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  1. beat that pussy up n dust off my knuckles 😎

  2. woke up to a good life baby! gettin chicken bitch u know im gravy! 😎

    1. Amelie


      Next time dont wake up

  3. if there are more weebs than non-weebs this year i'm officially leaving
  4. if i don't succeed, i prolly proceed violence! 😎

  5. schizo for the dough tho 😎

  6. whatcha call a chick who dont suck dick? ya dont 😂

    1. RockRoyce


      what about Amelie

    2. rapperdan


      Amelie sucks toes and fingers but most of all long ass thumbs so yea pretty sure it's worse...

      Edited by rapperdan
  7. sippin prosecco, i’m lookin perfecto 😎

  8. white girls, white bitches, white drugs 😎

  9. tell ur sister i don’t love her i’m in love with her mouth 😂

  10. the worlds most hateable, currently unavailable! :B|:

  11. here with 3 white divas who snort and like penis :B|:

    1. Misaki


      You can't say penis, there's children on the website!

  12. me n juan ensurin u that ur slut daughter's gone

  13. how neat, she love to eat! :B|: