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  1. +1 Never saw him cause any problems activity usually seems to be good. Think he'd be a good fit for mod.
  2. No words for this I'm just chuckling
  3. I think this is a universal feeling among human beings. A lot of the times at night I would sit out on the curb on my driveway and think to myself "what am I doing here and how did I get here?" and you ask yourself what have you done with your life so far and was it worth it. You start looking back through time and ask yourself if that action or person you spoke to meant anything or mattered and that question comes up in your head like "this wasn't worth it, I wish I could rewind". When days start feeling the same and you can't tell what day it is any more or what time it is. When you stop paying attention to life and it feels it has passed by and you still wondering why you have not done anything. Whatever you do begins to feel like you did it yesterday and you can't tell what happens anymore. It's crazy how you only really get deep in thought and what your place is in this world when you ain't feeling apart of it. In my opinion, some of our best shit we've made as a species was made when we were in this feeling. Think about all the crazy things we've invented throughout history and how we always had the best conversations at the worst times in our lives. It's the same feeling that you keep throughout your life. This feeling lets us enjoy the ones that we don't remember. This is a feeling worth having in my opinion. Have a great night everyone. Cheers, Average
  4. this is a development thread for people who can program.... you do know that right?
  5. makeameme is an organization?
  6. This is a public forum, so public opinions public responses (there's no rule in quoting people so...)
  7. Server Count > Your opinion Breach is life breach is love
  8. Banned from my birthday party
  9. Talk trash about breach get banned
  10. See Glen makes sense Be like Glen +1,000,000,000,000
  11. There is no head dev badge buddy.... or I'd have it since I am dev lead.
  12. I have more than 3,000 hours in breach, these players will never get good without complete map knowledge item placement, hiding spots, communication, etc. Most guides don't teach you that cause those who make them are usually not even good at the game. Even then breach is random asf so you can't really be 100% skillful and live every time.