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  1. Unbelievable...

    GFL seems to coddle trolls, especially those who put forth false claims.

    Fuck you. How's that?
    Want to ban me now???

    Edited by Jerry Hat Trick
    1. Korowa


      Please calm down...

      Things are being dealt with and the mute was to only quiet down the situation temporarily. It's going to expire, it isn't a big deal. You just need to relax and think about it.

  2. Some of you seem to believe I give a fuck about what you think. Not true.

  3. Fuck you, @Cobra. I shall NOT be silenced.
    Ban me all you like - when I am unbanned, I'll still state what i feel.

    Edited by Jerry Hat Trick
    1. Jerry Hat Trick

      Jerry Hat Trick

      Bank on this. I'm a stubborn MF'er.

  4. Karma Ban

    As @Price told you in your other thread, you need to follow this format & file your appeal as directed. For starters, that is not your Steam ID... A karma ban is only 24 hours, an appeal can take longer than your ban is, just so you know.
  5. Welcome to GFL. @harry - you got another duck to contend with
  6. @Flops is an old, old member of GFL, and someone who has experience. Any useful advice put forth by them should be considered. If rejected, fine. I'm of the opinion that other servers need to update their requirements, not just this one. There is a valid point being presented, and it goes much further than just this server. GFL is constantly changing & morphing - if it's to survive in the long run, adjustments may need to be made. I also see the same old reasons given in admin apps - copy & paste works wonders....
  7. You need to follow the following format to appeal: Also of note - VIP or whatever doesn't make a difference in matters of rdm or punishments. We are no better/worse than any other player (ideally).
  8. Since it seems to bother people (for some reason), I will no longer hide any of my threads/posts.

    I've decided that this is in my own best interests (as well as GFL's membership) as I do not want to have the option to hide one's posts removed because of my (admitted) abuse of this feature.


    1. Roy



      for some reason

      It bothers people such as myself because when somebody reads your post and goes to refer to it later, it is gone. I know it has happened in the past where I'll quote your post, but then find out you hid it after quoting it. This led me to think you may have not wanted people seeing the post because it contained sensitive information and I wasn't sure if I should have hid my post. So yeah, it caused me some extra work too.


      With that said, it's just generally annoying.


      I am glad you're going to stop doing it though :) 

    2. SkydivingSquid


      Thank you. I was beginning to wonder. It’s best to let them rest! 

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