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  1. I've been an advocate of yours for 1.5 years now. In the past when questioned about applying for admin, your response was somewhere along the lines of "I'm still looking to just have fun as a player on the server." Now that you have taken the step to actually apply for admin, I want to give you an adjustment period to transition to that mindset. Good luck!
  2. Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:11364777 Won first 4 maps
  3. My my how time flies. It has already been 1 week since you applied. I want to lay out how I see this. Things you have going for you: History With GFL - Years of experience in ZE; accustomed to changes in player base and administration. Friendly - One of the first players who recognized me recurring to the server, helped out and became a friend. High activity - Consistently in the Top 10 hours played per month. Monitoring the server is definitely a big strength here. Fun Environment - Always brings a positive, entertaining presence. I'm always happy to see that you're playing when I join. Things working against you: Playing Past The Rules - Occasionally boosting in the past and other game play shenanigans, but typically minor cases. Goofing Around With Racial Slurs - Minor cases just like the above point. However, even getting close to saying them encourages that behavior from other players and as of now is not allowed. I'm pretty much ready to give you the +1. I just need to know that you understand the differences in being an admin versus a regular on the server.
  4. -1 We have the 100 hour minimum requirement for a reason. Familiarize yourself with the server, learn the maps, meet other players, become a regular. Disregard the omegalul reactions, the application itself is actually good. We just don't know anything about you at this time.
  5. @Roy So I tried out a few of the servers and they are running fine. The only immediate issue I found was with the name of Server #1 which you already mentioned of course and also Server #10. As you can see in the screenshot the difficulty should be Hell on Earth, but it is set to Normal.
  6. The main game mode is wave based Survival Horror with a boss at the end. Not much to it, but it's fun to try out all the weapons and maps.
  7. Oh good point. It can be misunderstood easily.
  8. I've been playing a ton of KF2 lately. I'm gonna check these out tomorrow!
  9. Perhaps I was hasty to make that judgement because I had caught you boosting the day before. Since I don't have definitive proof this time I will lift the ban. However you did try to ban evade by connecting with an alternate account which doubled the Banlength. I can't do anything about that.
  10. +1 This was a tough decision for me. Good luck my boy.
  11. -1 Sorry Vigilante, but communicating would definitely be a problem. Without being able to communicate decently, your ability to do the job of an admin is extremely limited.
  12. +1 You've shown your loyalty among other great attributes.
  13. +1 I've seen enough to know that you are ready for this.
  14. Your longtime history in the ZE community and recent boost in playtime here has garnered you a lot of respect which is apparent judging by the reception on this application. You definitely have been adjusting/adhering to the CSGO ZE rule set which is great, but I need more time to be completely confident that you will be a consistent and responsible admin.
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