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  1. SCP-457 Alternate

    1. SCP-457 Splits In 2 Beings 2. SCP-457's Flames Grow 3. SCP-457 Needs Fuel To Grow And Survive
  2. SCP-457 Alternate

    can i know what doesn't go against the lore
  3. SCP-457 Alternate

    It Will Have Infinite Purchases And Everything Besides 2x Damage Goes Against The Lore
  4. Every time SCP-457 Burns Someone He Will Get 1 Fuel. Fuel Can Be Used To Purchase Something To Help 457 In Combat These Are The Items He Could Buy With Fuel. 2x Damage = 150 Fuel Regenerate 300 Health = 550 Fuel Ability Recharge = 100 Fuel Respawn A Spectator As A 2nd Instance Of 457 = 500 Fuel Regenerate 500 Health = 650 Fuel I Dont Have Anymore Ideas For Anything For The Shop Shop Will Be Opened With B
  5. What I Mean Is Its Gonna Be Suspicious Not Hearing A MTF Guard On Radio Channel 5, And If They Say Anything About Helping D Class The CI Spy Be Ded
  6. Imagine Talking To A D Boi Saying: I Placed A Slam At 860 Entrance, Be Careful. Theres A MTF Who Hears You Talking With Him, On A Different Radio. The MTF Realizes Your The CI Spy And Blows Your Brains Out the end
  7. SCP-111 Stats: Health: 350 - 400 - 500 Damage: 20 - 10 Speed: Faster Than Human Ability: Able To Breathe Fire On Humans There Are 2 Fire Options. Option 1: Able To Shoot A Fireball At Someone Doing 20 Damage Per Hit (infinite range and rapid fire) Also Able To Breathe Fire Like A Flamethrower Doing 10 Damage Per Hit, (close range attack.) Other: Intro Text: You Are SCP-111 AKA A Dragon Snail. You Were Provoked And Toyed With By The Foundation, You Seek Revenge. You Can Breathe Fire On Humans As An Attack. Kill Humans, And Escape The Facility. PlayerModel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732985332&searchtext=snail
  8. when a drone has more health than a nature god so Able but with a 1 shot and 2500 health YIPEE KAYEE n o
  9. These 3 Special Rounds Are Ones We Don't Like Which One Do We Want Gone
  10. Imagine, Fighting A Group Of 4 MTF Units As 011. You Kill 1 Instantly With A Bullet, But You Gotta Do A Big Ass Reload. While Your Reloading, The Remaining 3 Units Bombard You With Bullets Doing 10 Damage Per Shot, Firing Fast Til Your Dead. the end. Maybe Remove The Crosshair Or Aiming
  11. uhhhhhh So Its The Random Metaphor Guy That Doomnack Suggested But Not ok
  12. SCP-323 Change

    SCP-323 Change: SCP-323 Wont Get His Giant Range So He Isn't OP Driven By Hunger SCP-323 Will Break Open Doors To Make Sure Nothing Stands In The Way Of His Prey. Even Keycard Doors, but not gates as in a easy escape. SCP-323 Will Be Able To Go Into A Frenzy Mode, Doing 50 Damage Instead Of 25 While Sprinting Faster Than Humans, To Catch His Prey. As A Ability. Hunger Will Be Reduced To 120 Seconds
  13. SCP-2295

    This Will Be A SCP Friend To All Humans, Like 2639 And 999. Health: 100 Speed: A Person With Muscular Fortido (or whatever the speed disease from the book is called) Abilities: Can Heal A Human To Full Health, Or Cure A Disease A Human Got From The Book, Or From 610. The Heal/Cure System Will Work Like 607s Binding Ability. AKA Holding Click. The SCP Can Escape, BUT It Has A Option To Stay Behind And Help The Humans From SCPs PM: SCP-1048 PM (the default bear)
  14. Demolisher NTF

    Isn't Alpha 9 The Squad Who Tried To Use Able, But It Didn't Work Very Well? yea...
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