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  1. SCP-1959

    My dumbass completely forgot about special abilities
  2. SCP-1959

    SCP-1959: A cosmonaut orbiting earth has crash landed onto one of our site facilities. Presence is confirmed and subject is emitting massive amounts of gamma radiation. Abilities: Invincible As fast as walking speed, or possibly 682 speed. No primary attack, but a large AOE that does 15-20 per second. Special Ability activated every minute pulls in all within AOE range closer to the SCP. Spawns during ntf spawn points. Like Class E this SCP is not teamed with anyone, however it is designed to be more like an obstacle than a threat. Hazmat suit should be able to protect against half of the gamma radiation. Should be a rare spawn considering how dangerous it is. If the SCP is not able to be invincible than you may consider switching its team to SCP. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=922731936&searchtext=odin
  3. Yeah I figured lore wise his location is pretty weird but I did try to keep him with other biological hazard scps
  4. Hmm another infection type, some new ntf spawn in and a charger from left 4 dead. Meh
  5. There ya got yer 038 m80
  6. Since I've made the basic layout for the lcz I am now moving into hcz and looking for your thoughts on PD design ideas. Also don't ask why I'm up so late
  7. Yo wheres !clowned
  8. Could make more sense if sniper class was added into normal ntf pool, but only spawns in at 3:00 when a lot of players are usually topside.
  9. At this stage its easy to add stuff, the elevators will probably be replaced with a flight or two of ramps or stairs whatever looks better.
  10. Map be done m90. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1998542613&searchtext=Site+69 Updates for Surface:
  11. I just dont want cucks locking me in 096 room
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