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  1. times like these got me doin lines like these!

    1. Nyatsuki


      are you a mumblerapper now?

      lil chav?

    2. harry


      it's from a d12 song u bitch!

  2. lol u edgy lil fuck one less edgemong in gfl
  3. gunna call everyone out for inspecting element and changing their result
  4. i'm alerting ur nearest school
  5. no those are the eyes of a sober person
  6. why am I still banned on discord

    1. harry


      why am i not

    2. Nyatsuki


      because you are gay like every discord mod

  7. oh it’s hatty that explains why it was so faggotty lmao
  8. who’re u and why was i tagged
  9. The duck Gods gave you overtime 


  10. Happy Birthday cutie! :duck: 


    p.s- one more year! 

  11. happy birthday mr duck man.