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  1. SCP-860-2

    096 actually 3 shots people doing 35/45 damage per hit, its easy to not clip through walls with giant player models, and 860 is fast being able to sprint AND making that sprint faster in the rage mode
  2. SCP-860-2

    we do have a SCP-682 model that clips through most walls, and with 939 as well, so the playermodel is normal. And for the 096 part, 096 does go into a rage mode, but it does more damage and goes faster. 860-2 can also attack without the frenzy mode, and move well unlike 096
  3. SCP-860-2

    Thanks For The Support I Usually See You Liking My Ideas, But I Dont See How This Relates To 939, Its Not Sneaky It Will Just Use Its Regular PM. And 939 Doesnt Enter A Rage Mode
  4. SCP-860-2

    New SCP: SCP-860-2 AKA the purple cat thing from SCP CB in SCP-860-1. PlayerModel: Search Up SCP-860-2 in GMod Workshop and there should be a player model made from novux Damage: 25 Normal, 50 Ability Health: 900 lowest - 1100 most health Random Features: SCP Able To Sprint, SCP Attacks as fast as the crowbar. Ability: A Rage Mode That Goes For 10 Seconds, The Rage Mode Make SCP-860-2: Sprint Faster, Does 50 Damage Per Shot. Spawnpoint: SCP-860-1 (forest) oh ok then: its me indo
  5. SCP-217

    i swear i heard a admin say it was allowed back then
  6. SCP-217

    it was allowed when 035 was able to team with SCPs
  7. SCP-217

    Remember When 035 used to team with D Bois AND SCPs? I Wanna See If I Can Make A Little Replacement Of It, SCP-217 (The Clockwork Virus) SCP-217 is a D Boi, or D Class Who Got Infected By The Clockwork Virus, And Is Now A Kinda Cyborg D Boi! PlayerModel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/?id=120687001&searchtext=cyborg+PM Spawnpoint: Random D Class Cell SCPs can not team with the d bois apparently according to people even though no admin has warned me for it, and ive heard a admin said it was allowed back then Health: 200 (least health as possible) 250 (most health as possible) Hostile To: MTF Neutral To: Researchers, AND CI just to add something different Items To Spawn With: Crowbar, Medkit, Level 3 Keycard, And Needs To Find Guns On There Own. Fists That Do 35 Damage Per Shot (since his arm is made out of metal) And Is Able To Drop Items. oh ok then: (plus its me indo) wait what: if u cant find the playermodel just search up a cyborg playermodel and just use whatever cyborg playermodel u want.
  8. Uh Oh Theres More Of The Same SCP, But This Time Its SCP-096! (every scp is 096 in the round) This Has Happened With SCP-173 and SCP-049, So Why Not Shy Guy. It Will Play Out Like Weeping Angels And Pandemic. Some D Bois, Some MTF, Some Researchers, And I Don't Know If Theres CI In Weeping Angels Or Pandemic, Since Ive Never Seen One Since Seeing A CI Spy/Dr. Maynard In One Of Those Rounds So Uh Yeah, Hope This Becomes A Real Round Same With My 682 Boss Battle Suggestion. (plus its uh me indo)
  9. This Is Actually WAY Better Than What I Had, Nice! However I Don't Really Like The Idea Of The Researchers In It, 682 Has Most Abilities Of SCPs In This Round And I Don't Think The Researchers Would Do Much Unless They Camp The Exit. 682 Can Jump Now, Have Long Range Attacks Now, And Not Even From A SCP, Being Able To See Through Walls. No Offense But I Prefer If Its All MTF. Very Good Version Of My Idea 4.5/5
  10. yes but 682 has a alternative way to win, escape, i honestly think the sprint should be faster for 682.
  11. im honestly thinking if it should be 15,000 health instead should it be that?
  12. Thanks for the support and if u didnt know its me indo
  13. I Have A Idea of a Special Round Where Everyones A MTF and Theres 1 SCP-682. The SCP-682 will have 20,000 HP Sure It Sounds Hard To Kill, But Since We Have The New CS Weapons plus The Volk, Killing The 682 is Possible If The MTF are smart. Round Will Be 13 Minutes Long, Reinforcements Will Come At The 8 Minute Mark And The 2 Minute Mark. Gate A Opens At 5 Minute Mark. At No Point There Should Be CI. MTF Win If They Kill 682, 682 Wins If He Kills All MTF Or Escapes.
  14. SCP-2427-3

    yeah just to let u know its me indo
  15. SCP-2427-3

    SCP-2427-3 Is a creature made of electric wires with a metal bald human head, creature capable of speech and could be able to lure humans. SCP-2427-3 should be able to sprint as fast as a human, should do 25 damage per shot and abillity is permanent, able to climb on walls and leap like 372.
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