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  1. I wouldn't mind weekdays cause i got work like all the time on weekends.
  2. Than again haxray we literally have a flaming eevee. Might as well put a mareep with electrical effects.
  3. Time to destroy this tier list with facts.
  4. +1 To the second idea, it could work, but the real question is, how would the phasing work. Is it like noclip or something?
  5. -1 This is because I feel like he is balanced as it is. His health pool isn't a big deal as he is slow as hell. You just don't have to touch him and shoot him a bunch. That's about it. Not many people realize how useful 610 can be as many see him just rushing. I find 610 to be more flexible if played right. One is making meatballs of course in areas where people might go through such as the gas room and telsa gate. This can delay people or even just have them infected without knowing. His infection ability isn't something to be used when rushing and even if someone starts chasing, they run out of bullets eventually. Or just go meatball form so aks and any other gun basically does 1 damage per hit. Sure you be stuck, but increased defense will probably save you. Even fire doesn't do that much. But for infecting people, wait for them if you hear em. Go ahead of them and touch em. Than just leave.
  6. Speaking about bots, someone did make an improved bots mod on the workshop wil makes the bots a lot better in their ai. I edit this post when I get on my PC to find the mod. This can make the bots less annoying and not die too quick.
  7. Looking back at this, bringing back the jailbreak server around this time, shouldn't be that bad right now as CS:GO went free to play. Basically, during this huge horde of newcomers, this could help out jailbreak server better with new management and admins to help bring the jailbreak server as well as population. I enjoy jailbreak and I can find it fun sometimes, so I support it bringing it back.
  8. Nice shitpost, but i just shitted on your shitpost. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. I agree on adding more stuff for 079 and me and a couple of other people thought this would be a nice addition to one of the powers. It is to give 079 control of the laser up on the surface. He/she will be able to use it much like a gun and able to attack players with it. It may be hard to code or what not, but what do I know? For more damage inside the facility, i was thinking of more man hack locations or more roller mine locations in areas people frequently go through. Radio, i am not entirely a fan of since 079 talking to them can reveal things that scps are at or what not. I feel like he can listen in, but won't be able to talk to them which will help allow teaming to not go through, such as 079 revealing where d-class are hiding or what not. The radio should have a off and on button(obviously) in case if things get "cancerous."
  10. Ronald Reggin would be proud.
  11. Xy doesn't have the big gay. Kite does tho.
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