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  1. RIP Economy

    So not to toot my own horn. I have been on the server a long time with the rest of the old school players. I do believe I hold the most amount of money in wallet in the game. I do like the idea of the challenge to compete against other players to regain my throne, but at the same time that will also discourage a lot of the faithful members that have given to the community more then just a supporter purchase. Some people have actually invested money into the marketing mods of the game I.E. drug systems. So if this plan to scrub the server to a flat restart backfires all that was put into it, will eventually loose its meaning behind it.
  2. What is your favourite song?

    Best Song Ever @Zebra ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. New Job Idea! (Pro Hacker)

    the theif + the hacker = Pro Thief/hacker. Sorry but the job pretty much already exsists.
  4. Base door button

    Cant give out all my secrets lol
  5. Base door button

    So I've been asked by multiple people to make a video of how to make my famous auto shut door for my base. So as requested here it is. Come check out my twitch I will be posting mor videos. https://www.twitch.tv/kazllab
  6. Quieter Weapons

    We seriously need to have a chit chat with that guy whos skull fks people with a BMG round like that. Tisk Tisk.
  7. Game Tracker Top 10

    Well you have a long ways to go being in the high 200's lol
  8. Game Tracker Top 10

    Thank you for pointing that out. But being old I do like my old school email Took out the tool bar just for you muah.
  9. Game Tracker Top 10

    Its official I have taken the throne of the Purge server.
  10. Christmas VIP Giveaway

    Abosolutly nothing
  11. Remove Arrest Batons

    I would at least like to see how the handcuffs work or the mechanics of them before I make a decision on yes or no.
  12. Weapon Skins

    So I was on purge earlier goofing around and looked at the m14 and how plain it was. A simple idea for the future would be possibly being able to have aditional weapon skins. Just a thought.
  13. No Man's Sky - Foundation Update

    I still have the game havent played it in a while. I agree with death with the high fall of players, they probably will go with what they originally promised lol.
  14. What is Zebra

    -Drops Mic-