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  1. I Also think i suggested this one before too, but your idea is more detailed and better so +1
  2. I Think i might of suggested this before. anyways +1
  3. Haha, no walking through doors, and 106 is currently pretty balanced in my opinion, Most players die to his Pocket but some smarties escape, sure waypoints would be nice but how useful are those in reality? i can see people complaining about how they were about to escape but 106 pulled the "I GOT A HOLE AT THE EXIT" and teleport's to it instead of chasing to catch the person, and 106 does not need a escape route, hes already tanky. -1
  4. Uhhhh I've never had problems with him. so i can't really say that hes bugged, laggy, or just broken. also hes the first ever scp to ever be posted so even if he was broken to hell, i don't think he should be removed.
  5. i got no excuse for maynard, i did +1 it, and lets just put this here... Theres the reason i hate Site-19 apart from being played alot.
  6. Hahahahahahahahahaha -1 Lets not drag characters from the SCP games into the server, let's stick to the WIki, not the other Games.
  7. Yes, i hate 05 3 times in a row... +1
  8. Hey there! Do you like anime? But none of that Cutesy Weabooish Anime Girl Shit? You don't like Hatsune Miku playermodel because you're a guy and wanna have a male playermodel? Well don't i got the Models for you! This is a suggestion to add these to the pointshop, these are from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Because we got Girl Anime Characters how about some Male ones? Jotaro You fool! you though this was a Jotaro Suggestion BUT! Sorry i couldn't Resist DIO Dio, The King of "You thought i was dead" and "Being an Asshole" Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=453235434&searchtext=jojo For Class D And onto the one for Researchers Jotaro No Dio's here. Jotaro, The Silent One, He has the Stand "Star i always win except once i'm no longer the main character Platinum" Like seriously Jesus Christ what happened Part 4? Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452578740&searchtext=jojo For Researchers
  9. what ethics committee Were you talking to bright again?
  10. So some of us started suggestion Items so i'll suggest Weapons [again] SCP-127 "The Living Gun" Damage: Same as Commanders MP5K Ammo: 60 This is Exactly like the Commanders MP5K but regenerates ammo Spawn: Site Directors Office or a Chance to spawn with Commander Model: Same as Commanders MP5K SCP-4514 "The Thing That Kills You" Damage: 45 A Simple Knife that kills a person Quickly Spawn: Probably somewhere hard to reach and hidden. Model: Any Knife Weapon [I Swear these 2 are related] SCP-2818-1 "A Gun That Shoots People" Damage: 99999 Instantly Kills whatever it hits, but also Instantly kills the user. Ammo: 3 Spawn: Rare Chance to spawn Deep in 106's dimension, or just somewhere really hard to get to. Model: Any Barret Model would work but this one is just Filler SCP-2818-2 "A Gun That Shoots People" Damage: 99999 Instantly Kills whatever it hits, but deals 99 damage to user Place that is shot starts on fire similarly to the Molotov, but anything that enters the fire instantly dies Ammo: 1 Spawn: SCP 2818-1 Put into 914 on Very Fine, this means it requires more work to get this and you gotta rush Model: Any Barret Model would work but this one is just Filler Some of these seem overpowered but they're SCPs that are weapons. Most weapon SCPs seem ridiculously Overpowered
  11. God yes, love these guys, tho they should only be on SCP-1730 map [More incentive to get people to play the map and L O R E] +1 And do i see Zhange's art? They're amazing and my favorite work is the Massive SCP Universe one but if we're going with Smaller Works it'd have to be their SCP-166
  12. 2521 Has been dumped into the Red Pond of Nerf, and has came back from the otherside torn apart and weak. if anyone gets the reference congrats to you for not just looking at the basics of a certain SCP and moving on. still 2521 needs a buff. so +1
  13. Down with the Church of the Broken God, Hail Yaldabaoth! Just kidding. Shivers from thinking about Yaldabaoth