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  1. you taking it too serious dude im saying it as a meme...
  2. I do but not 5 hours a day. Since I do most of my work from school so don't have much time. Also playing other games that I bought c;
  3. or just don't play the gamemode 4head
  4. so this post just like a report for admin abuse from what i'm seeing right now
  5. Do you use any type of vpn or something ?
  6. 3 step to play your favorite map 1. nominate a map 2. get 1 dollar mic 3. scream in the mic tell them to go for that map 4. there’s nothing at step 4 so stop reading
  7. No you clearly knows he’s there and you walking up instead. It really much obvious for me that you scope twice and then immediately walk to the top without like afraid or anything you knew there is 1 person there. And for your first statement you said you forget that you on the t side because you on ct on the video and the side not matter right now. Since you knife 1 guy to get his awp so i dont really know how to say this. You clearly have a knife and knife a person before. Now we move on to second reason. YOU AIMMING AT SNOW?! hold on there i dont think admin would noclip out of there and bang you in the head. 2x scope too so idk how do you even see stuff outisde beside snow and crosshair. You can keep bring up more ideas but the fact that you 2x scope right at the snow i dont really know about this. There still a video if you dont want to say that i photoshop this.
  8. welp we don't really get like an anti wall cheat things and that probably not even fking exist but for the first video that velocity post around 10 second you kill someone and at 12 second you immidately zomming 2 times in the guy that is no where to be spotted. Can you explain that for me real quick ?
  9. 0 Ping

    not like this post matter any thing
  10. can you even rebuy on bioshock that a question
  11. Black History

    No wonder why you didn't get admin
  12. Abilities is so op that we lose every time even losing on santa extreme smh can't believe gfl anymore admin removed all the abilities ploxe
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