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  1. I will take a shot on you and give you the unban. Keep your nose clean.
  2. I agree with my admins. Momo is accurate in his description of how to read the jump stats. Ban will stay. Can re-apply for appeal in 3 months.
  3. A couple life updates me from me. First picture is from a few months back when we did a training mission in Japan with the JGSDF (Japan Ground Self-Defense Force). I just finished my 6 years in the Army back in March and finishing in Japan was a nice coup de grace to my military service. The second picture was from my first visit back to my college fraternity as an Alumnus for an event called "Par for the Course" (it is a lot more exciting than it sounds). Since college, I have started my masters degree in Data Analytics.
  4. Ight I unbanned that account fella enjoy
  5. Ban will stay. Can appeal again in 6 months
  6. Ill give you a second chance. Unbanned
  7. 1v1 Arena Ban Appeal

    Agreed with @Mamoru. The ban will stay.
  8. @Liloz01 Is this resolved so I can move this or?
  9. I’ll unban you when I get home. Make sure to turn off when you use GFL servers.
  10. Ban is IP based, not name based lmao.
  11. @Liloz01 Are you still looking into this?
  12. Banned

    Seems that the admins and myself are in agreement that you are walling. I would also point out that you clearly lock to the players head behind the box in the clip that you posted. Nevertheless, we are still human and can make mistakes. I will allow you to reapply for appeal in 6 months. Denied.
  13. Unbanned. I’ll have it updated in SB shortly.
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