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  1. Talking as an old fart I will say this: The Older you get the more you can catch yourself spinning in a social coma without even knowing it. You start getting bored because everything is the same. You get on a downward spiral that you didn't even know you were on. Nothing stands out as being fun, new, exciting, "loathing" for a lack of better words. I think that's when you have to take a step back and say to your self: Can I find something new? better? Can I find new friends that stir up fun or excitement? I think the answer for me is to take a "mini" break from the normal life and live it up a bit. Try a few new things / games / foods etc. etc. - May be try to start moderating your time to include a few small fun and exciting changes in your life but keep doing the same everyday things you still do like gaming with your current friends you enjoy... may be it's a lull or maybe it's time for a complete change. Baby step it if your unsure. Keep It Real! - As a Famous Guy once said: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around a while you could miss it."
  2. Newb GFL Member . 811 Hours on CSS I'm Old as Dirt but love the game. Glad to be part of the Clan. Thanks! Little Blast from the past with a picture of me as a kid.
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