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  1. I am seeking and I am right behind you.
  2. Darkest Secret: You took the cookie from the cookie jar.
  3. I was there in the server at the time, interacting with the two other staff members who this came up with. We noticed at multiple times, your bunny-hopping was too smooth and consistent, especially with the fact that you are new to the server to begin with... You also had another friend on the server with you which made things look even more suspicious... Seniors, feel free to message me for more information if needed.
  4. HnS Server

    Did not know since this is not in any CS:GO section, and is just posted in general... Honest misunderstanding on my behalf. LOL
  5. Who Was It

    Wrong, it's chuck e cheese you n00b. There's a lot of ducks... Donald Duck? Guess this: I am a teacher of students and I drive a flying school bus.
  6. Who Was It

    You ask for something easier when yours is hard too. like what the actual heck is this??? EZ Guess: A rodent that is well known for family entertainment.
  7. For some reason, I just love that sensation when it feels like your hairs are standing up. The sensation rushes through your body and your head, very calm and warm feeling. I have no idea what causes the sensation to start...
  8. // Unravel //

    Dexterity > arvectdiaio
  9. Forgot to include "Inactive" before manager.
  10. HnS Server

    We already have a Hide and Seek server, are you blind? ~On behalf of the GFL Hide & Seek Team
  11. Does the winner receive a free pizza from Roy's bank account?
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