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  1. No doubt I'm not being specific because the answer is not easy. Maybe it's crude of me to say that it's an awareness statement. Let's examine this scenario: I have two bank accounts one with $100 and another with $5. Could I say I made $80 if I move $80 from the first account to the second account? Now of course I wont deny that even getting people from one server to another can be challenging just to get the start up (much easier than transferring money) and so the server has a baseline population that can better attract new crowds; so I'll still say well-done, but just want to caution with the statement. Very generalized below so please don't take it to heart if you feel like you are an outlier... Redirecting attention, being more supportive and flexible, and giving incentive to low population server managers is a good start- it doesn't have to be specific and given a large task we need to make some steps forward allowing for wiggle room and tolerance when ideas don't pan out because many of them wont. Something I noticed from behind the scenes is low population server managers are generally treated like lesser talent or second class compared to server managers who are running CS:GO ZE and GMOD TTT. Their input on topics often feel less valued. People are very quick to stomp on them when their ideas fails and sometimes they are even punished for it (usually more social although this can easily lead to behaviour changes / defensiveness that is viewed as highly toxic and requires demotion). Making mistakes or failed plans often held them back from promotion opportunities as well. Someone with a clean record no mistakes and always high population was likely spoken of very well; in fact: inactivity might even cloak some of their weaknesses and might even help them with a promotion. Someone who actually tried things, made mistakes, and actual champions might have a few hiccups on their record, and so it was best to sweep those managers under the rug. Maybe I'm wrong about the current state of things. I haven't been involved behind the scenes for a long while and even meant to become far less active until I was trying to get back to my programming guides one day (someone in real life actually asked me for help and when I tried showing it to them it was gone for some reason-- many thanks for getting it back up). So if i'm wrong... okay... I'm wrong, but I would honestly be very shocked given what I've seen on the greater forums and Discord.
  2. Not to discredit the work and achievements, but I believe servers are cannibalizing each other. I think the stronger move would be to up the game on the low population servers... a challenge that has long existed here and a huge overall win for the community considering that the benefits are coming from a new source rather than moving numbers around from things we might already have.
  3. Not serious: I cried during the Notebook (okay maybe that's serious), My name sounds like seasoning because i'm good on everything. Some quotes that I like: "Never use a long word where a short one will do." - George Orwell "Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not." - Pablo Picasso I liked this one and probably would have used it for mine if I had known it at the time: "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." - Ellen Parr Maybe a small twist on the quote to make it more fitting/impacting for you, but still carries its older message "One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do thework of one extraordinary man woman." - Elbert Hubbard
  4. I think everyone wishes for your suggestion- it's certainly ideal. I didn't leave it out of the list of available options because I arbitrarily left it out or overlooked it... I left it out because it's not very practical and does not exist often (even if you were willing to pay for it).
  5. Let's pretend you're a manager and you do not pay your employees. Which of the options do you like best? A very selective small team of the best and perfect team members, but there isn't enough people to cover all hours you need A less selective large team of so-so people who can cover all of the hours, but they aren't the best Picked one yet? Too soon. Both: A large team of people that includes both so-so and the best So long as they aren't literally driving half the population away, then is it really a problem of having "too many" admins? Do you consider yourself a good enough leader to believe that some of the so-so or maybe even not so great team members could transform into the best with a little bit of guidance, experience and flexibility? Another good thing to know... things that people don't see even as players and sometimes as admins their self... team members can compliment each other. Looking at an individual and listing off their pro's and con's isn't so helpful if you don't understand the team dynamics and what's going on behind the scenes. There isn't always a right answer, but I can assure you that if you picked the very first option, then you'll learn that there are wrong answers.
  6. Hello

    Looks like you already did it. Welcome to the community.
  7. I kind of get it, that the application tab is transparent and blends in really well the banner. I don't think it screams out to visitors who are unfamiliar with the website, but making it obvious I suppose it could hurt the aesthetics for the everyday person. I do like the other banner though just below it just covered in blue (bottom of image below). I didn't check all the frames/template, but I wonder if mobile and other users get this kind of display too.
  8. My girlfriend gave me a swimsuit calendar of herself
  9. I don't usually bump the posts, but I've made a few edits and updates. If this is your first time programming, then I strongly suggest going through the previous guides in the series I had posted. I've been asked questions about some of the content in here at interviews and the answers/approaches are well-received.
  10. I was in school in southern California too. I hope you're not enrolled in one of the socially dead ones; I tell people to stay away.
  11. I've been watching The Good Place too. Great show so far- I'm down to the last few episodes I think.
  12. Videos are always fun, but the problem with them (in my opinion) is that it's hard to follow through while getting your hands dirty. It's like going to the gym and watching other people lift; I suppose it does sound like a gamer/GFL thing to do, but jokes aside you're not improving your health, losing weight or gaining muscle from it. I'd like to share a short series of guides I wrote. I provide lots of example code and have pictures; I also made a lot of the example code very easy to copy and compile so that the reader can fidget with the code their self and try out the "next steps" very easily. It starts with C programming here and I think anyone could follow it even if it's their first time. Something else that's helpful for the reader is that the guides are relatively short; can copy the code and test it in a simple compiler/IDE to see the results right away. This is important because learning and testing on servers takes a long time and can be challenging for learners to debug; especially if your code has to work and be stable with other plugins. It has links to the other guides in a series. If you're already familiar with C programming and can comfortably use conditional statements, loops, arrays and functions, then you might be ready to take it up a notch and use an object-oriented programming language. I very recently wrote a new guide also providing lots of example code, pictures and videos; it's in Java. Here's a video from the Java guide showing the result of some code that the reader can copy and compile.
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