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  1. Zein’s Gallery

    new pictures i made for my friend and a pic of anime gif (dont offend my friend thats joe exotic yes)
  2. Even though i do not know you, i wish you the best of luck in your life.
  3. Zein’s Gallery

    Trying to progress more in photoshop Here is 1 i made for myself Here is a gif if anyone wants psd file of these or wants anything for me plz contact me on discord Zeins#2865
  4. Well for now i wish to be denied @Salad for the time being i want to improve since my art skills are not the best thank you.
  5. Ok sorry but i did say that im bad with paint and thats why i need help. Also i did not really know that this was supposed to be high quality artwork i just did what you guys did on liloz1 graphics request plain and simple but cool. Also what else ami supposed to put in a banner like that? Like i said i can improve in quality quickly and in effort its just simple. All i want is tips.
  6. ok here is what i created so far This is a minecraft creeper version. This is the Winnie the Pooh Version ( i messed up a little on the right ear i know) Here is liloz1 as sonic and here is a bonus (banner) i can make more if needed for the test
  7. Thank you @Salad for giving me a chance i will be doing liloz1 profile picture i will be using paint this time with a but of photoshop. Edit: i will do both.
  8. aye happy late birthday bro

    1. Zeins.


      Thank you even tho my birthday was long time ago but either way thank you!

  9. Ok i will try but i do need help i do not really know what else to do and the other things seem a bit to hard for me im* learning the basics and i just dont know if i have the courage to even try harder things it kind of seems impossible for me.
  10. Ok i understand but i do try my hardest and its not the only thing i do.
  11. we only have furrys and humans in this community.
  12. Age: 14 What software(s) do you primarily use? Photoshop If you chose "Other", what software(s) do you use? Why would you make a good addition to the team? i would be a good addition to the team, because i have alot of expierience with photoshop now all i want to do is work on paint. I made Profile pictures,Banners,Signatures for others already and i have been posting some photoshopped profile pictures and others on the Graphics Requests. Most people are satisfied with my work aswell and from that i guess i can say i can satisfy anyone with graphical needs when it comes to profile pictures,banners and all of the above. Im also here to learn from people i was hoping someone could also teach me how to use paint as im not really good at it and it would be nice to have company and help. Examples of previous work: How much time can you dedicate to GFL per week (in hours)? 30 Graphics Team Members please ask questions, if you see fit, and vote +1/0/-1 on this application while providing valid reasons and feedback.
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