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  1. My pc broke and it made me think that i was just joining the server not for fun but because: "i need to reach 30 mins i need to reach 30 mins i need..." that was not healthy when i joined i had fun really, but that's not always. Dont get me wrong i love the server but sometimes you know how it is. I just feel like joining the server and having fun, and i have fun playing and helping that's why i became admin. i just feel like that i've reach a time that i can't give my all into the server anymore and i wont AFK in the server just to get the hours like some do 😠 (prob 95% of my hours are pure no afking at all) i'll be sure to hop in sometimes but i dont know for how long i don't know if this a see you soon or a goobye, but if this became that meme: last online 7 years ago, then Good bye. ps: @Beaker for Sm @TimeForYouToGetAWatch i still got your face saved :3 @Neon Cat dont abuse you dont know how to 😠 @Pyros adeus, ou não talvez eu volto kkk ❤️ @Roger Gunshot you're a good guy don't stress too much (send warframe booty) @MooTheCow i heard you like being tagged @SkydivingSquid we didn't talk much, but still was fun too many dogs i cant tag him @EnderAsteroid good boi @Muse resignation: Reborn i would tag more but i won't because yes, @all the oldies Good night. psps: yes i'll accept my perma vip thx Good night.
  2. but my senior.... jk, good luck out there space cowboy
  3. ah come on i was going to do go luv you man and i feel ya ❤️ good luck
  4. if i recall that perma was by accident, i ungaged and muted for 5 mins afterwards, but about the other admins i don't know
  5. well you have decided what's best for you, and i give all my suport for you, good luck chief.
  6. we'll i see you have admited that's a good start. i'll reduce to 2 days your ban, i feel there's still a lesson to be learned. hope you understand and learn not to repeat again, you are a good person, and as i said 5 am is a cursed hour thanks for you honesty. xoxo - time husband
  7. well i talked to BOTH, and i see that they are sorry for this event. chuppa said sorry and floppy forgave him there's really not much to it i'll remove the ban, just make sure this don't repeat ❤️
  8. #brasil, boa man. é não tenho o que falar mais cuida da gente ❤️
  9. @gatloh i see what happened, you got karma banned and left without answering reports, there was about 3 of them, so i banned you for att mass rdm and leaf i'll unban you just be sure to do !fspec if you karma is low or to do !calladmin "reason" so admin comes online and resets your karma thanks have a nice day me
  10. I agree, It would really be good to have a test server. Testing before adding or changing something could help solve some problems
  11. goodbye, space cowboy, dont worry the spacewar secret will died with us bye billy, best of luck to your future ps: i would add you again but you would unfriend me again, and that's fine. ❤️
  12. Gold's Ban Appeal

    As Bandit Said, i cant guess that you responded on voice chat, you need to give your response by text, so a admin can check it up later. hope you understand and if someone respond with asdasdsdsaasd then explain on voice chat, you should forgive the report later, or else you might get slayed or banned. that works for both sides. The Ban expired i am sure, Thanks.
  13. i don't recall him, and i've banned a lot of people, so he might have been reported and got karma banned before he could leave. that's it
  14. OG appeal

    I mean from my point of view, you kinda that admited to ghosting you rotten potato. but anyways @ArtVandelay1998 @OG NYNI is still ban appeal closed?
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