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  1. she didn't know that cows came in burgundy

  2. can’t even say you’re a lesbian on this forum now?? shite community 

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    2. harry


      genuinely don’t know


      is it just discrimination?

    3. Misaki


      Yeah, we don't like men that are lesbians, only women

    4. harry


      i identify as a woman now so i am lesbian


      close minded bigot

  3. paralytic permanently :B|:

  4. :duck: F R E E D O M S Q U A D :duck:

    freedom squad.png

  5. finally a movement i can get behind 

  6. wlcl.png

    :duck: F R E E D O M S Q U A D :duck:

  7. wlcl.png

    :duck: F R E E D O M S Q U A D :duck:
  8. GFL Member Directory

    what does this mean lad
  9. GFL Member Directory

    fuck u am no chav but hey thanks obviously
  10. GFL Member Directory

    went amsterdam
  11. doin charles off a brasses arse :B|: