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  1. I feel like scp 096s t pose needs to be fixed and scp 096 also needs a screaming audio when someone looks at his face.
  2. scp 106 should leave behind its corrosive stuff as it walks or something. that would be cool! maybe he should atleast walk through doors. if you disagree thats fine but I personally think it would be cool to have that effect
  3. Hi guys I think they should add a announcement to tell players how many scps,guards and class ds are left. + they should re add the warheads.
  4. Hey guys me again, idk if anyone else sees this but SCP 1799 appears as an error for me when i spectate him. I would like it if it that was fixed
  5. can you fix the clown scp? his player model is an error and was hoping you could fix it. can you also readd the old guns back the new guns aren't good. i do have the models installed I believe so.
  6. the alpha warheads arent on any map even on site 19 when will they be fixed and readded? + I think you should increase the percentage of players being scps becauses I barely get to be and scp including the newly revamped 079.
  7. Hi, I recently played as scp 607 and died from him because hes a hard scp to play as and isnt that good....so can you have him either changed or removed because hes not so good right now because his health needs to be buffed and he needs more ablities
  8. Hi guys its me again! I was thinking a bit and noticed that whenever I encounter scp 096 he has no animation when he is triggered by someone looking at his face and instead he does a T pose until he goes after his target and he also has no sounds when he runs either. please fix this if you can.
  9. Hi guys its me again, I was just thinking of a special round were players can have the option to be any class such as SCPs,class d/researchers, MTF etc. I was thinking of at the beginning of the round. a menu will pop up telling you what you want to be. and since there are lots of new scps. players can choose anyone they want. I was also suggesting you should increase the percentage of players being scps cause I barely get to be a good scp or scps in general.
  10. Hi guys I just wanted to say you should implement scp 682s roar and audio cues from scp cb to scp 682 when he uses his speed boost. that would make him more insane! I also suggest that you should let 017 regen health when he kills people and give him more health
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