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  1. You should have been unbanned by now, don't leave if you have been reported for RDM, even if you killed someone who rdmed, sometimes we see it as an RDM and Leave scenario. The ban was only 6 hours so you should be unbanned by now. Close this please.
  2. This is the format you want to use for your ban appeal @Nanouo . Name: Steam ID (or steam profile link): Banned by: Ban Reason: Why should you be unbanned:
  3. Muted

    Jack has been unmuted, move to closed please.
  4. Ban Appeal

    Server you you were banned from: GMOD TTT Minecraft 24/7 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:44530586 Admin who banned you: Does not show who banned me. Admin's Steam ID: Unknown. WhyShould you be unbanned? Use this to explain what happened and provide your defense. This may not surprise me on why I was banned, but what I did was this. I took a c4 from a T's body. I went to the top of the lighthouse and threw the c4 in deployed mode as a joke. I even armed it just to freak some people out. As I was going to defuse it, someone shot me and attempted to defuse it themselves. IT exploded and killed 3 people. Thus, giving 3 RDMS on my record. Don't believe me? It's the truth. I have not been banned before on this server and do not wish to remain banned.
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