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  1. Roy

    haha, this brings back memories
  2. Steam: Why do I think I will win? Because i'm the best at everything. What game would I want when I win? Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator ( @Darkling ); NEKOPARA Vol. 1 Car I will use: kawaii on the streets senpai in the sheets~
  3. I trickshotted on CoD..
  4. @Shuruia Yea, go play Overwatch. You did nothing you self centered British coon. hehehxxdxd rawr
  5. pubg

    I honestly believe this was a fat stream snipe right here @Dano
  6. pubg

    I look forward to this with my teammates @Crusty, @Dano, @Darkling.
  7. joined in may of 2015 from original csgo deathrun
  8. A gallery of pictures members like to post of themselves.
  9. your life
  10. For y'all to not actually give up on it this time.
  11. 1v1

    Syrus#11410 Ecopoint: Antarctica loot boxes
  12. best wishes homie
  13. Resigned to become full time Overwatch Bastion main.
  14. have fun mate
  15. pogchamp


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    1. Gandalf


      Well done, my good sir.

  16. Must've been a crazy experience, glad y'all are good.
  17. sad to see things like this happen
  18. If you only played the server under the name "Shon_Coolin" here's how many hours you have.