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  1. 1471 fix grabbag

    why not put this in suggestions?
  2. oh a 4 armed cyborg researcher
  3. Breach

    *D Class Cell Door Opens* Agent Supreme Leader 049: D Class Indo, Its Time For A SCP Test, Get Up. D Class Indo: Ah God, Not Again. Agent Supreme Leader 049 took D Class Indo To SCP-173's Containment Chamber. Intercom: ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL, SCP-079 HAS TOOK OVER THE FACILITIES SYSTEMS!! *SCP-173s Containment Chamber Opens* Agent Supreme Leader 049: *shoots 173 but gets blinded* SHIT SHIT SHIT FU- *neck snap* D Class Indo: uh... UH! I'll Give You Hersheys If You Let Me Live... SCP-173: *breaks hershey's bar* D Class Indo: oh you fucking monster. D Class Indo Later Wanders Around LCZ And Finds A Researcher Researcher Barney-Chan: who r u. D Class Indo: Can You Help Me Get Out Of Here, i got a knife so uh ye. Researcher Barney-Chan: oki. Researcher Barney-Chan: Aight, I Got A Lvl. 3 Keycard So, Wanna Get Stuff In 914? D Class Indo: Sure. D Class Indo And Researcher Barney-Chan Managed To Get A Lvl. 5 Keycard, And Got Guns In The Lcz Armories. D Class Indo: Hey Can I Use The Bathroom Here? Researcher Barney-Chan: sure. D Class Indo: WTF, THERES A BIG RED LIZARD IN THERE! Researcher Barney-Chan: (whispering) Keep Your Voice Down! Thats SCP-939. SCP-939: Is Someone There? Researcher Barney-Chan: How Did They All Get Out? D Class Indo: Probably 079 D Class Indo: *shoots SCP-939* Researcher Barney-Chan: you fucking mor- SCP-939 Starts Chasing D Class Indo And Researcher Barney-Chan Researcher Barney-Chan: YOUR AN IDIOT! D Class Indo: IM SORRY! Researcher Barney-Chan Manages To Close The Door On SCP-939. SCP-939: *goes the other way* D Class Indo And Researcher Barney-Chan Manage To Get To HCZ. D Class Indo: You Think We Lost Him? Researcher Barney-Chan: Yea, Oh Look Its Agent Chan Man. D Class Indo: *shoots up agent chan man* Researcher Barney-Chan: Did You Just Kill- D Class Indo: Yes I Did, You Have A Problem With It? Researcher Barney-Chan: N-No. D Class Indo: Good. D Class Indo And Researcher Barney-Chan Manage To Find SCP-049 Blocking The Path To EZ. Researcher Barney-Chan: SHIT! What Do We Do? D Class Indo: I Got A Plan. D Class Indo: HEY BIRD BRAINS SCP-049: Do Not Disrespect The Cure, Come Here. D Class Indo And Researcher Barney-Chan Juke SCP-049 And Get Into EZ. Intercom: Mobile Task Force Unit Nine Tailed Fox Has Entered The Facility. All Remaining Survivors Are Advised To Stay In A Evacuation Shelter, Or Any Other Safe Area Until The Unit Has Secured The Facility. We'll Start Escorting Personnel Out Once The Escaped SCP's Have Been Re-Contained. Researcher Barney-Chan: Yay! My Saviors! D Class Indo: FUCK My Executors! D Class Indo And Barney Chan Got To The RDC Room. Researcher Barney-Chan: Oh Look The NTF! D Class Indo Ran To The Other Hallway And Closed The Door. NTF Agent Chin Chin: Have You Seen A D Class Around? Researcher Barney-Chan: Yes, He Went Down That Hallway! Class D Indo: (whisper) Traitor! Class D Indo Manages To Hide From The NTF And Gets To Gate B With Researcher Barney-Chan. Researcher Barney-Chan: Ah Yes, Finally! I Live- Class D Indo Shot Researcher Barney-Chan To Death. Class D Indo Went To The Surface Of Gate B And Was Met By A Giant Lizard At The Gate, With A Bunch Of Armed MTF Agents. Intercom: SCP-682 HAS BROKE OUT OF GATE B, ALL HELICOPTER UNITS TO GATE B NOW! I REPEAT: SCP-682 HAS BROKE OUT OF GATE B, ALL HELICOPTER UNITS TO GATE B NOW! Class D Indo Managed To Get To The Exit, But Was Met By NTF Agent Boomer.\ NTF Agent Boomer: Welp I Don't Know How You Got To The Exit By Yourself, But Ima Put An End To Your Freedom. NTF Agent Boomer Got Shoot To Death. CI Agent Marsbar: come with me if you want to live nerd. (no offense to the people who die in this) T H E E N D
  4. if he wants it realistic, why not just add rainbow six siege guns
  5. wuts a strength buff maybe not give them 150 hp maybe 50 or 100 is fine. i like the speed buff, i wanna use a speed buff, get muscularis fortiduo or what every the fuck that speed disease from the book is called. I really wanna use the speed boost, get the speed disease, drink coffee, go as fast as peanut.
