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  1. They just fade away. It's long overdue and I'm outdated here; it's just not my thing anymore. Thanks for letting me share and being a part of my adventures. I'm not going to ask for stupid things like disabling my account or claiming I'll never return * lurking mode activated *, but there's no doubt my activity has dimmed substantially, and correspondence or visits to the forums are often frustrating. I figured it was a worth a goodbye thread.
  2. I cannot even keep track of how many times we have removed the equivalent Council position, and it has failed every time with the equivalent Directors burning out only a few months down the road. What conditions have changed that suggest that it might work this time? I am very doubtful, and the approach was distasteful and haste. Burned out Directors do not do a good job focusing on the servers; you are staging yourself for another failure. We keep picking people for these staff positions who - as I described more modestly in the promotion announcement - can whisper into your ears for a week or two and write an if statement in python. You've got to stop picking these people, and you've got to bridge the gap between your low tiered teams and the Director position. What's going to happen is the same as always: You will not be able to find good candidates to fill in these shoes and you will be super dependent on your wonderful Director team... You already have a hard enough time getting Division Leaders, and they are likely your "next" Directors should that even stay around. BAD NEWS: These are real people. They have lives. They have things to do, and they will get tired of working with little kids who cannot handle bad news from time to time, and they will step down. They wont want to make difficult decisions, and that's what you guys always go with (the easy, quick, and bad decision). You will fail and chase your tails every time wondering why you are disappointed again. Consolidation is a good idea and I definitely support it, but you're cutting in the wrong places again. Take a look at this, which I got from this thread. I certainly had a good laugh when I saw Council Reboot back in 2016, and I've seen many other flavours of Council 2.0s and Community Advisors. You don't need to be rocket scientists to make a good guess on our "changed direction." Have minutes of fun browsing through that web-archive if you're curious to see what's next... it has all happened before, it has happened so many times.
  3. I think this is a really bad idea although I'm thrilled to see Benroy's movement here. This is not damage control; it's hard-code.
  4. I thought you were a goof when I spoke to you on Discord, but as I read through this... "Okay, I agree with that... okay, that's a good point. Oh wow, did they read my mind?" You're spot on, and now I feel like the goof. I'm really glad you said it all. Thanks!
  5. I might get back to this tomorrow. I got to go.
  6. Duc's 2nd Ted Talk

    I'm not sure what you're trying to get at with your analogy, and I'm an especially bad person to try that one on. Question, though: Would you rather if they spent 3 minutes looking for an admin, or 3 minutes with a demo showing and having them type status into console to validate the steam ID? If I were taking an exam and I could only answer 10 of the 40 questions, then I'd be a bit more strategic and go for the big points. If you want your players to pass the exam, then you might want to give them good guidance here rather than writing a guide telling them to get someone else to do it. If I were to make a guide on how to get Server Admins online in your server, then I'd probably make it reference for Server Managers, lol- a few of the low pop servers would love to know your secrets.
  7. Record in console is great; however: GMOD allows you to easily assign keys without any console commands or tricks, and its immediately available to you through options. (Image gathered from another guide here) It adds an additional benefit beyond ease and quickly being able to record demos without worry of naming conventions or single-key execution; it places the .dem file into a playable directory on GMOD on their Demos category. If you play GMOD, then I would recommend the shortcut! Examples of good reports are not available to the general public
  8. What a cool hangout and place to live. Is that Catan? Finally donated.
  9. There are too many reasons media team has always been a nightmare. I wouldn't feel too bad about it. I ran away from it too (never even had the title or permissions myself and I gave it a no-go), and they always think and do the same they've always done "There's nothing wrong with me. That person has the problem." It's literally in their chat. It always is, and it always happens, but there's only one common denominator. It's harsh for me to say, but if it keeps happening, then maybe they should be asking difficult questions or reconsidering their own actions. They just go through the checklist hoping they'll get lucky with no trade or expense, but they'll never find someone any good if that person isn't willing to take any risks; to put their foot down and make a call. Leaders sometimes have to make difficult decisions, and the popular vote doesn't always work. If we were a community on popular votes, then why have leaders at all? Just throw up a poll and let its outcome dictate the future of our community. I'm not suggesting that the popular vote isn't always bad and sometimes we can have that slice of cake and eat it too, but not always. I think it's alright to let the popularity of an idea or event be insightful; to let it drive decisions, but not to finalize it or to follow it blindly. Take it easy and I'm glad you're still with us. Hang tight, and maybe there will be future opportunities for you whether it be with GFL or as a lessons-learned for something more valuable such as real-life. One major problem Media Team had always experienced was seeking only perfection. It's good to aim for it, but perfect is the enemy of good. It's alright to be good enough. Side note: The move back to Council was definitely a very good idea.
  10. Duc's 2nd Ted Talk

    I personally don't see the recommendations as something very practical; these players might only have seconds to quickly document meaningful information or capture on demo the situation at hand, and maybe a minute or two at best. If the first step is basically: "Rely on staff", then everybody knows there's a good chance they'll get away with it. Focus on making players and your community more meaningful. The message I always wanted to implement was moving everyone a step up: All of your players are *effectively* Server Admins, Server Admins are Server Managers, and Server Managers are your Division Leaders. It's the role without the title; the way of thinking and taking action. It's an investment into the community and they use all of the resources they have available to get things done, and after all, the higher tiered staff should only turn to their higher tiered abilities as a last resort Players know that everyone will be held accountable even if there isn't a Director sitting on their server 24/7, and it prepares future generations of leadership as well. OBS is great, but using built-in tools using console is much more robust, and you can use OBS later. The built-in demo allows you to noclip your demo, and you can replay the demo with other commands such as r_drawothermodels, etc. One thing it admittedly loses in TTT is the pop-up text when someone speaks. Maybe here: OBS would be better, and so that might be where the circumstances make a difference. Hacking video? Probably use the built-in demo. Mic spam? Okay, okay, OBS unless it's really apparent who it is. Even with this issue: I have no doubt there are ways to recover who is dominating the microphone using the built-in demo. The built-in demo isn't just a video, but a literal reconstruction of the game play, which is why you can noclip throughout or review it with other models; I've just been offline too long and there was no benefit for me determining how to distinguish the voices by command or code. I would add something about the time or the tools admins do have. I do recall being able to browse through old RDM reports and reviewing the videos even days after. It would be difficult for me to find what time an event occurred and narrowing down to the correct report. Maybe suggest something that would really help with finding old reports in case somebody was able to get a demo or provide specific information. Nobody wants to go through old reports because of the mentioned reasons, but if I had the time, then it certainly would be no problem for me to do a review later in my spare time. I think the only confusing thing for me was in-game time versus my time, and so maybe have the person specify estimated time and their zone. Soucebans stuff should be your business although I certainly think it is a good idea for the reporters too look through and to use as leverage for their report. Good recommendation, but I surely wished our teams would take advantage of it as a resource rather than just some behind-the-scenes stuff. I feel like there are too many Server Admins who are only taking action in-game and not really looking at what they are doing; I had also wished Server Admins would add comments or possibly demo to their reports. I know I wasn't the first (and certainly not the last) to find a wealth of bad decisions posted on Sourcebans; I had also admittedly made a few bad decision of my own, but my own review on Sourcebans saved players, which I have no doubt ultimately helped the community.
  11. I hope your break may give you some relief.
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