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  1. I said 4. You are a very nice and chill admin as paper said. I like how you handle players in the RP world but i've personally never been in a sit with you, therefore, I don't know how good you are while dealing with players so I can't give that solid 5 stars homie, not yet.
  2. YUUH! Wheres my real ones at? #CamGang
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662147646 You mean this??
  4. Also found out that your profile picture is a chicken... wild night.
  5. Old Times

    I was always there, in your heart ❤️ #fullhomo?
  6. Old Times

    Ouch, not even mentioned
  7. Whats This?

    What's this cool new purge server idea?
  8. happy birthday lel

  9. So...


    I heard you like turtles.





    (Happy birthday! Don't drink anything Leks gives you.)

  10. Guys, all he wants for his birthday is likes :lenny:

  11. Hey now you can come over. Wanna celebrate your birthday in style Daddy?

  12. Happy happy birthday, from Red Robin to you! We know it's not our birthday, but we can party too! Woo!



    happy birthday!

  13. Happy birthday! ::D:

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