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  1. I usually fix this by going to look for said model in workshop and downloading that. ez
  2. Lul I wonder how many times GOC will be posted before its actually added
  3. Wasent this a disease in the encyclopedia?
  4. Yeah in my experience unless 9/10 times unless you know the guy they'll shoot you on the spot or kill you later if they see that your neutral.
  5. SCP-3456

    What if you worked off the 607 ability for holding down an action for it to take effect. You could change 3456 to how its actually suppose to be in the lore, basically if it sees someone it has to hold onto them for maybe 3 seconds, then if it isn't killed after a few minutes anyone that 3456 held onto would dissapear (basically die ingame).
  6. Lul based on what camper said it should be easy
  7. Plz hes obviously trying to change gun laws
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