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  1. +1 all said above by others
  2. As a Muslim we believe in something called a Jinn, Djinn or genie what ever you wanna call it. A Jinn is an entity which is created from fire which has no smoke. There are 3 types of Jinn 1st type is the ones with wings they fly and roam around in the skies. 2nd type is they're animals. There's a category of Jinn that typically appears in the form of animals and two animals in particular the jinns love to appear in, but sometimes there's other animals. And the 2 main animals the Jinn love to appear in are Snakes and Dogs. But this does not mean they never appear in other forms as they could have other forms. 3rd type of Jinn is the type that comes and go. The ones that irritate us and wants to come into our lives. The ones that they try to frighten us. Are these the only types of Jinn in Islam? No as scholars say that the Quran and the Sunnah mention more than these. So these are an example of 3 types of Jinn. That is all I have to explain but if you want to know more make sure to watch this:
  3. Yeah I'm sorry if I can't explain because it is 5 am at the moment but here's the things you'll be looking for here https://www.apple.com/lae/iphone-xs/
  4. You sure you're in the discord? because I don't see your name anywhere
  5. oh I'm not a thing anymore sad
  6. Well we tried it didn't go as planned
  7. +1 good luck on your application!
  8. Is that game still alive? Holy shit nice ama kick people in the balls now : D
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