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  1. happy birthday lel

  2. So...


    I heard you like turtles.





    (Happy birthday! Don't drink anything Leks gives you.)

  3. Guys, all he wants for his birthday is likes :lenny:

  4. Hey now you can come over. Wanna celebrate your birthday in style Daddy?

  5. Happy happy birthday, from Red Robin to you! We know it's not our birthday, but we can party too! Woo!



    happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! ::D:

  7. So I was looking at my cringy videos and found this sick montage of my skillest shots ever made! I'd like to see @Syrus top this performance!
  8. GLiTCh's Stream

  9. @SkittlezExZ is right, the Logitech 930's are nice but they are wireless. If you don't want to charge them and have a wired headphone I recommend these https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-5
  10. How about we keep dat shit in 2016 ktxbye
  11. I shall be a twitch streamer with my entertainment!