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  1. Quarantine

    Been in Quarantine for about 3 weeks now since the Middle East initiated it way quicker before the eastern countries did, they just announced lockdown but I'm pretty much used to it, they might extend it for another month since people here are fucking retarded and keep going out, as for what I do, Netflix, cleaning the house and some random ass games.
  2. This ma little girl Luda, and she fucking hates me.
  3. Happy 15th birthday 

  4. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated yet again! Promos: Lieutenant Vilhjálmr --> Rear Admiral Vilhjálmr. (Senior Admin Promo) Lieutenant Jonah --> Lieutenant Commander Jonah. Lieutenant Obama --> Lieutenant Commander Obama. Ensign Kai --> Lieutenant Kai. Ensign Jack --> Lieutenant Jack. Ensign Smithy --> Lieutenant Smithy. Jedi Master Rat --> Jedi Council Rat. Jedi Knight UwUble --> Jedi Master UwUble. 212th CPL Chance --> 212th SGT Chance. 212th SGT Venus --> 212th SSGT Venus. CT MSGT Stoodly --> CT 2nd LT Stoodly. CT LT Oskin --> CT Captain Oskin. CT MSGT Draft --> CT SGM Draft. CT MSGT Lardo --> CT SFC Lardo. CT SGT Toast --> CT SSGT Toast. CT CPL Joe --> CT SGT Joe. 41st CPL Maple --> 41st SGT Maple. 501st MSGT Yogi --> 501st SGM Yogi 501st MSGT Carmine --> 501st SFC Carmine. RMC 2nd LT Percival --> RMC Colonel Percival RMC 2nd LT Racc --> RMC Colonel Racc.
  5. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated once more! Promos: Shock MSGT Bowls --> Shock 2nd Lieutenant Bowls. 41st MSGT Knight --> 41st Captain Knight. 212th Lieutenant Poland --> 212th Captain Poland. CT SSGT Oskin --> CT Lieutenant Oskin. 41st SSGT Zea --> 41st SFC Zea. 41st SGT Clik --> 41st SSGT Clik. 501st SSGT Yogi --> 501st MSGT Yogi. 501st SGT Horchata --> 501st SSGT Horchata. CT SSGT Stoodly --> CT SFC Stoodly. CT CPL Draft --> CT SGT Draft. CT SGT Lardo --> CT SSGT Lardo. RMC SGT Sloth --> RMC SSGT Sloth.
  6. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated yet again! Promos: Shadow Legion SSGT Karma --> Shadow Legion Warrant Officer Karma. RMC CPL Sloth --> RMC SGT Sloth. 501st SGT Yogi --> 501st SSGT Yogi. 501st CPL Sleepy --> 501st SGT Sleepy. 501st SSGT Astro --> 501st Captain Astro. (NiceU) Attention all troopers, we have a new Jedi Master! please welcome Jedi Master Kit Fisto. (Jordi)
  7. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated once more! Promotions! Congrats bois n grills: 212th SGT Ivan --> 212th Colonel Ivan. 212th SGT Poland --> 212th 2nd LT Poland. 212th CPL Venus --> 212th SGT Venus. 41st GC CPL Clik --> 41st GC SGT Clik. 501st CPL Astro --> 501st SGT Astro. 501st CPL Toast --> 501st SGT Toast. Shadow Legion SGT Caboose --> Shadow Legion SSGT Caboose. And now for the grand promo: Jedi Padawan Scrat --> Jedi Master Scrat.
  8. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated! Promos for the Big Boys: Congrats Broskis! Lieutenant Commander Jeez --> Commander Jeez. Lieutenant Roland --> Lieutenant Commander Roland. Ensign Jonah --> Lieutenant Jonah. Ensign Vilhjálmr --> Lieutenant Vilhjálmr. Ensign Obama --> Lieutenant Obama. Ensign Star --> Rear Admiral Star. (Senior Admin Promo) Another round of promos for sum smol bois: Congrats Broskis! CT PVT 1542 Atoxe --> CT 2nd LT 1542 Atoxe. 41st GC SSGT Ryu --> 41st GC 2nd LT Ryu. 212th LTCOL Ranger --> 212th Colonel Ranger. Jedi Padawan Scrat --> Jedi Knight Scrat.
  9. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated yet again! congratulations to the new following Jedi masters: Yoda: Clockwork Obi Wan Kenobi: Worgee Anakin: Fire and now for promotions! Jedi initiate Scrat --> Jedi Padawan Scrat Jedi initiate UwUble --> Jedi Padawan UwUble Ensign Eliza --> Lieutenant Eliza
  10. [CWRP] Master Roster

    Master Roster has been updated! Added the following new celebrities LuL: Fleet: Ensign Eliza, Ensign Star, Lieutenant Roland and Admiral Andrew. 212th: 212th Colonel Stratic. 41st: 41st GC SGT 2604 Ryu. RMC: RMC SGT 5068 Karma. CT: CT SGT 2766 Nichols. Shadow Legion: Shadow Legion SGT 2593 Aulus. Promotions! Lieutenant Jeez --> Lieutenant Commander Jeez.
  11. Greetings fellow CWRP players, we have made a master roster of the server! The only people who's names are gonna be presented in this doc are NCO+ so if you wish to become famous you better start grinding your leadership skills and prove yourself worthy! We will try to keep this doc up to date so expect changes every 2 days. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1obC9_QKisR6grcPRfyzmVBR-4sWQrDWb9NGOEW-ic3M
  12. All said above by Koni +1 Good luck on your app!
  13. Focus begin a bitch but eh works too.
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