  6. Skin Ideas: Garfield And Jon Arbuckle (Garfield) Garfield: Class Skin: D Class Rank: Donator Price: 20,000 pts Description: lasaga Jon Arbuckle: Class Skin: Researcher Rank: Member Price: 10,000 pts Description: Help Me Escape The Facility So I Could Get To Liz Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=455327588&searchtext=Garfield odie is included but idk wut 2 do with odie
  7. Does Class A Really Need To Be Escorted By MTF? It Sounds A lot Like A Cakewalk Playing As Class A, Its Not Like Playing As The 05 Where Theres 15 SCP's After You. Hell, Ive Escaped As A Researcher In The 10 Minute Mark With A Lvl 4 Card. In 05 The RRH (Red Right Hand) Usually Don't Give Much Of A Fuck About The 05, Since There Usually Busy Not Getting Killed By SCP's. I Even Got RDM'd By A RRH Unit When I Was About To Escape.
  8. 1. Do You Know What The Fucking Hole Is? 2. Theres A 90% Chance There Gonna Die, Its Tempting Them To Suicide Just So They Could Get A Ez Escape By The Foundation. I Like How You Made Only 1 Per Round, But I Could Imagine Some D Bois Just Getting A Medkit From The Hole With A Lvl 3 Card As Well. Lets Just Say Eh 5 D Bois. They Go Into 914, Run Into 914 On Very Fine And They All Come Back DEAD. 3. Imagine If One Actually Becomes The 05 *COUGH* COUGH* I Mean The Class A. From My Experience, Its Pretty Easy To Escape As A Researcher With A Lvl 4 Or Lvl 5, Especially With The MTF Defending You. Its Basically Being A Researcher, YOU CAN LITERALLY BECOME CLASS A WITHOUT DEATH, ITS CALLED: GETTING A LVL 5 FROM 914. Its Not Much Like Being 05, Since You Don't Have Get Challenge The 05 Gets, You Don't Have A Buttload Of SCP's Rushing You. Heres Basically Class A Gameplay: 1. Get Guns 2. Survive SCP's And Other Stuff 3. Escape. Basically Being A Researcher With A 05. 4.We Don't Need D Class Suiciding, We Don't Need A Class That Already Exists, We Don't Need Class A.
  9. *sounds of d bois barging into 914 either suiciding or getting a easy escape*
  10. im not sure what you want 914 to be crowded or nah. i could just imagine 049s army breaking into 914 just so they can be human again.
  11. So Over The Week GFL Breach Has Been Lacking In Population, Struggling To Hold At Least 10 Players In A Server. This Mainly Is Because Of School Starting And People Busy Doing School Work. or just doing there jobs... Breach Will Probably Become Populated On Either These Days. Weekends. Breach Will Probably Become Populated On The Weekends Since Most People Have School Off Those Days. And Have Days Off From Work Those Days. RECODE When The Recode Comes AKA Breach Not Being Broken Anymore, Breach Maybe Get Populated Again. I Assume The Recode Will Happen At Least Before 2020 Starts. Spring Or Summer I Don't Honestly Know Why I Thought Breach Will Be Populated In Spring (probably because felix whiston told me that) People Are Usually Done With School In Summer So I Expect Breach To Be Populated In Summer. If Breach Isn't Popular In These Times Ive Listed. Then Im Supposing Breach Has Lost It... But Wait! w h a t a b o u t b r e a c h 2 😂
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