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  1. I've never considered soggy bread (in tea) to be a good thing, sorry. Had vegetable sushi with tofu on top, and it was freakin' awesome. I scarfed it down insanely quick.
  2. I feel like I've seen these or similar pictures before, but I have a suspicious feeling as to why that may be anyhoo: It doesn't mean I can't appreciate and enjoy these pictures anyways. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Which kind of milk
  4. I'm very concerned about my next destination: Texas edit: I haven't been with my family for so long, that I'm beginning to count my home area as vacation, lol. I'm glad I'll be visiting briefly in about a week.
  5. I think he should be promoted to Founder.
  6. math

    I'm surprised nobody said polar coordinates? Triangles frighten me. I'm glad the question was answered
  7. I returned to the US not too long ago, but thank you. It really resonates when you see something has happened somewhere you've lived or visited, and of course: I have so many friends and acquaintances scattered in all of these places and I worry for them too. I was living in London, which is several hours away from Manchester, but I had previously worked with someone who is running a laboratory at the university; I was suppose to work there, but I opted to leave instead.
  8. It's really heart breaking. Terrible.
  9. No, I didn't read your post. Does it give you relief that I gave you that answer? Cheers.
  10. I'm sure my frustration with (former) Staff like @Cypher isn't unknown, but I am baffled at how you guys are responding to him- he's not wrong. You think if I saved someone from drowning in the river, helped them get back onto their feet, and later shoot them in the head... people will praise that I saved someone's life? If the top supervisor at a job brought in new customers... later found to be skimming the register each night, that they'd get employee of the year? You guys have to be joking. There are just so many things about awards like these; it's not about praising someone who put in the most, but a well-rounded award evaluating all corners of someone's role in the community (it's not just one measure). In my analogy above: Cypher may have broke the person's ankle while pulling them out of the river, but he's not going to shoot them in the head. These other guys may have good reasons for what they did and I honestly agree with their perception in that aspect, but definitely not with how they realized their next steps. If you don't like something, feel like that there's no more chance for change, and you're really passionate about it, then step down. By all means: Start your own community; don't sabotage the old one though, and add a cherry on top by stealing the name too. SLEAZY!! Now, I still have my disputes with this award. When I first heard of the badge idea and hall of fame... I was super stoked about it. The message I projected to others was "community orientation" and "going beyond your role"; I was meaning have players effectively think and be committed to the community like Server Admins, the Server Admins to Server Managers, and Server Managers to Division Leads, and all the way through for any role. The amount of staff dependency I saw while I was a community advisor was absolutely disgusting, and some people weren't even willing to begin their own threads or to post without having a thumbs up from someone in leadership. There were people posting things even within leadership like "The GMOD Problem", and I was like... "You're Staff... do something about it." You have an idea? Post it. You want something? Make it happen- even a proof of concept is fine. Seeing me say "What are you going to do about it?" was not an unusual thing. You can ask me for help and I'll even get a lot of the work done for you if that's what it takes, but I wont do all of it- I want to tone you so that you have what it takes to fill in my shoes when it's time for me to move on (definitely came long ago as I was forced to obviously -- no worries, though -- I've grown very comfortable in my Californian flip flops). What I'm seeing in this award, compared to the above, is the exact opposite. We continue to see that unusually high dependency on staff, and that vicious cycle where leadership roles open... it's not that there's simply no clear candidate... there's no candidate at all in many cases. Staff is doing everything and so the next generation of players don't even have the most basic skills or mindset for these roles, and our capabilities severely drop each time someone leaves their position (whether it's stepping down or even getting promoted to the next). This award currently reinforces that, that you must be staff to be awarded; furthermore, you must be the popular staff (so it's best you don't make any leadership decisions people don't like)... to come think of it: What's the point of even being a leader if that's the case? If everything was based off the popular vote, then we don't need leaders. Just make a poll and have it implement whatever people vote on, right? It's a popularity contest and coercing leaders into making only the most popular choices, and damaging the ones who sometimes have to fulfill tasks they don't like. To summarize what I am saying: I'm really tired of seeing people propose Juky and SoJa, etc. This award isn't saying that they didn't do their part, but the award is well-rounded and covers all corners of their role; they sabotaged us, and so they don't deserve the award. I'm disgusted at how much Staff decorate their selves and each other, but I'd like to see the award recognize other members who are going above and beyond their roles, to give incentive and to reward a genuine and strategic effort instead of results, which I believe will tone our next generation of leadership and improve community morale. It's also not to say that these guys can't have their awards if you want to give it to them, but don't disqualify the others (namely - non-Staff).
  11. I don't have any ill-will for the servers. If it's back to its old configurations and plugins, then someone did the effective work of a Server Manager, and it wouldn't invalidate my point; however: None of this matters. If it's up, then it's up. Way to go, and I hope you guys are able to maintain the population to carry on the success story. I'm hesitant to celebrate if these are brief "we had 20 people online for 30 minutes so the server is alive again", but I haven't been on to see with my own eyes or to know. I really don't know why people are so set on "proving" me wrong. Good job: You win. You get a sticker. Maybe they'll make new badges ie. "Proved Joshy Wrong" or "Smarter Than Joshy", but I think they'd be giving out too many of them. (edit # 100: I probably should be humbled by these efforts)