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  1. or a just non existing juke box like it is now.
  2. Eh, its a bit big and if people used it you could see them easily, and no coloring ^ Thanks wuffy for the free leech But its a meh, and there is a bit of events already so it would be a bit annoying to have so many events
  3. Its good that some got in! Well done.
  4. Hns model

    Agree With You Both
  5. I know how to life now thanks
  6. Maybe a dank elmo trail
  7. It is a bit annoying that kids can scream and if no admins are on votegag wont work everyone votes no. Its a bit annoying but I guess people will just have to use mute
  8. Deni- I mean accepted beautiful application too god dont listen to cancerous +912346
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