one.
  4. Almost nobody has guns. Maybe the equivalent of "SWAT" will have guns, but the police officers here are proud of their work and to not have a gun; also, when you watch the equivalent of "COPS", the police officers yell that they have a taser instead of a gun. I'm not sure about the rest of the UK, but in London, you're not even allowed to carry a knife with you.
  5. I suppose the whole idea of keeping it in a hidden forum is so that people don't "hard code" their applications to fit our standards. I have mixed feelings about this. Personally, I don't think there are enough non-Admin Member Acceptors to change a system that generally works. It's ideal to have everyone involved, but we can only aim for optimal in this scenario. I think preserving its limited access is the best route to to go, and to have someone in leadership or a Google Doc, as @SwegBuster suggested, act as a separate means for the few exceptions.
  6. I have to react this way because I'm not on good grounds to have these types of accusation; Manslayer does not appear to be kidding, and as mentioned in one of those PMs, I'm not on good terms with the Directorate team. These comments have to be stomped out immediately.
  7. I'm not the one saying anything. You were tagged in one of the PMs and I have had nothing negative to say. The only thing I've been telling people is that I'm no longer involved and they should talk to a Community Advisor. I don't like this accusation. edit: Here are the responses I've made in these PMs, and done without revealing the persons messaging me:
  8. Demonize you? Why would you say something like that? That's ridiculous.
  9. My experience with you has been a pleasant one. It saddens me that someone like yourself and possibly others might be worried about being demoted , but it sounds like you have a good grasp on your priorities. You don't need to be in a position of power to be in a position of power, and I still firmly believe people can do well both in online communities and their life Keep up the great work and see you around!
  10. The symptoms continue to roll out and grow, but again, I don't think it's necessarily "death" compared to something more like a sitting duck.
  11. This 25 poll thing is desperate, and it's exactly the same issue as the whole massive overhaul thing. Tackle things one by one so it can be handled effectively.
  12. I'm fine. EDIT: It's definitely not a "war zone" out here and I'm within walking distance.
  13. Lucky you on the warning! It would have been a cheap fix-it ticket anyways. Some quick tips for other people who get pulled over: Don't self-incriminate. For example, if they pull you over for speeding, then say "I was going < speed >." It's okay to be silent, but don't say "I don't know" or "I was going about..." Write down everything they say and do, and even time them. While they are away from your vehicle - and do not step out - take a few pictures of the surrounding area and their vehicle (a picture of them is useless, and so don't do this). Get their complete name and see if you can find anything online about them ie. past cases. Later, make yourself a statement using the notes much like an essay due for school, and write down a lot of relevant question. Officers will do the same thing, but they pull over a lot of people and will pretty much use a template. Presenting yourself to the court compared to the officer will be like the differences of someone submitting a generic resume to a job compared to a catered one... cater yours! Be creative with questions! You can ask things like "Was it dark outside?" and suggest that it affected their visibility. "How fast was the car in front of you going?", "When did you first allegedly notice my vehicle?" "Did you lose track of my vehicle at any point?" , etc. Not only will this shake the officer as they might not remember the details, didn't take notes on that, but they might accidentally invalidate their story too or their hesitations will suggest your innocence.
  14. You're inferring an ending to the movie, which I don't want to know because I haven't seen the film yet. You should put that in spoilers -- I thought this was just going to be fans talking what they like and all... not revealing or inferring stuff that is out in theatres. EDIT: I personally grew tired of X-men after the whole Phoenix thing and Jean Gray. That movie was a total butcher and it was even kind of boring. I think they knew it sucked, which is why they "reverse" everything with that follow up, Days of Future Past. X-Men: Apocalypse was SUPER BORING. I'm glad I saw it for free on an airplane flight, and I cannot even remember where I was flying to or returning from... I may have fallen asleep during that one.
  15. I use to be a volunteer for the Special Olympics.