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  1. Ooof this guy malding XD So from now on calling some1 a mexican for being hispanic and having an accent should also be consider a "slur" , because if u think that is racist to call some1 a ching chong because he is asian its alsor acist to call me a mexican just because of my hispanic accent 😄
  2. I just got muted by the magnificent admin @rod for saying the world ching chong , witch is crazy and funny since not only i being saying it since ever, but never actually got muted before, with this say i ask u. Is that a "slur" cause if it is i will like to start muting every1 who calls me a mexican , cause with this logic that will also be a slur towards hispanic people. Fun fact aswell im not even saying it to disrespect some asian guy, i literally just sayed: hey its neko my favorite ching hcong how is it going. NOW THE ADMIN ABUSE 😄 This abuse from @rod its starting to be annoying as i just got muted twice today by this guy for no fucking reason, he is literally just muting me at this point just to make me look bad. Its truly getting on my nerve as i have not being playing lately because of all this abusive admins towards me and the hate i receive , literally the same 3 idiots complaining and bitching that i should get perma muted, even tho im reformed and not even playing regularly. Ty for ur time and i will be seeing u on the next post (prob reporting admin abuse again KEKW)
  3. Why the server down? and when its goin back live? i cant stand playing on SG
  4. Great so instead of actually doing something on the site u decide to wait till im actually doing something good to silence me? like ???? 1 vid: same as the first clip 2 vid: shit mb i got mad there lol, i dont remember what happen but for me to get actually that mad people where probably trolling or something sorry for that 1 3 vid: i didnt quite say it. also just close it at this point, mute is over , but im gonna have to turn the obs now everytime i get to play because i may get admin abuse by this guy smh. Quick question, are admins allowed to change their name? As i will also have to see if he is properly doing his job or just targeting me.
  5. Yes the thing here is, im getting admin abused/ target SILENCE im not even getting muted or gag im just straigh up getting abuse by the same admin, as he just showed on that clip (which btw is like 3 days old) i was allowed by an admin to play that. The point here is, he is showing a clip thats like 3 days old as a prove to the this particular KICK and SILENCE???? Why no kick and or silence me and the rest of the people spaming? OH RIGHT, there was another admin who allowed it, otherwise he woulda muted me whit no warning nor even saying absolute nothing. If i need to go to admin complain let me know cause i will, this guy needs to stop
  6. yes, now that im calm i will apologize for the insults as u are right and will take this to the admin complain aswell
  7. Thing is elemental i cant respect this guy, who should not even be an admin, i will respect a cop, but not a cop that goes and kill an innocent person, i will respect him if he was an actual admin who doesnt do this kind of dumb things. Also u tell me how respectful will u be when some1 is abusing his authority and u getting affected by it.
  8. true i never lead cause I DONT NEED TO there are multiple good leader out there that are way better than me (mostly cause i dont speak the language) but here, there was the maxdevill hate club, fen,sky,this trashmin and more, IN THE CLIP HE SHOWED every single friend of mine and an actual good admin was there, SO thats why he couldn't do anything about it, and for some reason he brings that, which btw was like a couple of days.
  9. and btw why THEN did u not do anything? and proceed to ban/silence/gag/mute everyone? Il tell u why, cause we where allowed to have a little bit of fun by some1 superior to you, honestly im fuming on how much of a pathetic human being u are.
  10. see how this kid has no fucking idea on how to get me banned, yes i did have permission as i play it for a couple of seconds, and btw what in the fuck does that even have to do whit u muting me ON DIDDLE WHILE LEADING, why is this kid still allowed to have admin, he fucking abuse me when theres none regulars nor admins, in that clip right there theres was my peps, people who dont hate me just like this guy does. Still waiting for the answer on WHY DID U KICK ME WHILE LEADING AND WHY DID U FUCKIGN REFUSE TO GIVE ME AN ANSWER ON THE KICK AND THEN PROCEED TO SILENCE ME I REPEAT S I L E N C E not a mute, not a gag A FULL SILENCE this is the second time this kid silence me for no fucking reason, I NEVER and probably will never get mad at a mute/gag as i do get out of hands sometimes and i absolute respect every admins authority , but this fucking kid needs to get stoped. Not only he is not giving an answer on his actions BUT he pulls a clip OUT OF CONTEXT. Im starting to think this guy is a journalist cause he is so full of shit its amazes me.
  11. btw @floaties lets see what dumb ass lie u pull now
  12. Your In-Game Name: MaxDevill666 Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:92076890 Mute Reason and Length: toxic lmao Admin That Muted You: floaties Appeal Reason: Im here leading on diddle and i get kicked FOR NO FUCKING REASON, then i preside to join back really fucking mad as IM FUCKING LEADING, asking who was the trashmin who kicked me WHILE LEADING, i get no answer and proceed to get muted, this is not the first time this fucking autistic admin does this, getting KICKED AND MUTED for no fucking reason WHILE LEADING makes me think that this kid has a personal problem whit me, is this the kind of admins allowed? Having personal problems whit some1 and if he doesnt like him u just get KICK AND MUTED even tho u are LITERALLY LEADING THE FUCKING TEAM. I can not explain how fucking mad i am at this garbage ass admin
  13. Literally what i just write on the title, just like !votemm , why not add !votevip i really enjoy that trollmode cause its so troll and funny how if 1 guy fucks up its over, idk it will be cool if we could make that a thing lol. Much love from ur boy eat that pussy 22. add it or il say it 😡
  14. i mean half of those are from the same boring depressing admin, then theres block whit those 1min mutes where just a meme lol and then vauff whit deserved mutes (as ik im not perfect and i do time to time get out of the line) Also i do use my mic a lot, almost never type on chat, but calling it mic spam makes it look bad lol Yes true, im loud in the mic, cause of my great mic quality and the + of actually having fun and an actual personality not like half of the players/admins who are just depressive,try hards and boring fucks xd , so i dont blame u for saying that. And for the racism its just that u are fucked up in the head xd, cause im gonna tell u again if u think just cause i say "n word" a lot makes me racist , fun thing is YOU ARE THE RACIST ONE IN HERE, what i say (not so often tbh) is nyngen lol, which it means human on japenese ( u prob know this as 90% of the player base is a weeb lol) So yes, i am most diffidently sure i did nothing wrong (this time lol) and i will call it not only admin abuse, but kinda of a hate toward me,cause we all know admin and some players hate me and they dont even try to hide it lul
  15. lol 24 hours and no response hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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