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  1. @Spicy Girl love Joji, "Will He" is pry my favorite tho
  2. ezclap @Dano @Shuruia @Crusty @Deltacommander @Chanklas @RickGrimesTM until the sixth reich..
  3. I don't think you get how Overwatch works lmao. @Aireesan; The current team is not looking for a Symmetra OTP. We're looking for teammates who can FLEX. SR Doesn't matter when you are strictly only capable of playing 1 hero at a higher level. Even then, the hero you play is utter shit not the best and would be really hard to compete with against a coordinated team. There's a reason why Symmetra is the only hero that hasn't been played in the Overwatch League
  4. Keep in mind that the roster is not complete and can still change, applications are still open.
  5. Battletag: Syrus#11410 Current SR: 4202 Highest SR achieved: 4202 Total playtime: 642 Main(s): Hitscan; DPS/Off-tank FLEX Any other relevant information: Symmetra 1 tricks should be banned
  6. Roy

    haha, this brings back memories
  7. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/syrustg Why do I think I will win? Because i'm the best at everything. What game would I want when I win? Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator ( @Darkling ); NEKOPARA Vol. 1 Car I will use: kawaii on the streets senpai in the sheets~
  8. Some Core Changes

    @Shuruia Yea, go play Overwatch. You did nothing you self centered British coon. hehehxxdxd rawr