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  1. this is my official leaving gfl post bye
  2. little 🅱️

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      the heck you just called me

  3. General Ban Appeal

    i'm not defending myself, i'm answering why i should be unbanned i'm also not saying i wasn't toxic sometimes i am saying that a perm ban given with no evidence for doing something that i was never officially punished/warned for is excessive and unreasonable is "continued toxicity" really a good enough reason to permanently ban someone on their first offence? i would've thought some form of warning or non-permanent penalty would be more fitting to give them a chance of betterment the only thing i was warned for in 2019 was spamming, no mention of toxicity none of this "evidence" that you talk about was used in the ban report written by wiggles... the person who banned me if i never stopped when told to stop then why do i only have 1 mute this year for something unrelated to why i was banned? also not sure where the problem is in asking staff what rule i broke, is that not something i should know or are you wanting to punish me for not breaking the rules? sorry, didn't know not being funny was a reason to be permanently banned i always thought a permanent ban was reserved for repeated serious offences and for users that added nothing to the discord, not for the most active user in it on their first penalty for not being funny/asking how i broke rules/being a bit mean sometimes another thing i always thought was that punishments were incremental: mute -> kick -> temp ban -> longer ban -> perm ban? at what point did perm bans come after mutes
  4. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): harry#6844 Why were you banned?: wiggles banned me and amelie for "continued toxicity" Why should you be unbanned? it was fuckin ages ago and not really a reasonable reason to perm ban and no evidence was given in the ban report
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      quick quick quick lets go

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      who the fuck are u bowoof u degenerate 

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      ugh just one emoji?????????????? thats all I get huh??? for these bars????? hit the glass ceiling it seems


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  13. some thoughts

    u care a lot
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  15. wrist so fuckin rocky i cant even take a selfife 😎

    1. Pachimo


      Or spell apparently

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