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  1. Art Request from Stud

    No rush at all! I appreciate the work you’re doing.
  2. Request type: Avatar/Profile Picture Size: 512 x 512 Source image/render: (Doesn't have to be this one, I just think this is the easiest one to work with) Text *(optional): Color scheme *(optional): GFL Theme Examples: None Additional information: GFL Logo & ARK Logo
  3. And @Blah still lives. The way it was meant to be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Yes! Very happy, thanks for the submissions.
  5. Oh damn. And yeah that was the idea. Just to keep posts going.
  6. Oh dang, I like it a lot.
  7. Either or. Honestly just wanting something "fresh". It doesn't necessarily have to have my name in it, but if you can find some cool way to incorporate it, that'd be cool.
  8. So.. Been using this one for some time now, and I've come to realize how poor it is. I have no specific requirements, or desires. Just wanted to post this and see what comes of it. I'm into anime, but I'd like to stay away from anime-related profile pictures if we can. (Unless they are totally badass) Thank you guys for all you do for the community!
  9. I'll be sure to burn the house down while you're gone.
  10. Never thought I'd get a compliment on my voice. Thank you. you beautiful bastard Edit: Hold up, tha fuck you mean 2nd?
  11. I find it very difficult to play The Forest anymore. After playing through it a number of times, I find it boring. I've never played Astroneer so I can't say too much about it. It looks like good fun though.
  12. So I'm not good enough for director huh?!
  13. @Teasa, absolute A+ for the profile picture. I'm running out of anime, please message me some good ones.
  14. Intro song

    The only thinga I can suggest to this, are simple font changes, as well as to change the background. It'd be nice if there were some color or an animation in the background. As for the text I would use dodger, or telegrafico. Here are the fonts:
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