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  1. Giving them looping idle sounds, like 096's constant crying or 682's heavy breathing, will warn people that those two are nearby, and give them time to get some distance. Taking away their element of surprise is better than turning them into glass cannons. You'll get the chance to hide or take position before they see you.
  2. I'm cool with that. It's never a good idea to trap yourself, anyway. Locked or not. Either they camp outside and wait or you hide in there for like 5 minutes, which is boring.
  3. Mythryl's idea is pretty cool. It'd make a lot of sense. The strat I go for as MTF is to stand guard at the EZ where it's safer. You can flee to the gate if things get crazy, heal, and block the exits. If the doors are weaker than the HCZ, I'd probably venture out there where I can defend easier. SCPs will have to play it smart about which doors they keep around and which ones they destroy, because if they get spotted at a distance, they'll have to back off, lurk elsewhere, and wait for the right opportunity. The doors should still be obstacles, but not permanent lifelines. Mr Z is right about how this mechanic might make hiding difficult, because an SCP might take the time to smash every door on the map. On the other hand, most of the SCPs are slower than humans. 682, 096, 173, 076, and 334(with enough kills) have the power to chase people down. 096 gives you time to run(he might also not know where you are), 173 can't blind you at a certain range, 076 can knock you back on hit, and 334 can be slowed down by shooting. Personally, I think 682 and 096 should have idle sounds to warn people that they're nearby, but we'll see how strong they'll be if my suggestion is added.
  4. Gate A and Gate B have health and become unoperable once they run out, which is great. I think all other doors on the map should be breakable as well, at least for 106, 682, and 096. SCPs are supposed to be dangerous and sometimes unstoppable, but I'm hardly afraid of 096 flexing his T-Power on me when there's a door between us. Closing it will stall him just long enough to give me time to run to another door, repeating the process until 096 is vulnerable. This makes 682 a hit-and-run SCP as well, which is not what 682 is famous for. 106 is super weak and hardly a threat to experienced players. Giving doors health will be a huge buff to SCPs if any of the three are present. 682 and 096 may not actually need the buff, but 682 can be solo'd with uninterrupted kiting. A probable balance to this would be that the doors are only breakable when closed, and/or all other SCPs can break them but do much less damage. I don't know how difficult it'll be to add this, especially in a way that doesn't affect how SCPs break the exit gates, but I hope it's possible and not too much of a hassle. What do you think?
  5. Researchers don't need guns if they get to the EZ so quickly, cuz it's their job to escape.
  6. There is one spot in front of 049's chamber where a rifle(with ammo) and medkit spawns. I usually go for that as a Researcher since few others do, but I've seen a few regulars get the same idea. Spawning ahead of the checkpoint would save time in getting to that gun, which would be unfortunate for not only the Class-D, but some of the SCPs as well such as 017, 035, 066, or 049. That depends on where these HCZ Researchers are going to spawn, though. Not only that, but those Researchers could be very annoying for the MTF, because they'll beat them to the armory in the EZ that has a pill and loads of ammo. People usually take two boxes of ammo, so there is only enough in that room for five people. MTF would probably end up leaving spawn as soon as the round starts only to find all the ammo and good guns have been taken by the Researchers.
  7. Well, Researchers are wimpy, pudgy lil' nerds. They're not used to getting hurt, and they probably can't even aim a gun properly. I imagine they'd have really sucky accuracy and take like 25% more damage than a trained guard or rough prison inmate. Still, people need actual incentive to escape, because escaping puts them out of the game. Like I said, I'd probably escape as a Researcher if it guarantees that I'll respawn as an NTF/CI/Omega. A nice little idea to give further incentive would be to have your loadout carry on to when you respawn. (Example: Escaping with a medkit/NVG/pistol as a Researcher will respawn you as NTF with the same stuff.)
  8. That was not a real suggestion. That was my argument on why the logic that Researchers only kill to save themselves would not work. I also didn't say there was anything wrong about killing in self-defense -- the problem is that Researchers are not allowed to attack until they see the Class-D pull out a gun in front of them(meaning letting the Class-D attack first). Yes, that is true that they might get to those weapons first, but before the rule was added, Researchers would sometimes storm into 914 and murder everyone in the room. 173's chamber does not always spawn a LV3, and if it does, there's a chance 173 is in there as well. That's risk-for-reward, which is good. Still, that's only one gun that goes to whoever gets in first. You'll still find the one Researcher crowbarring his way through helpless crowds of Class-D, at least until 173 or the Class-D with an SMG stops him.
  9. This new rule is a bit silly, because you're forcing Researchers to give Class-D the first attack. I think instead of Class-D being treated like innocent virgins until they pick up a gun, you should place crowbar spawns in Class-D cells so they have a means of defending themself. Their advantage over the Researchers in the beginning is their number. 10 Class-D with crowbars is scarier than a lone pistoleer Researcher. If you don't like that number, change it however -- my point is that Class-D have horrible means of survival. They look forward to a CI or 035 clearing the way, though they're not guaranteed to spawn in a round or even do well. If there's nothing, then 049 is their only light. For experienced regulars, they might get by with their own strategy, but newer players are the ones complaining the most, right? If adding 10 crowbar spawns to the Class-D spawn is too much, maybe replace some of those with medkits. Now I imagine Duc is gonna respond to that with the explanation that Researchers would only kill to protect themselves. If that's the case, Researchers should also not be allowed to stay and fight with the MTF, because in reality, guards are highly-trained and are paid to combat SCPs -- scientists are not trained at all, and fighting is not what they do. A Researcher would escape as soon as possible because they're afraid of being messily devoured by 682 or eaten alive and whole by 096 or be dissolved and eaten by 106 or be forced into surgery by 049. As for gameplay logic -- military-grade flashbangs and level 2 keycards already spawn inside the cells of Class-D, so crowbars and medkits might as well be added in there as well to give Class-D an edge in survival. Being forced to escape as Researcher doesn't sound fun, so please don't add that as a rule(though maybe it'd work out if escaped-Researchers were guaranteed a slot in respawning as NTF/CI -- maybe).
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