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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Fed7gDrnJk
  2. If you wanted it to switch roles it should be 20% chance of working and 80% chance of death
  3. Yourself Rough: Insta death. Coarse: Reduced to half health. 1:1: Change playermodel to black alternate and vice versa. Fine: Same increased jump height, sling speed up. Very Fine: Health increased to 150, speed on par with muscular fortitude, only 3 minutes before body expires (death). also 👏new 👏diseases 👏when
  4. why do ya think I play breach
  5. Lul dont ya think ppl have tried m8
  6. Man I just dont wanna get neutral killed by ya
  7. Yo he makes no noise when he changes, like if your hanging with your bro and he turns into 020 I'd like to know we cant have a brewski anymore. Either put some hole meat noise when he changes or maybe something like this: 20190812_155213.mp4
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