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  1. I'm a glory type of person as you described, Push, and that's what I was trying to poke at in my first post. My meaning is this: We need more glory people just like ourselves, but our current structure supports people who coattail success rather than drive it. People who go for glory here are often creamed (often meaning that I wont deny a few exceptions although I cannot immediately think of any). Asking for our own people to sit on low population servers is difficult to do because they aren't rewarded for their efforts, and sometimes are even frowned upon as if it's their fault the server is slow. Last: I have always supported your operator suggested global and for introductory servers, which I believe falls into the category of nurturing the server (building leadership has to be a part of it). I've made posts on the greater forums supporting it in various flavours. I have additional ideas although I need to step away... too busy to type more for now.
  2. Which person is more likely to get promoted? PersonA who plays on SuperPopular server that is currently the top server in the community, and is decaying about 5 ~ 6 people per year PersonB who has nurtured SlowServer server that has been growing 1 ~ 2 people per year What if leadership were full of PersonA's and they're trying to populate a bunch of SlowServer servers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTFdjs_QGWc The energy in this idea is noble, but its mechanisms do not fall far from previous efforts. Focus on nurturing the server such that is intrinsically attractive to players; work on culture for incentives. Nobody wants to put time on a dead server if it's not fun and they'll get nothing for it (If anything: They might be treated as second or third class members of the community)
  3. That's a difficult call. I've had a bad history with TTT admins, but helping the other team while a detective is certainly gray area... It's true they're proven, but they're benefiting the other team. I think it's fair for leadership to have this type of action "at your own risk" meaning that it's fair both ways (to uphold or overlook the report). What I would highly frown upon more than a detective choosing to benefit the other team is an admin who was very selective in the rule allowing some to do it and not others (ie. "It's okay if my friends do it, but not you since I don't like you").
  4. Clean up badges

    Do you see what I mean?
  5. Clean up badges

    LMFAO now there are two head developer badges. This thread is so much win despite the lack of support Thanks for the feedback guys.
  6. Clean up badges

    I recommended removing it for that reason: These badges are redundant and are generally unused or have a sensible opportunity to consolidate. Having them on the forums looks very sloppy and tacky, and the amount of work to remove them is probably very little. Hrm. Not receiving positive feedback on this suggestion. Oh well... can't win 'em all.
  7. |Breach| You see? It's never negative.
  8. The need for removing and consolidating some roles and badges have long existed, but the need has become more apparent with the changes in titles and some goals. Some badges make very little sense to me such as: GFX Leader eSports Competitor Creative Leader TS Manaager Head Developer Event Coordinator PLEASE CHANGE MODERATION TO MODERATOR!! Another thing I would do is consolidate the various Art of the Month and Story of the Month badges into one badge each (ie. one Art of the Month badge and one Story of the Month Badge). I'm personally still iffy about the Hall of Fame one. I think this was a one time splurge on your favourites and it's not really a good incentive for your community members. I thought of this when I saw that thread: Team Leader badge kind of looks funky. I'm wondering what people thought of it? Do you guys like it? I don't quite understand it too- I guess those who have it are like the equivalent Council/Staff?
  9. Only 5 or 6 notifications? Maybe add more sub-forums or open the follow me thing on your profile? Good luck.
  10. Moderation Title

    Please change it to moderator.
  11. I always appreciate the effort. Thanks! I don't demand perfection. It's very important even in my engineering career to understand trades and to accept the cost of decisions. I constantly preach that it's okay to fail (example) and you may have heard this phrase "perfect is the enemy of good" and "there's no free lunch" from me more than two or three times. It baffles me when I give feedback and people accuse me - or at least infer it - that I expect perfection... not true! The irony in this is I would often get "in trouble" (whatever that means here) for saying it's okay to accept less such as choosing our future leaders, which is what took so long to get people like you and Darkling into the loop. What I have noticed in the past announcements and some of our projects seems more like we've gotten the famous "less is more" phrase all twisted around; it's the same feedback I've given in the massive suggestion threads years ago, and I suspect it'll probably be the same for years to go unless I'm persuaded otherwise. Occam's razor is a classic and there's a good reason for it. Look at what we're doing even with the Council position beyond the announcement: Breaking it up into more groups, more badges, some application system where people are asking for age and seeking years of experience in a gaming community (I mean it almost defeats the purpose of the break up by making it complicated and we've seen 100x over that it didn't work for the Media Team to be such hard asses about taking people on). Surely someone here understands beyond this rocket scientist, that we're running around in circles and taking the most complicated approaches to little problems and goals. We're still doing the million dollar ideas that never work, and we really just need to go about it doing it the non-secretive way... it's like people who try to get good grades doing the massive study the night before instead of working on it everyday; the person who runs 10 miles one time instead of going to the gym a little everyday and cutting out the sugary meals. There's no secret to success; we all know the answer. I'm not much of a gamer anymore and hardly part of this community, and so it's no big deal although I would hope that some of this feedback translates in your future opportunities. Some of you are great folks and I hope that the learning experience is here instead of on something that actually matters.
  12. These updates have been really bad. At least the announcement wasn't pdf, but... why still overly complicate it with HTML/tables, bold everything, and this odd mixture of colour bright blue with white text on a gray background? Why? You almost had it right.
  13. A name that sounds like "me sucky" was a tiny bit suspicious