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  1. Let the coffee flow~

  2. Well, with a little peke, my day starts at 6am to walk the beast, which all in all takes 1h (+cleaning). Then when I return home from work at ~5pm, the same is repeated. So some motion goes there. Once we fixed the ceiling at home, I bought a bench, stands, dumbbells, barbells, etc, and made a small "gym". I try to train as much as possible, but with a dog + work + studies it is hard to find the time and I only train 2-3 times per week. But whenever I feel like it I rekt myself on the stationary bike. That's how I keep myself active these days. When I was at uni I trained kickboxing, abused the treadmil and hit the gym regularly; when I was home I was going to tae-bo classes and visited gym. And as always, I keep lifting bottles of beer.
  3. It's not too late for people to revote ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. #Convoy I will be there to lead to you victory. If pF can listen to instructions on Convoy so can GFL. And ples, PLES, set 3h for the event (or whatever) and do not invoke any map changes. If this is going to be "an event" let it be so. Otherwise it's just waste of time. Thank you for your co.Operation. PS. Where is ze_predator?!
  5. And yet yelling "VOTE 4 VOTE 4 NEW MAP" is such an integral part of playing zombie escape. I don't know... I can feel the passion a player has for a particular map from his screams "VOOOOOTE 4", damn, he really must love that map at slot 4! I guess that many people are annoyed by these screams and god damn they are right. Maybe give it test period? See how the crowd reacts. But keep an open mind <3
  6. ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)


  7. No, it doesn't. The ulterior motive is for you particularly to be human as much as possible on the maps you consider great by changing the very foundation of zombie escape - the randomness of the zombie spawn. I agree it's nice to be human and play your favorite maps, however it's a 64-people server and it's unfair to anyone (newcomers or old dogs) for some players to use this "exploit" and be human n rounds in a row. These n rounds, as you suggest, could make it so you win (solo or team win) the map (given all the necessary conditions ofc) . That would be game breaking, I would hate to see non-trying zombies who will either go to spec (you never do this, do you?) or just fool around, waiting for the round to be over so that they get their lovely n rounds as humans. You do not want to play as zombie and that's your problem - zombies need to try to stop the humans and only with tryhard zombies the game is good. {You say - if the player is initial zombie, well, tell me what prevents you from joining bit late, on the warm up round (well, this could be prevented by the Joshy's proposed player queue, however this suggestion falls under the "broken randomness category" so in my view, is not applicable).} Just play as zombie whenever you are and give your best to end the human's round, it's an essential part of the game you love so much. Also, new players need to get items (yes, even vital ones as Dovah' skin on Skyrim) and fail miserably sometimes, taking the whole team with them. The game mode is played by a lot of people, I want them all to learn the maps, to enjoy them, to participate fully so they could cultivate the same love for ze as many have already. Why suggest changes which would suffocate the less experienced players? How are they going to learn? By watching you pick Dovah every n rounds because you do not want to "risk it"?
  8. I do not support this idea. What is fair for all players is for the zombie spawn to be completely random. Now no one is safe from being a zombie and if it so happens that you're a zombie 4 rounds in a row - well, better be the best zombie out there! I see it as an exploit to be able to stay human for n number of rounds after being turned into a zombie (mother zombie or just being stabbed). You and all other fellas that do not want to be zombies in the next n rounds will rush into zombie spawn. And your game is broken. Besides, a player who needs to lead can lead from spec (so many examples of this).
  9. Translated, it is roughly the following: "You will rest in your grave"
  10. $100 Steam Card

    deep throat is the best <3 I enter as I really need to get No Man's Sky and a bunch of small games along with it. Good luck to erryone and 10x for the giveaway <3
  11. ^ This. Also, try Sword of the Stars: The Pit: http://store.steampowered.com/app/233700/ This game can keep you playing and playing... Enter the Gungeon is another nice newly spawned game (well, couple of months ago). There are tons of games, give us a genre and we can be more specific
  12. Perks are up. I just noticed that sometimes I cannot connect and the following message is displayed in console: "Disconnect: Dropped to due to slot reservation." Usually, on a 2nd reconnect, I manage to get in, however this is kind of annoying. Will it be fixed?
  13. Props to all who worked on the new website, it does look very modern and feels really nice! Thanks and keep up the good work <3
  14. Black Mesa (the remake of Half Life). Lovely atmosphere, I love the white boards filled with random physics equations, the experimental rooms (have some very nice details), the vastness of the research complex, the music, errything basically. Grew up with this game, damn face huggers
  15. Perma VIP as well STEAM_0:1:54236185 I've created a STEAM-linekd forum account so I cannot "Disassociate Steam" Thanks <3
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