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  1. munchkin, Norwegian Forest Cat, scottish fold :3 even though i have 0 cat xd
  2. i mean you have to pay to play or attend in this event so it mean that pay2win
  3. not pay2win but it pay2win for this event though
  4. is that the real xoe key : O
  5. how is this man still able to talk after 50+ comms thonk
  6. css top 3 defender will get immunity but the fact that people in csgo have negev and the damage is not even balance to other gun. You can just abuse the gun and shooting zombie all the time instead of doing objects you need to do like shooting boss or npc you can shoot zombie.On most of the boss fight you can shoot zombie to get easy top defender and it not going to be balance if 1 person always gonna get it. because that 1 person going to do the same thing over and over again to get top defender. m4 and ak is pretty strong rn so it not even balance out for the people who use smg.
  7. ban

    AshAkiri and Velocity go ahead and dealt with your ban already i think you should be unban @vibes123 check your vpn again and make sure that it off
  8. ban

    can i have your steam id and your name and next time make a normal ban appeal post so we can figure stuff out
  9. you probably need to wait at least some hours sorry im gonna try to ask someone to unban since i cant do it xd thank you for your patience today though 😄
  10. try to connect to the server i think it might work if it not i will ask an upper to unban you
  11. so ugh by looking from sourceban look like you are using a vpn and vpn is a thing that change your ip and you should turn off your vpn and i will see if i can unban you or not try turn off vpn see if you can connect to the server or no because there are multiple account got ban on that vpn. also your name is supraッ so idk where did you got that name from i will talk to upper when you reply to this so i know you using a vpn or no : p
  12. i got muted

    i mean there have to be something so you get muted and you didnt get stacked mute yet so you should be thank you people could guve you a perm mute long time ago xd
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