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  1. I was wondering if the old GFL website still existed before the new one came out and I am like oh there it is. Link: https://oldsite.browser.tf/index I feel old, joined around 2014 or 2015. You can probably find the 1,000 posts of the member directory and you can still login into your old accounts if you remember them. I don't.
  2. From what it sounds like, he wants the trail as decoration and him able to walk through doors. Honestly, 106 doesn't need any really change to him. The decoration part, it's not really needed. That trail is basically asking for people to follow 106 and shoot him dead.
  3. Winning a T round by using an electric axe while screaming I didn't kill anybody, i have a shotgun.
  4. Looks like a you problem to me. Make sure you don't have any client side addons conflicting with the server. There is some client side addons which can change the blood splatter effects which results in something distorted or like that. Other than that, that's just you man.
  5. Main reasons on this happening. Server is about to crash or the server gives everyone a nice bowl of lag. Due to the fact when lag does happen, it can teleport people into specific areas that shouldn't be there due to it. This can be a long teleport or a short teleport. What you want to look for if people are standing still, by people i mean everyone, and you are the only one moving. This might be a lag spike and can cause a major teleport.
  6. Nothing, that's why.
  7. Yeah, me neither. @Xy_
  8. Hitboxes may seem weird at first by looking at it, but it works out just fine. Used them before and I think it can be used a basic model for members+. Nothing too fancy. Stickman https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1187112215 It looks like this if it helps.
  9. "Influenced by another server". By that, i already know which server it is and what you mean by surviving a round as that server is mainly pay to win or you just get super lucky and get op crap. However, I do not agree with the weapons, cosmetics sure. Completely fine, but weapons is a no go. Even if we make the weapons non pay to win, it will eventually just be people getting either super lucky and getting op weapons and abusing that. Nobody would want to play that when one person gets something op, but others do not. There is no way we can use the weapon system and make that balanced. Token system isn't really necessary. We can just make that the points in the pointshop. However, if you mean buying pre-weapons such as the shotguns, pistol, regular weapons for a one time use. I don't mind that. That can be balanced as the weapons are already there, but some may run out on the map. That would be fine. As this already been said, not a lot of people want to enjoy special weapons for everyone. One can be overpowered and the other, mainly new players, can see that as unfair or just not fun in general. The server is doing fine and sure it may get a few more people in, but balancing is gonna be a major problem if we added that weapon system. I know this is a suggestion, but you always have to look at it more deeper as there can be advantages and disadvantages to most suggestions.
  10. It kinda worked, but there is a missing g. It looks like this in game. Mao ZedonNoobyNoob There may be a character limit, but I am not completely sure. As well, there is no [ ] in them when chatting, so that might be a iffy. If there is a character limit, with the use of [ ] needed as well and not automatic, just do [Commie] in red. Thank you.
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