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  1. I like the idea of him breaking down doors.
  2. Sorry I thought I would just finish it before I leave to vacation. I will get on today before I leave
  3. My editing could be better, if anyone could help me with that I would love that (Sony Vegas 16 is what I used) Weird ass thumbnail. I’m bad at making thumbnails lol
  4. @Xy_ I think you should make it so corpse disappears after 20 - 30 seconds.
  5. Admin perms lololookooolooll
  6. Never talked about ttt being cancer and full of trolls 24/7 :0
  7. Getting admin so I can abuse it lollolloll jk pls no ban I guess first time joining breach was the best moment i guess lol
  8. Ik I’m behind on playing on the server and all. My dad wants me to not play any games till my exams are over. But he said I could play on weekends (made a deal). Sorry about not playing.
  9. Ye I was at the mall and I dropped my dippindots it's like icecream in like little dots. It dropped and these teenagers were laughing at me (who i was like 7). Thats how they look like
  10. I played in RN Breach it was horrible. You could get banned for taking off your vest. There were many bugs too. The owner of the server was really lazy with everything. The server went down when someone hacked it or something.
  11. +1 looks fun to play as
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