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  1. Viopr, Can you send the TTT Admin Application Link?


    1. Akris


      Sent it through mail bud

    2. Akris


      Good Luck on application make sure you meet all the requirements 

    3. TheRealPyro
  2. @"PB-n-J" You can teach Me how to code with some Things?


  3. My Age: 14 My Talent: I'm great at helping, I play the server about 2 Hour's Daily, I wanna help people out, My Talents Are, Gaming And Helping And Spelling, Grammar, And being very nice. <3 If I get accepted I would alway's play atlas 8/9 Hour's a day, the server's fun and I see a lot of people in trouble with Rdm and much more, I'm a great person when you start to know me I don't swear, I'm loyal, And people love Me The server Is amazing. Btw, whoever made this is amazing! I love to play TTT, I play Gmod daily, I should alway's be on, I'm very active you will never see me have a day off on Gmod, That's how much I love it, I hope I get accepted To help People <3 Good game! <3 Hours/Week: 8
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