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  1. the day you replace me is the day I laugh at you.
  2. -1 fuck off cunt better luck next time baba. Pysche I love you
  3. keep your chin up third world countries unite. @Spooky Pyros love ya bud.
  4. I'm so tired of these meme apps. LOCKED
  5. LOCKING POST response has been given congrats on developer bud.
  6. If He is Inactive or uninterested I'll leave 10 days before I lock the post.
  7. if we are gonna do this might as well see if we can't turn down the map light most likely it won't be possible but it'd be a nice touch great round idea.
  8. he was removed because of his weapon and the base that was used. Xy wanted to try out TFA based weapons but it didn't work out so he got scrapped.
  9. *Average thinks* "Hmm if this gets made I can make wunderwaffen and the die riken as tings" AverageApproves of the server seems like a good idea the nazis made alot of weird shit and experiments I see a cool potential in the weapons we could make with the crazy rumors. and maybe do weekly releases and say the nazi's just invented X thing instead of patch notes a newspaper for the players. I think this could be a cool idea.
  10. Thinking his bite could use a little bit more damage but I think this sounds pretty easy to make.
  11. Come see this game its chill. https://www.twitch.tv/averagedrink later nerds gonna go play it all I dont think ill be alive afterwards
  12. What roy says "chainsaw" What average hears *Make the ultimate weapon and skin it to look like dr seus.*