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  1. Happy birthday, nub.



  2. Quality video, 10/10, would do it for maywedda again.
  3. Who's Your Main

    Zarya, ready for duty.
  4. I need CSGO

    Loans. Go now, worry about it later for a long time.
  5. GCC League Tourney Sign Up

    If there wasn't a requirement to be ranked this season I'd think about it. Too lazy to do ranked atm.
  6. please do not cyberbully me

    When Addy got banned his forum stats were reset too, but that doesn't really matter. Hi Otter.
  7. I'd be interested in participating. I'd call myself a second tank / support main, but can flex.
  8. Somewhat correct, I guess.
  9. CLICK BAIT VIDEO (osu!mania skills)

    Pretty neat play. Do you not like standard, or something?
  10. I understand your point, but To-do lists at least give the transparency of things being currently worked on, or soon to be worked on. If transparency is enough of a problem for @Roy to mention it, and admit that it needs worked on, why not add another tool to help remedy the problem? Roy once mentioned every server should have a changelog, because players need to know what's been changed. Almost every, if not all, servers have this. So. by extension, players should have SOME idea of what is going to be in these updates.