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  1. Banned

    http://www.filedropper.com/blaze www.filedropper.com/blaze2
  2. Banned

    Thanks for appealing for your mute/ban on the 1v1 server. My vote on the mute/ban(-1 not remove/+1 remove): -1 Reason for my opinion(down below) I had other admins watching you over the course of multiple maps and I can confidently say you were 100% walling. Even after watching the demos it was clear that you would pretend to hold an angle, then book it to the enemy without checking anything else. You mentioned one single scenario, we have demos that show multiple rounds in multiple maps. Thanks for playing on the 1v1 server
  3. I pressed the big red button to ban you, although I legitimately do not remember personally banning you, but I wasn't the one taking demos and submitting them, so I wasn't the admin that truly banned you. That would be @Sumnerz. I'm fine with unbanning you as I really dont see much in the way of cheating
  4. Shit dude did you copy paste your resume this is insane.
  5. "Not a joke or meme" "As a gamer it's my right to say the nword". Cringe bud.
  6. I've been asking for a retake server for a while, would absolutely love to see it happen.
  7. I'm not sure what relevance that statement has, even though it's wrong. You're 100% joining the wrong server because you are not banned whatsoever.
  8. Ban appeal

    -1 After watching the demo and careful consideration with the other admins, I've come to the conclusion that you were hacking.
  9. Get where you're coming from, but I promise you I only do it to people who I'm good with, consent to it, and generally only do it after their round is over.
  10. Thanks for appealing for your mute/ban on the 1v1 server. My vote on the mute/ban(not remove/remove): Not Remove Reason for my opinion(down below) Although your demos may have not been completely suspicious, you definitely show signs of low fov aimbot in the first clip, and wallhack in the second. Your crosshair placement in the first clip is hilariously bad, and the flick accuracy with that crosshair placement is extremely suspicious the more I watch the clip. Thanks for playing on the 1v1 server
  11. No are you insane fortnite is the best game ever made.
  12. Well done, investigator of the year.
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