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  1. G I V E A L L O S A U R U S N O W
  2. i like this idea also, maybe he should have his roar play everytime he goes into rage mode
  3. what

    oh look i shot myself in the head, im only bleeding. - breach guns rn
  4. i really like this, i feel like breach didn't need all of these ok/terrible addons. i feel like classic breach is what we need
  5. what

    why do the guns do 17 damage per shot now what is this
  6. its been almost 2 months and they haven't fixed this yet
  7. 2 Teams, Researchers And SCP's. The facility has experienced a power outage and specimens of SCP-280 have breached. The Researchers must power 6 generators in 12 minutes. Researchers can't escape the facility in the round, they will be provided with a O5 keycard. To power a generator a Researcher must click and hold on a generator for 1 minute. However the generator makes a cranking noise when getting powered. The entire facility will be dark and the only way to see in the dark is night vision as a SCP and flashlight for the Researchers. SCP-280 Stats Health: 175 Damage: 25 Speed: Faster than humans Ability: None Weakness: When a human points there flashlight at SCP-280, SCP-280's health will start to drain. Other: Intro Text For SCP-280: STOP SURVIVORS FROM POWERING GENERATORS Intro Text For Researchers: Power The Generators SCP-280 PM: SCP-017's PM
  8. SCP-106 ability

    As a right click ability, 106 will teleport to another player, 106 will be stunned for 1 second when teleported to someone. Cooldown: 1 min BUT INDO is it lore friendly? I do not know, I got the idea from SCP CB since he can pop out of the floor in that game. BUT INDO if he can teleport to players, he would get a easy escape with the ntf! *cough* *cough* MALO
  9. idc honestly if he comes back or not he has his will to come back he also has a will to not you can beg for him to come back but him coming back is his choice, not ours.
  10. one of the managers fucked up the code by adding op 914 items and breaking alot of the code. we started to riot for this. im guessing felix, the superior diamond, and max took the blame for this. we literally were doing mass rdm, and breaking the rules, since breach was so shitty when that happened. i think boomer/the superior diamond got unbannned now. im not sure if what im saying in this is true, but this is what i think it is
  11. Remove SCP-173.

    just use your laser eyes on him
  12. poopy

    my hand feels numb
  13. bored

    no, I'm not taking a break/quitting, im just saying im kinda bored
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