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  1. tournament

    @Snoopy I hope you destroy this kid.
  2. tournament

    What's an aimbot?
  3. Give some credit to @Ariistuujj who originally gave it to me and then it eventually lead on to Dan.
  4. Don't worry, I feel lonely all the time, welcome aboard.
  5. But he doesn't play Overwatch... Congrats @RickGrimesTM
  6. ill do a little sucky sucky for reference Edit: Big, HUGE, Ferocious @Leks daddy please put "Syrus x Dano = Love"
  7. very important

    hahaha 10/10
  8. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  9. If you ever need fashion advice, just call @Cypher
  10. Have my babies.

    Edited by Kubnair
  11. Just bringing you some H1Z1 Clips over the past month or so, hope you enjoy! Also, a big thanks to everyone that a I play with, you guys are the reason I can stand this shitty as game. Players in video: @Dano @GLiTCh @kenny @iPro @Cypher @Crusty @Banana_King @BulldoG @Korowa; Also a thanks to @Wilford_brimleyy for letting me steal his songs again If you want to see the first video I posted click below.
  12. I put a lot of effort into this... this took days and days... Can I please please please enter duuuudeeeee, please. This is pure art. @Azura I love you.