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  1. Suggestions

    Suggestion: Add simple Thirdperson a lot of people feel comfortable with this addon since after purge got shutdown and went to other servers who have this addon on their servers like swrp,military rp, other darkrp servers etc. so might wanna give it a shot I guess? Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=207948202
  3. Old Times

    HOBO KING BEST KING best shit I've done in years on that server
  4. Suggestions

    i don't remember If This was in purge but I'm just gonna put it here Add The Bludgeon Aka The Love Tap What is the bludgeon you may ask? The Bludgeon is a great tool for kidnapping were you hit the persons head from behind to knock him out for maximum of 40 seconds and you can carry them around if you wanna The Bludgeon can pretty much used for anything as I said its great for kidnapping and use it for a little bit of mugging but what I would like to see a server to have is the kidnapping system or mechanic more like the hitman's hit but instead they kidnap a certain person and bring them over to a certain point where the person who place the KH (kidnap hit) uses his tool gun and it would guide the kidnapper on where to goi remember this mechanic or system used on servers before I found about purge but now I haven't been playing on them for a couple of years (3 - 5 years) unfortunately I don't remember the servers names so rip and big Oof but I hope that the Dev team makes something like this for purge as I would think it would be great OR you guys can just add it for kidnappers and let the shenanigans and mugging begin or just deny it Here's a vid to show people who don't know what the bludgeon is but im pretty sure that a lot of people have seen and used it on other servers i highly recommend skipping to these parts to see it being used 2:25 3:40 4:02 Vid:
  5. Stop you're scaring the children nah jk all of these models are great +1
  6. Mount and blade Warband TF2 Town Of Salem SWBF2 Classic Day Of Defeat Source FOF Insurgency SCP Secret laboratory Death To Spies: Moment Of Truth Heroes And Generals Golf With Your Friends
  7. Happy Early Birthday 

    1. SirAdair


      Ty! 9 days early ;) 

  8. Purge Beta

  9. Hammer time good way to fall real quick might get you a coma tho
  10. Im back

    Eyy welcome back home boyo