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  1. yep, highly inspired by the 914 from SCP:CB Unity
  2. 21 replies ぬ壱
  3. I swear my suggestions keep "magically" copying yours what the heck is going on lol
  4. Become an 11 year old and constantly keep your low-quality mic on so everybody can hear your parents argue, your dog barking, and your brother crying.
  5. "I wouldn't want to wake up, but unfortunately, you must." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ npc_create npc_doomnack Can't use cheat command npc_create in multiplayer, unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1. Agh, double post. Let's just get this out of the way. SCP-990 isn't a regular SCP, nor is it a regular suggestion anyways. See this as a subtle way to cheer up the lives of spectators out there, while giving living players a slight edge. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOU ARE SCP-990  You are a mysterious entity, also known as the "Dream Man". You have been given another chance to interact with any living players. Let them know what is to come. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spawn Location(s): Site-19: Random (Human) Player Location ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ingame Mechanics: Controls: LMB (Primary): Teleport to crosshair RMB (Special): Host selected player Stats: Health: ∞ Primary Cool Down: 1 sec Special Cool Down: 10 sec Speed: Normal Human Movement (can sprint or walk)  SCP-990 is incapable of achieving points. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: SCP-990 purely functions for the exchange of information and warning. (Though I guess if you want to hang out with a person after death go for it) SCP-990's teleportational abilities allow it to move swiftly accross the site. SCP-990 cannot interact with the environment (like spec dm), but can phase through doors and other entities. (As such he can't really go through the elevator without following a person) SCP-990 can view and hear all players around him as if he were alive, but is only capable of speaking to his HOST. SCP-990 can select a new HOST using special. SCP-990's HOST gain the ability to see SCP-990, and as such can also hear SCP-990 speak. SCP-990 is highly encouraged to make use of its movement to alert its host whether danger is present or not. Feel free to give the Class-Ds a headsup whether MTF are coming or not, or letting people know that the SCP has stopped camping them in SCP-1162 or 914's room. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spawning: Throughout each round SCP-990 has a small chance to spawn every 2 minutes. This chance slowly goes up each interval until SCP-990 actually spawns. When SCP-990 actually spawns, a random active spectator will be selected and presented a small GUI saying if they wish to spawn as SCP-990. If accepted, they spawn with a random HOST. If declined, the offer is given to another spectator and so on. SCP-990 can be exited at any time with a special ulx command (!exit990 or something like that). SCP-990 is spectable, and appears under the leaderboard as RESEARCHER class. (you don't need to make another subsection for 990 anyways) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resources: SCP-990: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474029314 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well I think we all know how it feels like to wait 12 minutes to spawn when you've unfortunately died at the start of the round, so here's another thing spectators can look forward to, other then the really rare chance that somebody drinks the soup, which is usually used for sending memes and not actual warnings to players. "Time, Doctor Freeman?"
  6. Nodegraph out of date. Rebuilding... Brush contact was probably a bad way to put it. Just any type of collision would do, but should obviously be triggered once to prevent unnecessary amounts of damage being overlayed ontop of eachother. Editing suggestion.
  7. uhh, they work on my end
  8. "Welcome, welcome to City 17." idk what I'm quoting anymore just go with it ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ npc_create npc_doomnack Well here I am with another suggestion, because why not. Though to be honest, Site-19 is starting to get pumped with SCPs that I think my SCP-363 took up the last availible space for any actual SCP to spawn. I don't know what will happen now, but the dawn of replacement SCPs definitely was a result of this. Anyways, Ashur soon realized that the Foundation's room service wasn't all that great. Staff were horrible actors, an awful stench that seemed to be everywhere, and the food wasn't even that great. He soon began to take out his anger on the Foundation, emerging from the depths of the site. This suggestion is totally not slightly inspired from the Combine Advisors from HL2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOU ARE SCP-3740 You are a Ashur, the god of air. You are capable of air current and temperature manipulation. Blow back your opponents in a gust of wind, or leave them scorched in fire. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spawn Location(s): Site-19: SCP-513's chamber, shared with another fellow demigod. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ingame Mechanics: Controls: LMB (Primary): b l o w RMB (Special): Meteorological Combustion Stats: Health: 1750 Attack DMG: 20 (see description) Primary Cool Down: 1.5 secs Special Cool Down: 15 secs Speed: Slightly Above Human Walking Speed  Like most other SCPs, SCP-3740 gets points by killing people. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: SCP-3740's primary pushes a person in the direction SCP-3740 is facing, of a distance roughly the size of an average Site-19 room. Once a victim collides with any detectable surface, he suffers 20 damage. This can be useful to storm units from an area, or in certain situations it may lead to their death. NOTE: pointing your primary in certain direction can be useful for introducing people to falldamage SCP-3740's special causes anybody near SCP-3740 to be briefly ignited for {25-50} damage ticks, but heavily disorients them like a concussion grenade. Human flashbang. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resources: Use Male-09, as it looks most like SCP-3740: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=110138917 Or you could use this, please do: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629223506 the resemblance is uncanny ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lvl. 35 SCP
  9. well, 106 is in dire need of a buff because experienced players have no trouble escaping his pocket dimension However, I don't think its possible to give 106 the ability to phase through doors without breaking gameplay for him. I'd imagine it would be very tricky to program something like that, and for certain maps it would be impossible. I do think 106 should get a SCPSL like mechanic where he can place waypoints though.
  10. Well, I know for a fact that 173's lag will be impossible to fix. No way the devs will iron out the fact that he may move a few steps forward when you finally look at him. LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE Though I never really encountered bugs like the ones you described, nor have I even encountered 173 that much, I have had some moments when 173 just breaks upright around twice. Usually after his blind ability has finished and I avoided him by bunnyhopping, the code justs simply breaks and pretends I'm always blinking for an additional 5 seconds. In all honesty I've always heard people say "OMG 173 BROKEN JEEZ" but never really experienced something truely game-breaking. In respects to the thing I just said its nothing to what you described so I really don't know what to say about this.
  11. u h h Why remove 173 entirely. There's an easy fix to this problem, which is a literal fix. dev pls remove eyedrops
  12. D-9341 can't use guns though. I'm not sure whether the suggestion is still fair to play against though.
  13. (Cough, Dr. Maynard, sorry lel) Ok, in all honesty the 25 life thing is too much. Even though he can only use melee weapons he seems to have the power to challenge actual SCPs with his lifespawn. -1 Also could we just name the CI spy Agent Skinner already
  14. Oh my god could I finally have a Bright in the Screen Round where I actually play researcher? +1
  15. wait, is this a furry transfor— seems like a fun thing to mess around with; could especially piss off MTF by using it against them so heres a really big +1