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  1. Twas fun!

    Shame to see you resign from JB, was always fun playing with you. Good luck in whatever you decide to pursue in the future!
  2. horny nigga laundry basket

  3. Guacamole nigga penis

  4. lol conic

    1. King_Wailord




    2. Korowa


      conic lox

  5. lol conic

  6. Ban appeal j4r3d

    Try reflecting upon your actions before making a swift ban appeal like this, your reputation reeks of toxicity and it's evident through the proof we're given that you haven't changed much, and that the punishment we gave you was justified. Wait your punishment out, and do something else with your life.
  7. take care in the upcoming week, cya!
  8. Happy birthday, rétard!

  9. Rest in peace Hentai Haven, you'll be missed
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