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  1. Have you tried editing it in ACP and repasting the link. I think the website update broke them in the latest version. It’s same on all subforums regarding Game Trackers. They might not support the image anymore from the link.
  2. Good to see things moving in the right direction.
  3. Hey quick suggestions. On the purge server before. We was going to implement the mafia running the casino and how it would work. Can we bring that and make it so police can raid the casino and shut down the mafia running a criminal organisation in there. This means the mafia would play more of a role in the server. Bringing people together to run the city! This will create more role play situations, such as protecting their leader (Mafia Boss) and defending their entire operations within the server as one “Faction” Also, the strip club maybe get that run by another gang and managed and police can raid that for drugs/getting drug dealers working for them brining more RP and getting black market dealers working for the Gangs and mafia. To add onto this. This could bring in another well known “gang” to rival the Mafia already implemented in the server. I have noticed the significant drop in population. I was on for a while with some people playing joking around trying to bring no one onto the server. This could be for many reasons. Reasons: 1. Not enough advertisement of the server. PR could really help by getting together with them and formulating a plan on Advertising the server. 2. Constant change in rules. As some people don’t look at the forums nor have any interest in it. This becomes and issue where there is no way to define what is new on the server it’s self. Also to add, before the server got shutdown last time the whole server was just rules oriented and it was no fun to play on? My suggestion and what was said to me that the server was going to be way more laid back making it fun and more RP oriented. This is not the case and we have gone back to the old way which killed the server. 3. Admins.. right this might be something which might be like “wow” what do you mean? Currently there is way too many admins for the server population. Back when @Cypher was the server manager. The server had about 6 admins. Not every admin was from one time zone like it is now “basically” we used to manage 70 people with no extra addons such as claiming admin sits. It all went through admin chat and the server was constantly busy day and night? What was so different then? Well the server had it issue but it was basic and run and not rule oriented. There was people filming having jokes. When the “council” back then used to come on the server they used to make awesome things and bring soo much joy to the players in the server. Why have we gone back to just defeining gameplay on administrating it. Where has the fun gone? 4. Server has some unbalancing issues which makes it no fun to players. With all the excessive ways to make money quick it’s hard for people to catch-up when people already have millions. Didn’t help when people in the beta kept the money. 5. Lack of communication and votes on what people actually want to see in the server. We need to remember, the people that play on the server are more important then anything. The players experience is everything. There is no events nothing to entice anyone to join? Maybe we could change that with the PR team helping with events and promotion that comes back to the advertisement. 6. Lack of role playing jobs. The current jobs have no background and are shit. There needs to be more thought about a job then just sticking it in the server. Why not actually show players what a job does and what they are meant for instead of just adding something. I do have some more suggestions I just think this is too long so. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts thanks - Joel
  4. Might as well bring Council back at this point. Just removing ranks to bring them back is pointless.
  5. It’s my birthday 😉

    1. Blah


      Happy Glo Day!



  6. Old Times

    @Skittlez love it how you find one of me permabanning someone, love the good old times. Got so many pictures on my steam profile saved from that server.
  7. Hello my fellow gay lover, @DaLaw ❤️ Just wait until purge is back McDonalds and KFC buildings happening again ?
  8. It’s been an honour to help GFL as a council member, I know my time was short as a council member. This has brought me some insite to the community and taught me a lot about myself and GFL and I am very thankful for the opportunity to have become a council member. So thank you.
  9. Oh great, best CS:GO DL we have ever had. Im so sorry you feel this way. I really believed in your visisions for the community and your division! You did amazing work and I was so happy when you got promoted. So sad to see you go. thanks for the help on rust and really nice talking to you, hope we can keep in touch ❤️
  10. @Decoy Made these suggestions regarding the forums, we will be looking at them and seeing if we can implement them, feel free to check them out and see what you guys think, also thanks for the suggestions @Decoy
  11. Hello, everyone. We are wanting everyone's opinion on changes they would like to see implemented on the forums. Suggestions can emotes, moving subforums around, reworking subforums/divisions, cleaning up old posts, anything you guys can think of. We will take on board and try to implement your suggestions. Any suggestions in regards to changing the forums for the better is highly welcomed. Thanks.
  12. Sad to see you leave so soon! You had so much potential to lead the media team is the right direction, sad to hear you felt that way. I hope once you’re ready you join the media team back and bring back them amazing GFX skills. ❤️❤️
  13. Merge of the teams.

