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  1. baby started off right as a good girl

    now she tryna act hard like a hood girl  😎 

  2. never poked nothin, never popped nothin, nigga stop frontin 😎

    1. Nyatsuki


      local white boy acting black again

  3. pretty face and a whole load of butt! 😎

  4. live in the flesh fat boy got quicker 😎

    1. Amelie


      Hope you get shot

    2. harry


      i'll shoot u x

  5. batman take ur hands out ur pockets 

    Edited by Amelie
    1. Amelie


      Yes sir, robin sir

    2. harry


      omg u can edit this shit??


  6. turn from witness to victim! 😎

  7. mum said i lost the plot

    at least i never lost my crop 😎

  8. big man come out ur yard get cabbaged 

  9. we are fizzast! fuck ur lil bitch ass up! 😎

    1. motorsteak


      haha yeah totally

    2. Amelie


      wtf does this even mean

  10. a spiteful delightful eyeful 😎

  11. my girl give me uck while im baggin up! 😎

    1. Amelie



  12. stop the chat or lose ur mum 😎

  13. change my attire, raise that fryer and burn that liar 😎

  14. bad lil vibe she been on my mind! soon as i get back she get slayed! 😎

  15. i pulled the rubber off n i put hot sauce on her titties! i'm in a bentley truck she keep on suckin like it's tinted! 😎

  16. pussy too good like yumm! make her do a backflip then she cum! ?

  17. beat that pussy up n dust off my knuckles ?

  18. woke up to a good life baby! gettin chicken bitch u know im gravy! ?

    1. Amelie


      Next time dont wake up

  19. if there are more weebs than non-weebs this year i'm officially leaving
  20. if i don't succeed, i prolly proceed violence! ?

  21. schizo for the dough tho ?

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