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  1. what about just make it like a 20% chance to spawn in and only one spawns
  2. I was just wondering if anyone could resize this photo to 1080p while making it still look good. I need it for a thumbnail
  3. Looks like you’re just salty you got banned. Also people spend money to support stuff just like you buy games to support the creator
  4. CONGRATZ @reme leader 049 2019-01-29 15-55-03.mp4
  5. okay picking now....
  6. Okay giving away 5$ of gfl vip. I wasn’t here for a while and I decided I should prop do a giveaway as a return. All you gotta do is type in #Giveaway and say something random if you want. You have till Jan 3rd.
  7. This is like my first post in forever lol
  8. First thing I see when I get back on gfl
  9. Remove the Hide and seek it's so boring IMO
  10. Idk if I gave the wrong dimensions or what but both are small.
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