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  1. First thing I see when I get back on gfl
  2. Remove the Hide and seek it's so boring IMO
  3. Idk if I gave the wrong dimensions or what but both are small.
  4. It's too small. It needs to be this size. 2560 pixels wide by x 1440 pixels tall
  5. That’s okay take ur time
  6. Both looks nice but imo I think the top one looks better
  7. It looks good imo I think it would look good if the whole background is black but it looks amazing
  8. Okay thanks take your time.
  9. Just wondering if anyone saw this, take your time : )
  10. Request type: Signature Avatar/Profile Picture Size: 2560x1440 Source image/render: Well this is what I had before but would like something similar Text *(optional): Just "RainGamma" as it appears in this one. Color scheme *(optional): Eh, anything. Examples: Here is an example from some youtuber I've watched I like the background of it (you can see some enemies from horror games.) You don't have to do that you can just do one similar to the one I have shown Additional information: Take your time : )
  11. I like the idea of him breaking down doors.
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