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  1. I Remember sometimes 008 would carry over into normal rounds accidentally.
  2. *Insert generic "This is not SL" comment here*
  3. What happened now? or are you referring to the RAINBOW/SJW massive freak out?
  4. Lemme just give my reason on not adding 420-J http://www.scp-wiki.net/gamers-against-weed-hub GaW > Every other GoI
  5. I Agree 420-J is stupid but adding it would give me Nostalgia for the old breach servers.
  6. Wait, boosters are coming back? I'm no longer special?
  7. new special round

    Why? This isn't really special. Whats the point? Just darkness? What? Why? -1
  8. SCP-2427-3

    Missing -Stats -Model -Something original and not cookie cutter filler, Hey i can move fast and do damage. and if it isn't cookie cutter, you didn't explain it well and it seems cookie cutter. -1
  9. Do you know how laggy that shit can be? also i have some suggestions to make about them Knight is good the way he is Berserker should have a sprint like 682, this lasts for a very short amount of time but recharges quickly, it is stated that Berserker is Very strong, and fast, His strength and speed were much higher than anticipated. Cleric is complicated, it is stated that Cleric may have started the breach Cleric has escaped containment, and his whereabouts are unknown at this time. Cleric is most likely responsible for the breach He was the only one of the 6 to be able to actually escape. Warlock was physically removed from existence for hacking the game IN 7 MINUTES! THIS IS A REALITY ALTERING GAME THAT HE HACKED AND UNDERSTOOD IN 7 MINUTES!, so his hacking ability is perfect. Bards also hard, he had the ability to make people do what ever he wanted, the disguise is not lore friendly but is the closest we can get without him being broken as hell. but that was my 2 Cent, so here's your +1
  10. WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY, YOU WILL NOT USE THE SCP-178-1 MODEL! Find some monster except 178-1, i want my boy back... anyways +1
  11. Fun fact: we had this for a short time, lets just say the "Upgrades" attachments *cough cough* were, broken to say the least. [I Turned single fires into sniper rifles and sat looking down the corridor to electric gates by 079's cell]
  12. Good Ol' Days

    oh jesus, help... the nostalgia bone is acting funny again!
  13. I've Suggested this before, i remember 049 having this on a now dead server, i still feel weird about saying other server names and I've seen other people say its name, the reason i feel weird is because 99.99% of all servers i've been on basically ban you from mentioning other servers. but yea +1
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