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  1. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Confucius Take it easy.
  2. I remember one project at the university I was obsessed with optimizing something I designed. It started similarly with dreaming about the ideas and solutions, but then I would forget them and would be frustrated. It was followed by sleeping with a notebook to write down these ideas to avoid forgetting. It wasn't long before I just wouldn't sleep and I would try, compile and debug as soon as possible. This resulted in a fully functional secure hash algorithm composed of 6400 lines of hardware description language that uses 26 iterations (rounds) per message compared to the 80 iterations the normal version would use (SHA-1). I was very upset when I got a B in that class. One of my interviews asked me to present a project from school. I presented that one, and it definitely paid off, but low enough GPA still causes a lot of barriers.
  3. I was the big bad wolf and she was little red riding hood
  4. Maybe some sort of History of GFL is an action item. I think it's worthy to note and catches attention. I think this is especially so if it's completed, but simply getting work done isn't necessarily an accomplishment (I suppose it is for many of us out there- but not really) I think a history thread would be a really good idea. It'll help make sense of some of the decisions or why things are the way they are, and maybe it'll help prevent repeating some of our failures.
  5. Is it just me or are all the images broken. Would be great if this could be updated unless we stopped accomplishing things.
  6. As long as I get to be one of the special items that causes critical damage, weakens, confuses, or makes them contradict themselves or temporarily leave the game, lol.
  7. I bought my girlfriend a switch. Also a "gift for her" was a second set of controllers and Mario Kart 8 We love playing it. Still trying to get three stars on all of the maps although we're close.
  8. A couple of old posts I had been looking for in there. It was fun looking back.
  9. It's against the rules, or you're joking? I've lived in quite a few apartments and this one is very different from the rest I've had. It has a fireplace (top floor) Unfortunately has a few strange things such as switches that are in unusual places (too high for people to reach) and some spotlight-like lights near the kitchen. The shape of the apartment isn't rectangular and more like a pentagon, and the bathroom is stretched out like a hallway. It's the most unusual place I've had yet.
  10. Just personal curiosity: Why is that first graph scaled so strangely? The x-axis from right to left goes from 0, 5 thousand, 10 thousand, 20 thousand... suddenly 200 thousand? Something similar occurs between 60 and 100 million. ----- edit: and several other spots now that I am looking more closely. Hopefully it shows up more large and with a white background (you may have to click on its imgur link).
  11. I'm glad you wont force yourself to post- keep it casual and enjoy your projects.
  12. It's a way of of putting thoughts together. It's not that - in it's most direct form - you care about things that don't matter to you, but your mind is learning to form an opinion; how to use strategy and present it. You learn from the feedback and challenges, or people accept the idea. You win either way in my opinion. If you only cared about things that really mattered... ... The extra math problems you practice beyond your homework don't matter because you don't get points. ... The homework problems don't matter because the real points come from your exam. ... Hell... the exam and class doesn't matter because it's not a paid job. Let's stipulate that you're super lucky and you've scored a job as engineer who will need to use math in their career: These formulas support the instrumentation that the aircraft uses, the controls in your car, the structural stability in the bridge you're crossing or the roof over your head. Would it even matter if any of those things failed so long as it doesn't affect you? I know this is largely an exaggeration (an appeal to extremes), but I'm trying to drive a point that can map easily to many other scenarios. You practice for years on useless and seemingly meaningless things, but it prepares you for something real. It's not time to learn how to form an opinion and present when things actually matter. You're already too late by then. Lastly: Who cares if it doesn't matter? If you enjoy it, then go for it. I personally highly frown upon who throw the "you care too much" phrase as a response to opinions; my guess would be they're probably not doing much in the world anyways because they don't care about anything besides caring that people might be caring too much. “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Hyman G. Rickover
  13. Eagles in Littleton near Quincy Ave (Wadsworth is the exit)- it's not a far drive. I recommend it if you haven't seen one in the wild before. There happened to be two while I was visiting. It's admittedly difficult to take a picture with (a lot of zoom), but it was really easy to see with the bare eyes.
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