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  1. Hello, just wondering what some of the peoples personality types are. I'm an entrepreneur ESTP (-A/-T). If you want to know your personality type, you can take a short test here https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test.
  2. @Spicy Girl love Joji, "Will He" is pry my favorite tho
  3. ezclap @Dano @Shuruia @Crusty @Deltacommander @Chanklas @RickGrimesTM until the sixth reich..
  4. Roy

    haha, this brings back memories
  5. Some Core Changes

    @Shuruia Yea, go play Overwatch. You did nothing you self centered British coon. hehehxxdxd rawr
  6. joined in may of 2015 from original csgo deathrun
  7. A gallery of pictures members like to post of themselves.
  8. For y'all to not actually give up on it this time.
  9. Resigned to become full time Overwatch Bastion main.
  10. pogchamp


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    1. Gandalf


      Well done, my good sir.

  11. Must've been a crazy experience, glad y'all are good.
  12. sad to see things like this happen
  13. If you only played the server under the name "Shon_Coolin" here's how many hours you have. https://www.gametracker.com/player/Shon_Coolin/
  14. My friend accidentally invited me to GFL's CS:GO Deathrun back in the day, it's his fault i'm here.