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  1. Get where you're coming from, but I promise you I only do it to people who I'm good with, consent to it, and generally only do it after their round is over.
  2. Thanks for appealing for your mute/ban on the 1v1 server. My vote on the mute/ban(not remove/remove): Not Remove Reason for my opinion(down below) Although your demos may have not been completely suspicious, you definitely show signs of low fov aimbot in the first clip, and wallhack in the second. Your crosshair placement in the first clip is hilariously bad, and the flick accuracy with that crosshair placement is extremely suspicious the more I watch the clip. Thanks for playing on the 1v1 server
  3. No are you insane fortnite is the best game ever made.
  4. Well done, investigator of the year.
  5. This really sucks to see, you were a big reason on why I'm here and the position I'm in. Sad to see you gone virus, good luck in your future ventures.
  6. Is there a 1.6 ZE? If so, what would you classify them as? In between? Incels? Omega Chads? I'm very intrigued.
  7. Hyped for jb, thanks for a great year, and here's to more to come.
  8. Please add some sort of credit/shop system as it fairs better in jb servers rather than it does 1v1.
  9. If you join spectator after you have already picked a team, you will be muted to everyone but admins.
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