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  1. Hi @Knives! If possible, could you @ the person you're trying to nominate? I think it's great you've got someone that you trust so much you'd like to get them involved with this. They'd need to put an application in for themselves, as well as get sponsors. Good luck to everyone who applies!
  2. Hello everyone! This is a small post just outlining where we are at in production. Right now we are struggling with an issue that causes the server to crash upon startup. Ideally I'd like to put ARK API onto the server. It is essentially an addon to the server that would allow us to use plugins. One of which is responsible for a ranking system (the plugin responsible for the admin, VIP, Supporter, member ranks). Without ARK API, I'd have to find an alternative method to implementing a ranking system. It seems the problem has to do with our NFO machine. We are going to try a little work around to get it working on one of our Linux machines (hopefully soon). During this time I'd like everyone to re-check what they answered on the polls. On the "Super Poll PT.2", one of the options was for the Mating Interval. I tried explaining it in the post, but I'm not sure everyone read it. Putting in a higher value on this would cause Dinos to actually mate less frequently. It could be that x1.5 is actually what everyone wants to play at, however I thought I should explain this again. A huge thanks to everyone for your patience during this time! ~ Stoodly
  3. Hello everyone! This is part 2 of the "Super Poll". Hatch Speed: The speed at which laid eggs will hatch. (Default is 1) Maturation Speed: The speed at which baby animals will mature. (Default is 1) Mating Interval: The interval at which dinos will attempt to mate with a partner. (Default 1 | 1 = ) Putting a lower value lets the dinos mate more frequently. (0.5 would make them mate %50 more)
  4. Edit: Changed the Day/Night cycle length to be a multiple choice question. Please make sure that you're only choosing 1 answer for day/night!
  5. Hello everyone! A few of the community members brought up some extremely important points from my last polls. Most of which being lack of clarity concerning those polls. So, I went ahead and edited those polls to clear some things up. In this post, I'll be making a few more polls that should help expedite production of the server. Also, I apologize for making so many polls. There is a limit of 3 questions per poll. So this will have to be split up into different posts. PvP vs PvE: Whether or not players will be able to deal damage to each other, and rival tribe's dinos/builds. Taming Speed: The rate at which dinos will be tamed (Pretty self-explanatory) Day and Night Cycle: How quickly either day or night will be. (Both are default at 1.0) Making this value for either day/night higher will make time progress faster. Please only choose 2 options for this question! (1 Day answer, and 1 Night answer) I can change the margin on any of these values. These are just what I think are going to be most desired. Feel free to let me know otherwise. This is part 1 of my "Super Poll". (Forums only let you do 3 questions at a time. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated!) Thanks you everyone for your support concerning this server. Really makes me enjoy doing this!
  6. Hello everyone! This poll is to determine whether you'd like modded or vanilla EXP and drop rates! If you think of another option that is missing within this poll, feel free to respond and let me know! Harvest Rates: The rate at which harvested items will be received. (Mining, chopping trees, murdering dinos, etc) Experience Rates: The rate at which the player/dinos will earn experience. (From all sources that earn XP: harvesting, killing, idle, etc)
  7. Hello everyone! This is a poll to determine which maps the community wants us to use. These are all free to play maps, and can be downloaded via the Steam Store, or Epic Games.
  8. Art Request from Stud

    No rush at all! I appreciate the work you’re doing.
  9. Request type: Avatar/Profile Picture Size: 512 x 512 Source image/render: (Doesn't have to be this one, I just think this is the easiest one to work with) Text *(optional): Color scheme *(optional): GFL Theme Examples: None Additional information: GFL Logo & ARK Logo
  10. And @Blah still lives. The way it was meant to be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Yes! Very happy, thanks for the submissions.
  12. Oh damn. And yeah that was the idea. Just to keep posts going.
  13. Oh dang, I like it a lot.
  14. Either or. Honestly just wanting something "fresh". It doesn't necessarily have to have my name in it, but if you can find some cool way to incorporate it, that'd be cool.
  15. So.. Been using this one for some time now, and I've come to realize how poor it is. I have no specific requirements, or desires. Just wanted to post this and see what comes of it. I'm into anime, but I'd like to stay away from anime-related profile pictures if we can. (Unless they are totally badass) Thank you guys for all you do for the community!
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