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  1. anyways im leaving gfl im studying too much and dont have time no more i wont forget the people i met @mbs - dad @littleshake cool person @Diablodoggy28 pretty great @gary - you little cunt @Zexired favorite person tbh @PsquawOsaurus my mate @Nix Pardus had a good time never got to talk to you that much tho @Harakoni nice person @nelso531 cpr @Jat had a good time doing memes @Fafy thanks for teaching me osu anyways ill see you on the flip side i may come back in late 2019 YEET btw the picture is Heyimbee
  2. cunt did but cunt got demoted so...
  3. have fun on your new adventures rip to one of the greatest and funniest admins I've seen
  4. first one yes second one no
  5. even though i only played insurgency once id participate
  6. Diablo did verbal warn when i was on but we have to wait for a response from diablo
  7. we bringed eachother slayed and fucked your mum
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