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  1. So hello folks, no introduction is needed on the title. This is fairly explanatory, as of late many of you may think I've gone completely inactive which you'd be partly correct on. As of now and most of the past weeks I have been focusing on other ventures than gfl but it still lingered in the back of my head for obvious reasons. I've lately gone and become more isolated and indifferent to this community as a whole which is partly to blame for my "absence" of talk in discords, posts, and announcements on much of anything. Everyone I've met on this community that I've ever interacted with or known me as a person has mostly been of breach. This is no mystery, many of you I've either relegated to the back of my mind or absent in my train of thought. I stopped bothering to join the ts long ago and decided to just stick to pm's as I felt our ts was becoming stale for my liking so I just up and stopped. Every idea I've ever come up every promotion of power, every conversation about this community was how to better it or change it. But speaking on change and actually affecting the miles of red tape that is this community is a whole different matter. On that aspect alone I feel I have disappointed many who've believed in me. Even if I made a positive change in this community I have and never will be satisfied with anything I do here by my very nature. So this slowly took a toll over my optimism for this community and how I could affect it. After much time and thought I've decided to throw my hat in the ring once more to see if anything can be done about any issue that is something related to my abilities. My first and only plan is to in short fix everything slow or nagging about the dev team and streamline the process as a whole before I eventually fizzle out and pursue other ventures. This post is not a power grab, a shift in opinion, a way to make you feel any different about me or my actions. I know when I have done wrong and my core ideas are always centered around how not to be anything more than someone who makes an honest attempt at trying. this post is simply my activities as of late and my mission statement for the near future. I bid you all a happy night or day as of your time of reading this post.
  2. aahahaha aHahahah MUAHAHAHAHHA nah I'll never resign.
  3. When I sit back In my porch and come home from either work or school I get a lot of time to think about what I've done in my life every mistake and every decision starts playing and as I'm thinking to myself whether it be in the afternoon or in the night one of the things I think about the most are the people that keep me sane. Some of those people are some of ya'll it may not be any sort of special moment in time but I always like to give thanks now and then. If you read this thanks for being apart of this community and all its events. It means a lot to me that some of ya'll are here in the first place. So while it may be an average Monday for everybody you make my day a little more than average. So thank you too all of ya'll who call this place your community and I hope that this made your day a little above average. Cheers, -Average
  4. Good riddance you bisexual fructose corn syrup
  5. keep your chin up third world countries unite. @Spooky Pyros love ya bud.
  6. LOCKING POST response has been given congrats on developer bud.
  7. If He is Inactive or uninterested I'll leave 10 days before I lock the post.
  8. if we are gonna do this might as well see if we can't turn down the map light most likely it won't be possible but it'd be a nice touch great round idea.
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