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  1. I'm coming for your drugs. and this too on the side.
  2. I will. I'll be on the usual stem and pol of discord. Discord is probably the only place maybe. Steam I'm not sure yet even if mobile and taptalk is just ugh to me if thats still being used. TRIAL !trial
  3. After a decade of CS:S ZE. I quit. Its been an honor. See yall on the other side. :lenny:

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    2. CNe7532294


      Nope. I'm ascending to IRL. :lenny:

    3. rapperdan


      damn that is some next gen shit right there.

    4. CNe7532294


      Yup but putting needles into someone is the scary part. Luckily its not VA yet. Yall say what you want but PTSD is some really crazy sheeet. :lenny:

  4. We did it reddit! According to the 2018 census, only 8 people will know the significance of what I'm doing. Well theres more but they didn't vote
  5. I don't but it can be downloaded off of google/gamabanana. Link: Piano_escape_33f I also just realized I have a hidden drive or 2 I have yet to comb thru. This maybe only 1/2 of the full set. Made a redundant system even more so when I lost a drive). Here is a list. Link: https://megaupload.nz/KcZe3bpdb8/listbsp_txt Another link: https://megaupload.nz/van04fp4b2/listcss2_txt
  6. Probably according to Will Smith Windows 8 is functional?! I'm not the degenerate but she has 864GB of whatever the fuck is on my computer.....
  7. Come one come all. Now is your chance to preserve CS:S ZE history circa ~2007/8 to today. 10+ full years of ZE history. A lot of map versions. Some ZM as well. Before I lose my god damned mind and delete fawkin everything. For exclusive release to the best community I know. Why? Nothing to do with anything negative (ie drama or whatever). I'll be gone forever due to irl stuff involving pills, capsules, injections, poisons, and the cure for cancer (and maybe bring ZE irl). Respond with a good way for me to send GBs upon GBs of mapping data. PS: Blame my cousin.
  8. TL;DR the thread: BLAME SOJA. The start of this mess. No really. Plz do. The only person that I believe truly deserves the permaban. Everyone else just had different personalities/ideas/opinions on how to run things. Myself included. There will always be conflict of opinion even between the best of friends. I'm just glad we all made up while absent. Happy New Years and lets put all the crap behind us (as in forgive if not already).
  9. WHER DA FUQ IZ EET?! I'm running on hours of dling here
  10. I don't necessarily disrespect. I just find the funeral ceremony to be creepy af. For it to go on for as long as it went. All this talk about being humble and yet this is the most glorified funeral I've ever seen... All the flags here are still at half staff. Hes been dead and is now with his wife and kid. Let the guy rest in peace already. Sheesh. And this is coming from a Texan.
  11. @Roy @Backy @Vanya Had perm VIP if what @Rexy said is true. That or I can take a crack at admin again.
  12. Ain't nobody got time 4 dis wall of text. Just come on. Plain and simple. PS: On a side note, where do I go for stats? Is the old forum dead or migrated (PM me for this if want).
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