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  1. It's another conspiracy against Trump
  2. This is starting to remind me of those DAILY threads. Does anyone remember that?
  3. Just want to note that I cannot attend the event because it is in the middle of the day during a work day although I guess it'll be super late for the EU players 😐 aside from that: Great idea. I hope it turns well.
  4. home office wont be too happy about this
  5. I went ahead and voted for Ben. A lot of people see the results today, but they might not remember the journey. It took him a long time and a lot of turned away ideas.
  6. Oh dang not a goodbye thread 😝
  7. Part of being a great leader isn't about being the most talented or effective by yourself; it's about being the person who brings out the best in others. Thanks for doing a great job.
  8. A lot of posts that show up in Latest Topics or posts are irrelevant (examples below is a player report and a moderation application, which the typical member probably should not post in), but not every user wants to browse the entire forums to find new threads that may be of interest to them. This reduces the likelihood of them posting and does not help forum activity. Similar to the suggestion below I think each role should be looked at again so that the Topics advertised on the right side is more fitting for each role; this would be pleasant if the Posts shown below that area are within those categories as well. If they are not a Server Admin, then what's the point of having player reports? If they aren't a Moderator+, then should they be responding to New Moderation Application? The other day I even saw a feedback to Staff thread that I do not have permission to when I clicked on it. My suggestion has the word "configurable" in it. This is for bonus points. I would add a section in settings or possibly have a checkbox available within categories or sub-categories so that a user can toggle it; they can choose which categories they want to appear in their latest posts beyond their default. We have something that allows toggling its display, and so I would imagine it's not a terrible stretch to save it in a setting related to Latest Topic although including sub-categories would be even better. Similarly we have followed content, but I'm not interested in having notifications every new thread or post... just want latest topics to reflect more relevant or interesting topics.
  9. I am not very surprised, but it is still disappointing. Community Advisor use to somewhat handle this, but that role has transformed into more of a safe retirement position in my opinion... speaking for the seemingly general case it's mostly holding a title and probably a few words in a Trusted forum, but I would imagine it's a lot of predetermined decisions not swayed very much between kids. It's not to say everyone in there is useless, but the position is not effective as it once use to be; people at least use to be more curious and interested in the role, and so you can really tell when nobody is aiming for it anymore. At the very least I think it's fair to say the position has been neutered and I don't people outside of that position would care if it were removed. It makes sense because from the top of the hierarchy they have never been able to handle news they don't want to hear, and so you really don't need community advisors if you were going to do it your way anyways. Seems to be working out fantastic for the Trump administration 😅.
  10. edit: Looks like Mavis beat me to the punchline. You don't have to be an admin+ to get results although it is admittedly less immediate. Record a demo I recommend using the Steam console because it has powerful tools. Even if you "missed it" in your demo then you can use drive, which is like using noclip in your recording.
  11. Saw one of these cool things. They deliver food. 4th of July
  12. Happy 4th of July We have a very silly president, but we really do live in a great country. I enjoyed my brief experience out in the UK for school and there were a lot of great benefits to being there (education and healthcare is excellent), but it surprisingly revealed a lot I took for granted as a US citizen even in comparison to other first world countries. Those little things really make a big difference and we live very privileged lives (for now).
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