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  1. I was wondering why someone would post something like this... then I looked at your name, makes sense.
  2. Visiting @Dano in Germany this summer.
  3. virusking for Director.
  4. I don't have autism.
  5. tournament

    I hate Widowmaker.
  6. My boi @CrusTi beat you in over overwatch 


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    2. Syrus


      lol, I forgot that I made that video.

    3. rapperdan


      @Syrus Ya same then I opened the discord thinking it was ZE I replied like a dumb ass lmao

    4. HELIXj


      I forgot you took a L, Oh wait no i didn't. @Syrus

  7. I like all the dc comics like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. I would highly suggest to watch those. Also, "13 reasons why" wasn't a bad show that @Dano and I both just got done finish watching. Other shows I would suggest to watch would be "Person of Interest" and my personal favorite, "Dexter". (If you're into crime shows) Along with "How to get away with murder".
  8. I'm currently chewing on a bottle cap.
  9. may aotm

    @Shuruia Can you make it into an audio book and American it up a bit so I can understand.
  10. It's starting to get very hot where I live. Or if you're a Celsius nerd
  11. event!

    I would love to participate, but maybe you should choose another date.
  12. I don't necessarily have a favorite song, but I really enjoy a lot of songs from J Cole, Post Malone, Logic, Imagine Dragons. Lately, I've been listening to The Neighbourhood and BMTH (Bring me the Horizon) because I feel like I can relate to some of their songs.
  13. Have fun nerd. Guess I will wait for you to come back so I can beat you in r, p, s again.