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  2. Is a division leader a Important role or something? Congrats @Fafy I think you’re one of the most deserving people for the job. FAFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY
  3. @Harakoni when i first joined the server and saw people do these crazy jumps that i thought id never be able to do it didn't deter me away from the server. That might have just been me, but when i saw people in those spots it made me want to learn and do those jumps even more because i knew that i was new and i wasn't the best at it yet. With time i learned them and became decent at them. Maybe some people are leaving because of that, but there's also a lot of people still trying to master the game and if we just get rid of the spots it might deter those people away too. I agree with wuffy that it does have a tone of addons when you first join the server, some people might even be leaving because they don't have css textures (i almost left in the beginning because of that). All i'm saying is that if people leave because they cant do a spot then let them try again and again or leave.
  4. Ember more like stupid person lol. have a good time i may be late on this but psquaw will miss you ill miss you too
  5. HNS is a good place man I just don’t want all the drama to drive anymore good admins away.
  6. Ms_Paint Gang

    Please if you can do better then me try \ / \ \/
  7. dont leave because you're grown up now
  8. Don’t you dare leave I will ground you forever. Well anyways I actually hope you come back I haven’t been on much either I’ve just bored. You were probably the person that got me to apply, I know that I didn’t ask you for a +1 but you were cool to me. I will really miss you koni
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