    Hello, Sadbandit in regard to your question, What changes have you/will you do to the team? Because ever since I asked that question the answer has always been a “you will see” or “changes are coming”, and I’ve given you in detail what I’ve done, so I’d like for you to do the same. So, to start off my list of what I have done within GFL so far in regards to change, I’m going to be listing how I became the role I am now, it all started off with me contact Christian/Roy, I was generally talking to him and he told about the current issues within GFL I then offered some advice and ideas that might help the community, this lead to myself and qDogg making a document, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1du0JE0PURD6BYqjb5-wXWdOOsRqq3U-EYgtjcc1cS9A/edit?usp=sharing Then myself and qDogg got added into the “Internal” discord and a channel was created called Feedback, for nearly over a month we were getting feedback from the internal members and the Team Leaders at the time, most was positive about the changes and some weren’t regarding some suggestions we had put forward, the main one we suggested was the Merge of the teams, which everyone was concerned about this is something we knew needed to happen as most of the teams didn’t have enough power nor activity within the teams. After looking over them for a while and seeing what could be changed and the ideas we both had. Then I and qDogg got promoted to Team Leaders, this was something which caused drama and upset for how the promotions were handled and how we were just placed in the team not knowing that the other Team Leader wasn’t aware of the upcoming changes we have planned. How our promotion was executed was terrible, which this is something that couldn’t be helped as Rick had limited time to act on how this was going to happen. The tension within the team was appalling and not much time was given to the Directors or our selves to explain why we were in the roles. I started making changes within the Media team discord because I believed me joining the discord was resulting in Sadbandit and Flyingjoe being demoted. This was not the case until later on, without my knowledge as I thought it was happening I started doing changes and posting and asking the media team what changes they would like to see and I was speaking to the Second in command role within Media team which was Rose/Aura. I proceeded to do changes, thinking the demotions of the two current leaders was going to happen shortly, this was not the case, furthermore, this caused upset and disruption without the media team knowing what I was doing there and the current leaders themselves, which I have apologised for countless times! I didn’t know I was allowed to share my ideas with the Media team nor was approved by Rick to say go ahead and suggest them until a later date, this is why my comment about changes was blunt nor had any real information which I apologise for again, as I am aware this caused upset in regard to this. Due to me causing issues, I wasn’t aware at the time the current leaders of the media team created a discord chat bashing me to other members within the team and trying to convince current members to deny any changes. Plus with the merge happening, in regards to this trying to convince second in command Rose/Aura to try and get me to lose my role within the media team discord. I wasn’t aware until afterwards everyone was “plotting” against me, which is something which shocked me and it upset me when people could just come and speak to me if they had an issue or question. I don’t believe I am an unapproachable person. I encourage people to talk about concerns they have and any suggestions I propose or anything people don’t like, I do listen. With this happening and no one wanting me within the media team or nothing to do with the changes and plans and goals I had, I decided it would be the best for me to leave the media team as I felt I wasn’t wanted. After that, I decided to still be in the discord, I did eventually share my ideas with the current leader, and they seemed to really like my ideas, which I was pleased with. I don’t hold any grudges against people as we have to work together if we want things to work. I was willing to help them achieve my ideas as I wanted to see them work and implemented. I refused to have any rank within the media team discord as I didn’t want to cause any more upset. So this brings me to the question what have I done so far in regards to the teams and what are the plans. We posted the Merge for transparency as everyone wanted transparency of changes, the final plan and how everything was going to work is still in the works, which is concerning me, since no one is willing to give us time to put a document together explaining the changes and how we want things to run with the merge and the new sub-leader rank. Sadly, the topic has become toxic and not supporting changes or having actual opinions or advice, it’s just constantly bashing on something which we’re trying to implement Currently what I have done: Somewhat cleaning up the forums, this is a work in progress, check here for updates: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/10908-website-updates/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-181211 Currently, in the progress of setting up the merge and making sure sub-forums are in the correct place of the merge, E.G: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/769-public-relations/ All the subforums before are merged within the public relations main sub-forum, Got Rick to set up the Sub-Leader rank as this is something council can’t do, we had him give them permissions to just edit their subforum so they have no other permissions, also giving them access to accept members in their applications area. I merged all the teams within the public relations rank, adding everyone under one rank, getting Roy to remove Media and Events Management, as it’s no longer a needed rank. -Thanks. This is something which was planned months ago, as the internal discord was aware that these changes were going to be implemented and mostly agreed with. (Most of the changes, was implemented by Worgee and I) Worgee and I decided to tackle the Member acceptor team as that was abandoned and forgot about, we removed all the inactive members, since we went back and checked to see if any of the current member acceptors were accepting applications, this leads to the majority of the member acceptor team getting removed from the role, as they weren’t active nor accepted a member applications for weeks, and even months, so surprising when we check and do changes and remove people from the role they weren’t active in they come out of the shadows and complain when they weren’t active in the first place. This is sad as we make changes people come back and complain and ask why their role was removed? You shouldn’t need to ask when you know why. Then Xy, added a bot to accept member applications. The only apps it doesn’t accept is those with a ban on record and/or with a VAC (Xy can correct if wrong). this makes the role of accepting members easier and quicker so people aren’t waiting around, but if they have a ban or vac ban a member acceptor deals with their application. This is something which is a very good idea to have and helps bring members into the community quicker, so thank you, Xy, for that. In regard to what the Sub Leader role is and what the Merge means and what’s going to be happening will be posted soon in another post. So, for now, all we ask is for your patience. ALSO THE VOTE ON THE MERGE: https://gyazo.com/da9bfaebef11722cbaa5064db5212d45 ENJOY (all team members and manager+ were able to vote) Thanks - Joel The topic will now be locked.
  14. Merge of the teams.

    Hi, @TheSadBandit I’m currently busy with Work, after I’ve finished work and got home I’ll write a response to your question. Apologise for the delay as I’ve only had access to my phone and the response would be inadequate. Also I hid mine and yourself post as I believed it wasn’t needed nor necessary to the topic, put it seems the topic can’t be dropped so I will be writing a response later today. Thanks.
  15. Merge of the teams.

    I’m going to lock this to stop anymore unnecessary drama.
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