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  1. "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." Map(s): ze_Bathroom, ze_otakuroom, ze_toaster, ze_Kitchen, ze_Halloween_House Restrictions/Limitations: None Event Time preferred: Anytime Others: None
  2. Not every server (in CS:GO at least) has strafe-walking since it requires certain configurations that make stafewalking possible. Strafe-walking is only (?) dependent on the server Con(sole)Var(iable) sv_friction AFAIK. Every Source Engine game (correct me if I'm wrong) until CS:GO has sv_friction 4 by default (i.e CS:S) CS:GO on the other hand has sv_friction 5.2 as default. The higher the sv_friction value the less speed you'll get from strafe-walking, 5.2 is enough I think to actually loose speed with strafe-walking. So every CS:GO server you've been playing on that has strafe-walking probably set sv_friction to 4 (or uses other things to achieve the same behavior like inCS:S). The reason why you might got the impression that strafe-walking got messed up on GFL could be the fact that sv_friction can be changed by the map you play on. It's possible, because there's a textfile in the server called bspconvar_whitelist.txt that has all the ConVars listed that can be changed by a map, which includes sv_friction. For example, you probably noticed that on ZE maps that have little surf segments (or are just whole ZE surf maps) that sometimes in chat you'll see a message like: Server cvar 'sv_airaccelerate' changed to 100 That is an example of a map changing a server ConVar, sv_airaccelerate is a whitelisted ConVar So there might be a chance that the map you were playing on where you noticed the strafe-walking issue was just the map changing the sv_friction ConVar. OR There was just a problem loading the map/server config that changes sv_frictio to 4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  5. Is too late to join now? Cause fuck it, I'm in!
  6. According to SHUFEN (PSE), he and a Chinese ZE server developed this plugin. The Chinese ZE server SHUFEN mentioned could be 93x.net because their repository have some interesting files which could be some Boss Rank configs.
  7. Zeddy uses a public Boss HUD plugin, probably that one from AntiTeal. The things I say below are pure speculation from research I got over few months so please correct me if I'm wrong: GFL uses a private boss HUD plugin (from PSE maybe) which is called Boss Rank or B-Rank (?) that is far more extensive than AntiTeal's. Features for example are a boss HUD with a custom boss name which you can set in the .cfg (more about it below), a ranking system of who inflicted the most damage to the boss and a hitmarker which is really nice. AntiTeal's Boss HUD is fine, but if you enable it, it will detect every single func_breakable/math_counter/func_physbox. So not only the boss will get a HUD but also i.e breakable doors etc. GFL's plugin on the other hand works like entWatch. You can actually pick each entity (func_breakable etc.) individually that might belong to a boss and write it down into a .cfg and only those entities will be detected by the boss HUD plugin. That means the actual bosses in the map will get a hitmarker, HUD, damage ranking unlike other unnecessary entities (door, wooden wall, boulder etc.) like above mentioned. So in fact, we do have Boss HUD on GFL. The problem now, some .cfg might be outdated like for example ze_dreamin. ze_dreamin_v2_1, the one before the current version definitely had Boss Rank (hitmarker etc.) and after it got updated to v2_3 it stopped working. So I assume the .cfg has never been updated for v2_3. That is why some maps have B-Rank and some don't. I could list way more maps that had Boss Rank working before and stopped working after those got updated. But back to the topic. I agree on Mercy's suggestion to enable Boss HP etc. globally for all players and not for admins only, but then it would require to update maps with B-Rank configs which neither me nor everyone else outside the management (admins etc.) know how to make.
  8. something died inside of me when the door closed on us
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