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  1. Viopr, Can you send the TTT Admin Application Link?


    1. Glenn_


      Sent it through mail bud

    2. Glenn_


      Good Luck on application make sure you meet all the requirements 

    3. TheRealPyro
  2. @"PB-n-J" You can teach Me how to code with some Things?


  3. My Age: 14 My Talent: I'm great at helping, I play the server about 2 Hour's Daily, I wanna help people out, My Talents Are, Gaming And Helping And Spelling, Grammar, And being very nice. <3 If I get accepted I would alway's play atlas 8/9 Hour's a day, the server's fun and I see a lot of people in trouble with Rdm and much more, I'm a great person when you start to know me I don't swear, I'm loyal, And people love Me The server Is amazing. Btw, whoever made this is amazing! I love to play TTT, I play Gmod daily, I should alway's be on, I'm very active you will never see me have a day off on Gmod, That's how much I love it, I hope I get accepted To help People <3 Good game! <3 Hours/Week: 8
  4. Trading would be a great thing to add, and Skins you have to buy for free without vip that would be good too you should add more T weapons and Items/Weapons, I have so much credits laying around Idk what to do with them, and can we add more maps? <3 that would be amazing, I need some people to agree with my idea, We need Crates too And emotes, so we can mess around and Add some Other Thing Like "Traitor Items/Banana Bomb/Malfunction Dart/ Boom Body/Turtlemine/Blink/Silenced AWP/Sentry/" "Detective Items/Jackhammer/Intervention/Friendly Sentry/Portable Tester/Medkit/" If you Add this I will be so happy, I'm mostly excited for the Map's, Thank's If you do add this <3 Gg <3! -TheRealPyro