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  1. Lul just remove all scps ez fix, admin plz

    It stops current sounds, anything after the command that happens with still play
  3. There use to be a system like this on the older breach servers using ID's to show your class.
  4. poopy

    uh oh stinky
  5. best idea ever

    Lul 049 can heal zombies and pbbly stop 610 death since he can pick up 500
  6. best idea ever

    guys what if we gave 173 a gun,
  7. bored

  8. Boomer doesn't really make sense, he either says hes leaving but then show up with a post about coming back the next day. An endless cycle, also boomer joke.
  9. Weren't you suppose to be in the test chamber 30 minutes ago
  10. Finally something we can all agree on
  11. I love luck of the draw scenarios, def want to see a concept like this added. Though I'd say maybe if you could push it further have the exits change every so often to add more confusion, then you have a more realistic 106. +1
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