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  1. Rip :( Hope to talk to you again mate.

  2. Happy bday!  Hope you're having a great day!

  3. happy birthday broski

  4. That was a lot of fun guys, thanks for organizing the event, and thanks to everyone who showed up to play!
  5. Happy Birthday Kite!!!

    1. Kite9867


      Thanks buddy! :) I'll be on CS:S dust2 hopefully soon.

    2. Decoy


      I hope so man, we've been missing you.

  6. While having members only content is often a great thing, assuming we have something to offer, making the entire forum member only will have a strongly negative effect on SEO. If Google Bot cannot access threads and posts, they will not be indexed by Google. Google loves content, the more posts Google Bot can access the more GFL pages will be ranked in random Google searches. Edit: Mind you, there is probably a way to allow Google Bot and other search engine bots to access member only areas. Maybe by whitelisting their browser headers or something along those lines, but I've never looked into it.
  7. Connection Issues

    Yeah, we're just throwing out ideas since you have yet to run a traceroute (tracert, extended ping test (ping -t), or simply running WinMTR as Roy suggested. Even if they don't show ping spikes, they may show severe packet loss due to your routing path to the server. Share the results once you have them.
  8. I'm glad to hear you're getting it taken care of, that's good news. You'll be happy when it's over, and once you heal you can start focusing on work, GFL, and everything else that's important in your life!
  9. @Joshy: I either agree or don't have anything constructive to contest to most of your post, but let me quote one part: Yes and no. I agree that gaining committed members is our goal. However, working on increasing sign ups will increase our audience; it will give us the opportunity to engage them and get them involved in the community later on. Most ecommerce websites will notify you if you add a product to your cart but never check-out. Many will continue to remind you or begin sending you a weekly newsletter. This is because if you actually visited their website and added their product to cart, it means you are very likely part of their target audience. It's the same for us, if someone is already joining a GFL server and actually takes a moment to sign up to GFL, they're obviously part of our key demographic. After a significant amount of time, we can prune inactive members from the forum and emails from our email list.
  10. Optimizing a website to rank high for different search terms in Google is incredibly important to bring in more traffic. GFL has some great things going already. For example, GFL's domain age is great, it was registered in 2012, Google looks at domain age as a sign of trustworthiness. GFL is also using HTTPS, this is important as well since Google announced that they're now listing websites with HTTPS above websites with HTTP. Google loves content, so the fact that GFL has a forum immensely helps GFL's ranking. I recommend making some minor changes to the website to better optimize for ranking in Google. Change page titles for example: instead of 'GFL - Home' it should be something like 'GLF: Multi-Game Community Servers - Discord Gaming' The idea is to stuff a few searchable keywords into the title, and then make sure those keywords are found throughout the website (otherwise google won't honour them). It also helps people searching google immediately understand what the website is about. - Including the same keywords in the meta description is helpful as well. Things like writing the names of games beside game icons on GFL so search engines see that and rank GFL higher in searches related to those games. Adding "alt" text to images/icons as well (text information that pops up when hovering your cursor over an image) will also help with SEO. Basically I suggest starting with a few simple optimizations, and we can dwell deeper into SEO later on.
  11. I agree, this is exactly what I am proposing. Hence the suggestion to use a service like MailChimp to create automated campaigns to advertise to new forum registrants. Current members would only receive 1 or 2 emails a week when there is an event or something worthwhile to engage all members. Businesses are very successful with this volume of email marketing, only increasing if they can offer something extra enticing (like a product discount). The most effective way to increase sales is maintaining and re-engaging previous customers, period. A community is no different than a business if you look at sales as activity and customers as members. @Joshy: Please don't think your thoughts and ideas are not being taken seriously. You're genuinely passionate and clearly a very smart person; I already recognize this and know the community and people in charge are well aware of that fact. Oh, and let me quote you from the post you linked: You're describing me.
  12. I thought a separate thread for this idea was necessary. GFL's game servers receive a lot of traffic, I think we should be trying to convert players into members directly on game servers. A simple route for this could be including the signup form in MOTDs. We could possibly include the sign up form directly in the header where it says: Existing user? Sign in > [Sign Up] We could change it to: Existing user? Sign in > | Sign up: [ EMAIL ] [ USERNAME ] [ PASSWORD ] Possible areas to place the sign up form: People already playing on GFL servers will be the easiest to convert to members. And rather than forcing them out of game to sign up, we could have an in game advertisement that reads "Type MOTD to sign up and become a member of GFL!" We'll need to test all games with different screen resolutions to see exactly what is visible in the MOTD to decide the best placement of the signup form. Since a CAPTCHA is needed to prevent bots from signing up. But putting it in the header would make it look cluttered, maybe have it appear only once the form is active - IE: after a visitor clicks into any of the form boxes (email/username/password). Or have it appear once the visitor fills all the boxes and clicks signup - IE: 'complete CAPTCHA to confirm registration'. @i have had it up to duck has brought to my attention that the idea of targeting users in game was already done. However he's explained that the current implementation is unresponsive and requires maintenance. I believe going the MOTD route will solve the responsiveness issue as well as avoid continued maintenance. Please let me know your thoughts on this idea, I love hearing criticism early on so we can move forward in the best possible way. *Credit to @Snoopy for inspiring this idea and suggesting a second area we could place this.
  13. Connection Issues

    It crossed my mind, but I would think his FPS would drop to nothing if his CPU was maxing out. I could be wrong though, never experienced it personally (I've been fortunate enough to always have an overkill cpu). I guess it could make sense that a maxed out CPU could sustain a certain FPS while hindering network performance. It's definitely something to check, but I'm leaning towards a rate/routing path/networking issue.
  14. That's why I'm throwing out ideas and listening to feedback, as I'm a GFL newbie (eager to learn). Maybe there's a better avenue we can take. But if we went the MOTD route, I'm not suggesting we replace the actual MOTD pages, we'd just be including a simple signup form either in the banner or in the area Snoopy suggested.
  15. That's awesome, so I'm behind haha, the dust2 server I spend most of my time in doesn't have this setup. So maybe going through the MOTD would be more responsive? (since it doesn't require an additional plugin) I tested navigating the site through the MOTD in CSS and it is very responsive (at least on my computer). I can't speak for other games/computers. But assuming it works well, once the forum is updated and the in-game advertisements are updated, it should work proactively without continued maintenance.