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  1. Is that game still alive? Holy shit nice ama kick people in the balls now : D
  2. 10/10 Thanks for participating!
  3. Hi there Squid your activity seems really low according to these photos here GFL Offical: 3 messages GFL GMOD: 250 messages GFL CSGO: 2 messages GFL Expanded Division: 4 messages Unfortunately I'm gonna have to go with a -1 get your activity up and will see about it as always Good Luck on your app
  4. Happy Birthday yo

    1. Skittlez


      Thank youu

  5. This seems in the wrong place someone give him the TTT admin format and close this
  6. Been a great time working with ya m8 hope you have great time I swear if you post another meme shit saying siike i will track ya down
  7. Aight a day have passsed and no response my vote will be -1 Failed to respond within 24 hours Not in any of the Official Discord's Come Back when you got The needed requirements and always Good Luck On Your App.
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