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  1. Another says stupidly mistake look
  2. Plus wanted to prove that I with project NiDE chief there inGame
  3. The crux of the my mistakes there you have EA question discord I responded on him and put the right
  4. Name: funtik [nF] Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:461173194 Discord Handle: #0799 Age: 16 Server Playtime: 100 Your timezone: GMT + 01:00 What time of the day are you usually on ZE? 14:00 by 22:00 Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Understanding of Source SDK or Alien Swarm SDK / Mapping for CSS or CSGO Understanding of stripper bhud and/or Entwatch configs Technical knowledge in CSS or CSGO Server management Are you in school or already in the workforce? Workforce Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Polish French Why do you want to become an admin? l would wanted to become administers why very many time spend in game on your a plus l would wanted to follow your server to someone not allowed for example not played with cheats with aim and dalle.
  5. Ево заявка хуйня

  6. Посмотрим как ты исправишся
  7. Посмотрим как ты меня полюбиш если я тупой это незначительно меня банить просто так
  8. Если честно вы меня бросили сказали что я вам не нужен?
  9. Можно решить мирным путем
  10. My Age: 25 My Talent: FPT Hours/Week: Всегда
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