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  1. Ooh so i didnt make a impact on the game ? Interesting Anyways goodbye spooky ;(
  2. That looks good ngl keep up the good work.
  3. I think the last picture is from Halo.
  4. Well i guess goodbye kryptek hope to see you soon.
  5. For me it is probably @BrotherWolf @PopcornGoesPopping Doot @FrankAL @Musicality @shelby And defo @WrathViper
  6. Patience is key if you want to get unbanned .
  7. @Roy where did you get those headphones they look gud.
  8. Zein’s Gallery

    new pictures i made for my friend and a pic of anime gif (dont offend my friend thats joe exotic yes)
  9. Even though i do not know you, i wish you the best of luck in your life.
  10. Zein’s Gallery

    Trying to progress more in photoshop Here is 1 i made for myself Here is a gif if anyone wants psd file of these or wants anything for me plz contact me on discord Zeins#2865
  11. Well for now i wish to be denied @Salad for the time being i want to improve since my art skills are not the best thank you.
  12. Ok sorry but i did say that im bad with paint and thats why i need help. Also i did not really know that this was supposed to be high quality artwork i just did what you guys did on liloz1 graphics request plain and simple but cool. Also what else ami supposed to put in a banner like that? Like i said i can improve in quality quickly and in effort its just simple. All i want is tips.
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