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  1. Breach Changelog

    -Reverted percentage increase for 4715 and instead gave him a higher regen amount -Stunstick damage is now back to original amount
  2. Breach Changelog

    -Buffed SCP-4715 percentage rate to 3%
  3. Breach Changelog

    -Added SCP-4715 (Alternate spawn for 682)
  4. Breach Changelog

    -Added Dr. Bright (Researcher Spawn Chance)
  5. Breach Changelog

    -Added new Random Special Round
  6. Get Accepted lol
  7. Breach Changelog

    -Added SCP-2953
  8. Breach Changelog

    -Added a new ability for 106
  9. My Council Vote

    The BloodbathNo deaths occurred.Day 1SCP-682 dies from hypothermia.Night 1No deaths occurred.Day 2King Wailord pushes D-9341 off a cliff during a knife fight.SCP-966 kills SCP-079 while he is resting.Night 2SCP-966 attacks Bue, but Leks protects her, killing SCP-966.D-6969 dies from hypothermia.Day 3No deaths occurred.Night 3No deaths occurred.Day 4SCP-106 sets SCP-066 on fire with a molotov.Arena EventThe remaining tributes begin to hallucinate.Liloz eats a scorpion, thinking it is a delicate dessert.SCP-106 drowns Salad, who he thought was a shark trying to eat him.Infra drowns SCP-939, who he thought was a shark trying to eat him.Liloz hugs a tracker jacker nest, believing it to be a pillow.Salad mistakes Bue for a bear and kills her.SCP-096 eats a scorpion, thinking it is a delicate dessert.SCP-372 mistakes Leks for a bear and kills her.SCP-173 hugs a tracker jacker nest, believing it to be a pillow.Night 4No deaths occurred.Day 5SCP-372 sets an explosive off, killing Leks, and SCP-106.King Wailord attempts to climb a tree, but falls to her death.Night 5No deaths occurred.The FeastKing Wailord cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.Salad shoots a poisonous blow dart into Bue's neck, slowly killing him.Infra severely slices SCP-378 with a sword.Day 6No deaths occurred.Night 6SCP-372 severely slices Salad with a sword.Day 7Infra and SCP-372 work together to drown Infra.Night 7Infra pushes SCP-372 off a cliff during a knife fight.The winner is Infra from District 2!
  10. Breach Changelog

    -Nerfed 3199's egg laying ability -Fixed 3199-A's HUD -O5 radio will now only be usable after 3 minutes instead of as soon as the round starts
  11. Breach Changelog

    -Removed TDM from the Special Round listing -Lowered other TDM min. player counts -Gave CI SF more stuff on spawn
  12. Breach Changelog

    -Added new Class E reinforcement Are We Cool Yet?
  13. Breach Changelog

    -Fixed CI Special Forces collision -Added new mtf reinforcement Sigma-66 -Added new special round squad free-for-all
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