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  1. @Th3F0X you have 10 hours in the server so every day seems a little over stated ! I am on the server from 8-9am till 6pm Belgian time so +1 hour on uk time every day not always playing but in and watching ! I will also be around from 6 onwards as the new pc is at home and in the process of setting it up , to be admin you need 40hrs a week in the server or that was the requirements when I applied and so far you have a total of 10 hrs but that's upto @Roy to decide
  2. I will keep an eye out and check if so I will ban
  3. i will see when he is in game and check
  4. @Omarock@Roy
  5. suspect

    @Omarock @Roy
  6. and another


  8. wall hacker

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