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  1. Gold's Ban Appeal

    As Bandit Said, i cant guess that you responded on voice chat, you need to give your response by text, so a admin can check it up later. hope you understand and if someone respond with asdasdsdsaasd then explain on voice chat, you should forgive the report later, or else you might get slayed or banned. that works for both sides. The Ban expired i am sure, Thanks.
  2. i don't recall him, and i've banned a lot of people, so he might have been reported and got karma banned before he could leave. that's it
  3. OG appeal

    I mean from my point of view, you kinda that admited to ghosting you rotten potato. but anyways @ArtVandelay1998 @OG NYNI is still ban appeal closed?
  4. To be honest i was not expecting, but due to your lying and rdms i banned you, i was not expecting lies from both sides, but the Guy that kept on reporting you got banned for rdm and leave, i am Sorry, i also joined when you both already were doing It, so, due lack of truthness from the victim i'll ban you, If you plan to apply as admin, you can explain this as a "loucop mistake ban" I'll procced to unban you, again i am sorry
  5. Well, when i joined the server there was 55 reports, then i saw 2 reports with ss pigeon being the reported player, no answers, i banned him for i was thinking he rdmx2 and left. the "victims" had a average reason to report him (e.g: why did you killed me), but if SSpigeonShit answered i would not have banned him, maybe. @MilkMan @SSPigeonShit
  6. i am not the sad type but, it's been good friend.
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