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  1. map problems

    Would you rather it force us to different maps instead of us picking?
  3. Oh god. I Mean, welcome back!
  4. Demolisher NTF

    Already got that.
  5. ... Sorry what? SIR, WHAT DO YOU MEAN [Redacted] [Redacted], THIS IS BREACH. Now i'll direct myself to the post, Commanders are useless, this makes them useful. +1
  6. SCP Voicelines

    I've been pushing for the 049 voice lines, i remember back on LB when they had it, twas fun to spam 049 voicelines outside of 914. anyways. not needed but fun to have +1 also Maximino, hes probably suggesting for Menu Voice Lines.
  7. HA HA HA HA HA That's the best joke I've heard all day. Yes, but no. The Insurgency was made from members of the Red Right Hand but not the whole force, and the reason they betrayed is still unknown, at least that i know of. 1. They could've just betrayed but that's hard to believe. 2. A SCP Could've corrupted them. 3. They seem to be able to get literally anyone to their side so they could be possessed or helped by something. 4. They could've been wiped out and people or things could be pretending to be The Insurgency, because all missions to Assassinate, Find, or Apprehend, the original members have failed. But its just all theory. oh and i give this a +1
  8. SCP-217, i have all the parts of Mekhane in a file on my computer.
  9. Jesus yes, i tried using it to get out of a pickle, i coulda hit 4 people but it just bounced down the hall, and they mowed me down before it even went off.
  10. The only way i see Church of the Broken God being added, is if we have Mechanical SCPs, plus which branch of the church? who from the church? we can't just put the church in as a throw away like Serps which have very little lore except "We like SCPs out of Foundation Hands hurr durr" the church is more complicated...
  11. 2 People could indefinitely freeze 173 so yea, that's a -1 from me.
  12. Garry's Mod probably can't support the amount of dead bodies, it can barely support the items everywhere, let alone corpses. The Corpses causing crashing doesn't surprise me, from their addition again i knew they'd get removed soon, so i was waiting for them to get removed so i can come back on because i know my computer would brick if i tried.
  13. SCP-457 Buff

    SCP-1162 The Hole Oven intensifies...
  14. Contracts

    NTF, O5 here, got some contracts for you. - Kill Absolutely EVERYTHING, EXTERMINATUS! - Eat some Pizza...
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