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  1. I'm a guy.
  2. I haven't drove in months as the city here uses the metro/tube very often, and I am super anxious to get back to a motorcycle (although my last one had a dent in its frame and the previous was stolen); aside from skateboarding, hopping onto an empty highway is another way to give myself some relief and personal/thinking time. I was just curious how many people can relate to me so far as driving goes... I don't care if it's a car, truck, motorcycle... cement truck... This is just a super vague question I left a "gray area" answer for those of you who know how to drive and might even do it without a license, but this is mostly intended to be a yes or no question. Obligatory picture to annoy the hell out of you guys
  3. Looks like something has been going on with Surf lately, bummer. I'm a shit-talker myself (no shame), and so I can really empathize. It's one thing if you're complaining all the time and you're all alone, but it's another thing when you see a lot of smoke. Anyhoo: Good luck! I always praise people with a lot of ideas, and it's tough being the deviant.
  4. I have a little bit of a story from my enjoyable time in retail, and I'm not sure if I have told it or not already... I use to play the strict card myself while fulfilling this role. It seemed to have worked so well, that I could see associates quickly tidying up the place as I walked into the store, and everything would fall into order the moment I clocked in. My department was performing the best it had ever done compared to any of my predecessors (many of whom were involuntarily terminated) and we were on the rise in an internal ranking system. We weren't the best, but there was no reason for me to think anything was wrong. The Assistant Store Manager made a very interesting observation and brought it to my attention: Things would only get done while I was in the store or if the associates were afraid that I may talk to them later on. Everything would only be in order for 40 ~ 60 hours per week. The moment that I walked out of the store was the moment that people were on their vacation. I changed up the game a little bit to see if coaching and motivation would work better (calling people into the office weekly with open doors and training them on something new, asking them how they felt, allowing them to vent without waiting for them to come to me, etc.), and the number soared! Associates began fulfilling their tasks to the best of their ability; not out of fear, but to support their friend. or to see what they could achieve I would walk out of the store and the standards were held to my expectations and sometimes above - all the associates working for me were much like a small clone of myself... making decisions and thinking as similarly to me as possible as they had seen so many times, understood from our conversations, training, and motivation. This made my role super easy while I was on the clock and people asking for help was only a mere formality or a way to pass on accountability for risky decisions (and I was always willing to take that bullet which made them even more willing to work hard for me). By that time, my team made $60,000/quarter more than any predecessor and - since our pay was partial base and commission (performance) - my associates were paid more than every supervisor in the store. I literally had supervisors asking if they could be demoted and become an associate on my team. The moral of this story? There's a problem if you have one of the largest staff team of any game mode, the most bans, and people are still asking for more staff. The change I made above for my success was not becoming more strict or to add more watchdogs on the team, but to loosen up and change the culture. You can do exactly the same thing with players too. There will always be the one or two bad players who refuse to budge no matter what you do, but a good majority of them are influenced by culture. The servers with a bunch of rule breakers... these people do these things because they enjoy how easy it is to trigger a Server Admin or disrupt an unstable system dependent on a team holding it up; it's only a game, and they get more joy from disrupting you than they do from the game itself.
  5. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Personally, I'd toss out the gender condition and just call it Scouts, or something cute like Kids Scouts. I don't like our social conditioning and systematic discrimination.
  6. I want to try this.
  7. I accidentally broke my French Press Coffee Maker yesterday, and this led to a discussion between a friend and I much like the Pancakes or Waffles? [NOT DAILY] thread. Breakfast is by far my most favourite meal of the day. The components of it, such as a cup of "filtered" coffee (specifically a caffeinated drink for our discussion), can really make or break my day. I've grown up with a family member who has coffee every morning, and it seems to be a common convention in my hometown to do many activities involving coffee. For example, you can ask someone out on a date "Would you like to get a cup off coffee?", study, kick-back, etc. and fulfill whatever intended activity as you have unlimited refills of coffee. I'm definitely a coffee person, but it seems like it has a tight competition with tea. Coffee is typically more bitter and people often don't really enjoy it as they baffle out its flavour with cream, sugar, or into other fancy combinations, but I argue that people use similar strategies with tea despite it's more widely "tolerable" flavours. As usual: I have pictures, and for this time, I will have pictures for both coffee and tea. Cheers!
  8. I thought we already had something going on I feel like one of those celebrities who just found out they're single through TMZ or Yahoo news... y u brekin' ma hart?
  9. I'm not sure who you are, but your name seems awfully familiar. Maybe you'd be willing to reintroduce yourself if it has been a while you seem like a energetic person, and I think the people who haven't met you yet will really like you too. Welcome back!
  10. I hope you all have a good one don't kiss and tell, but maybe you've got some special plans you'd be willing to share whether it's sitting alone on one of our servers all day (that's a great way to get your blood rushing), a Netflix and Chill kind of night, or cooking with someone of interest... even friends are cool. Cheers!
  11. Made some vegetarian burgers, and we even made the buns... extra patties for the burger made it so large, that I couldn't even get every layer in one bite, which was funny. Delicious burger and so much fun to make.