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  1. Retrieval: subject made a suggestion on the breach forums for SCP-507. Suggestion wouldn't really alter breach completely, only as a way to make the researcher class more interesting. Subject's suggestion seems fair as the dimension hop ability doesn't interrupt gameplay as that class, as he can still escape and interact with the environment. Request: a +1. Approved.
  2. This is the part where I talk alot and then give a reason why I like this suggestion. Take my money. +1
  3. Blah blah blah, here's my money. +1
  4. I didn't react to rave's comment just because "OH MY GOD RAVE SAID MINE AND HAXRAYS SUGGESTIONS ARE GOOD". I reacted because I want you to take in consideration of the things that Ravelord has said. A lot of your suggestions are severely lacking in creativity, and a majority seem relatively copy and paste from one another. If you want to make good suggestions, try making suggestions that are: Creative; unique from other ideas, whether those ideas have been implemented or not. That can actually be supported: ideas that are too 'expensive' will likely not be added. (Ex. ideas that completely alter gameplay, or have demands that would be absolutely terrible to code) Fun to play as, or against. Obviously, we don't need more SCPs that just run at you and that's it. There's so much more you can do with the idea of a 'thing that kills you', and that's only taking into account possible suggestions for SCPs. If you can, suggest ideas that would also have a benefit on gameplay. A good suggestion, is something that would shape gameplay in a positive way. Like how 079 (even though not a suggestion), was designed to be a support-type class for SCPs, or how 330 (not a suggestion either) helps out TRO at the beginning of the round. Please take into account was has been said. Truth is, right now is not the best time to suggest, considering that Xy is kinda' busy with some stuff at the moment. But we don't need bland suggestions flooding the forums.
  5. There's virtually no reason not to add these into the game. I think a few of them might be a bit bothersome to code, like the escape artist achievement or the what just killed me achievement, but a lot of these would fit fine in the game. I especially like the speedrun and racing against the timer achievement, so all together this is a +1.
  6. This is the closet playermodel I could think of that resembles a big, fat, white, pale humanoid thing: right here. The idea seems fine, but eh, the part about chosing spectators might result in a lot of afk people being chosen, just the nature of spectators. I'll give you a +1 though, because I want SCP-3199 in the game. Permission to resurrect this suggestion? I have a slightly different idea for 3199 :3
  7. I'm not sure if that is what SCP-076-2 exactly had, but hey, it still works. All 2200 needs is some generic melee attack weapon to have some resemblence to the old SCP-076-2.
  8. Well, occasionally a lot of times, especially when SCP-076-2 is active, you'll probably encounter that one person that complains about SCP-076-2's current stats. They'll probably go on about how SCP-076-2 is underpowered, or they'll go be nostalgic about the old SCP-076 and how competent it was than the modern SCP-076-2. I like to think to myself that SCP-076-2 is fine as it is. It is fast, does a fair amount of damage + sword throw, and has a 'decent' amout of health (in regards to a player that is). The multiple life system is just the only drawback that SCP-076-2 has. So, anyways, going back to 076-2 complainers, what if we answered their complaints and didn't answer them at the same time? Ummm, you'll see what I mean. This is a real short & simple suggestion, as the SCP has technically been implemented in the past. However, instead of being SCP-076-2 it would be SCP-2200, using this player model: blah blah blah right here. It borrows the same mechanics as the old SCP-076-2, which if I remember correctly include: That big long-ass sword that can't be thrown. The ability to jump really high. Above average speed. If necessary, you may need to nerf some of the stats. You could start with health, which I don't remember how much the original 076-2 had. Hoping that you have some remnants of the old SCP-076 code, so if you do choose to implement this it is really just a copy and paste job. Anyways time to destroy Nebula again.
  9. This could potentionally be a weapon model btw: its really epic.
  10. its nerfing or nothing oh yeah and +1
  11. Ah yes, the SCP-795 gun.
  12. Nothing saying that SCP-106's pocket dimension has to be this really old looking labyrinth. If anything, SCP-106 manipulates the layout of the pocket dimension to toy with its victims. So what if SCP-106 took something really familiar looking to their victims, just to mess with them? I'm saying that if we do make this a map (if you want more SCPs active that is), then you can make the entire pocket dimension look like a rundown facility. There's various containment chambers that host SCPs, but its all degraded mostly. There would still be some references that would point that you are still trapped in a pocket dimension of course, (ex. walking through a perfectly normal room and opening the door, revealing a room reminiscent of the SCP:CB pocket dimension). Just a hint
  13. I think what Max means is that he wants 035 to be sided with Chaos so that way he can't team with researchers. It might make 035 too much of a weight for LCZ researchers to bare but whatever, I think it's fine.
  14. This post might be important. I don't know how to react to this @Ralsei
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