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  1. Spinach, so people hate me less...
  2. Best. Server.

    Imagine trying to balance anything at all, nothing is balanced. Something being balanced is basically Heaven, Everyone believes it exists, or you can reach it, but most usually don't. Take this as an example, SCP-B is Perfectly balanced Group A can beat it fine because they're at least decent but Group B sucks at the game and argues this SCP is overpowered and sucks or a real example imo i'm in Group B SCP-066 is Questionably balanced Group A can't play as it and says its the worst SCP and cant do shit. but Group B Utilizes 066 to his ability and how he should be played and argues use him correctly Group A Strikes back with "Use him correctly? Every SCP should be simple enough for anyone to play" Group B Defends with "Hes a Stealth SCP not a Charge in and expect to win like 682 and literally every other SCP" Group A Stri- wait i'm getting on a rant, you get my point. Also i am pissed at people who say 066 is shit, because he is clearly not, he rips people apart, ITS CALLED ELEMENT OF SURPRISE YOU LIT- wait what was i talking about again? balancing? yea you get my point. Tldr, Nothing can be balanced.
  3. We need a spear made of SCP-148 to go with her if you know what i mean. +1 Oh and SCP-239-S4N74
  4. Ravelord just smited Maximino another thing i want to add is, Make your suggestions easier to read, i make my letters small so more fit on a screen, and the interchanging colors are annoying imo. aside from that and onto the SCP itself, its annoying -1
  5. Much better +1 It's nerf them to nothing.
  6. Best. Server.

    >Proceeds to kill 066, 372, and Some random dude, all with one deagle and some ammo.
  7. SCP-3108

    +1 SCP 066 turns into 682 infront of you... l o v e l y .
  8. Asking for a cup of joe at 294 instantly kills Joe Schmo, the player that drinks the drink pukes tho. Jokes aside +1
  9. SCP 682 sounds

    Wait 457 is still a thing? but no -1 Sorry bud, we've already had this conversation, the answer is no. Already been suggested and i believe people wanted this, so yea +1
  10. This is my favorite creature from SCP-1730 its unique in a gameplay sense and can be fun to play. plus its not a "I LEFT CLICK TO KILL AND HAVE HIGH HP HURR DURR DURR" +1
  11. This is hard to read. Different Sizes Different Colors Unorganized But I think I got it, +1 I guess.
  12. Cat Paradise

    Seems rather, boring? doesn't it? The 173 round was fun because 1. they're fast so you ran into them often 2. The scare factor These are not really fast SCPs. Neither are they scary. and i personally haven't had to deal with a 795 yet, so correct me if they're fast or not, but from what i've heard is that its attack transforms people into mice, and that seems boring to deal with, note that i'm going online tonight to try and play. -1 btw has the lag cleared up? last time i was on, everyone was complaining about serious lag.
  13. no, you'll have alot of angry people if a dclass with a crowbar gets mad at the 7 other dclass in the room, changes teams, and if they have the only keycard, slaughter everyone. This also would make 049-2 useless and weaken 049, and with 610-B making 610 useless And about super night vision goggles, i've suggested that before and if my memory is correct, it was shot down.
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