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  1. XY please make scp 008 round on this round i have 2 options 1 only MTFS spawn to eliminate all infecteds 2 it be normal d class guards MTFs researchers but only scp 008 spawn oh and will be a little more of scp 500 on this round scp 008 is a virus scp and in the round scp 008-1 spawn in scp 008 CC he work similar to 049-2 but he able to infect if he hit player he become infected but he not turn into zombie he first get some symptoms before the infection turn you into 008-2 it take a 1 minute and sec 10 you can cure it with scp 500 but in not sure if it can cure 008 zombies now the symptoms it send a red messages after 15 seconds you start feels a fever after 30 seconds you feels a nausea and headache and the fever getting worse after 45 seconds you begin to feels weakness and dementia after 65 seconds You feels like you're going to pass out but if you got killed byscp 008-1 or 008-2 kills you are automatic turn into scp 008-2 the name for the round will be quarantine or the quarantine scp 008-1 scps 008-1 are the first infecteds normal human speed Weapon same as scp 049-2 but it can infect and he make less damage left attack 25hp right attack 70hp HP 1000-850 spawn area scp 008 CC YOU ARE SCP 008-1 you are 1 of the first infecteds infect all humans Spread the disease in every possible way scp 008-2 scp 008-2 is a new infected he got infected from 008-1 or 008-2 normal human speed Weapon same as scp 049-2 but it can infect and he make less damage left attack 25hp right attack 70hp HP 700-450 he just got turn into 008-2 YOU ARE SCP 008-2 infect all humans Spread the disease in every possible way the model of scp 008-1 008-2 can be like scp 049-2 or 610 model or XY will find a good model idk scp 008 wiki http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-008 I hope you Enjoyed to read that
  2. scp 049 can go and turn more humans into 049-2 that 049 choice
  3. he be immune to death for 10-15 sec
  4. its a very small suggestion i think when scp 049 turn you into scp 049-2 before the victim comes to life he will wait 15-10 seconds maybe even with a nice animation and he cannot be killed when he wait 10 or 15 sec
  5. I have an idea to make a very dark round the LCZ HCZ EZ be very dark And it be hard to see what going on the flashlight work a little weaker the scps especially scp 106 and 682 able to see in the dark the name of the round be 8 dark days or darkness of death
  6. I forgot to add this YOU ARE A GRU Division "P" Soldier you must kill all foundation staff like MTFs guards Researchers and scps and serpent's Hand you can help to d class and CI or kill them
  7. this is too much OP if group of d class escape sorry but its -1
  8. i think we need thing like gun upgrade like sight silencer maybe even a laser And change the bullets type like big bullets Causing more damage and slow shooting a small bullets Causing less damage but shoot faster you also need to press C
  9. Overview: Originally known as the ЧД АКН ("ChD AKN", or Fourth Department Abnormal Occurrences Commission), it was established in early 1935 by direct decree of J. V. Stalin, its first task being the investigation of the murder of S. M. Kirov. During WWII, the Commission expanded into the newly reorganized GRU as Division "P" - Psychotronics, working to counteract anomalous threats from the SS, Ahnenerbe, and the Vatican, and to capture and study anomalous artifacts both at home and abroad for the benefit of the Soviet government. Division "P" has carried on with this role throughout the Cold War, making Foundation operations in the countries of the Comintern difficult. ok in the game they spawn at gate A they spawn with 130 hp and guns like AK shotguns snipers also knife and grenade pistol the foundation be hostile MTFS and guards Researchers scps and serpent's Hand are hostile d class neutral CI neutral model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166718588&searchtext=army
  10. i think scp 049 should have a voice system like the mtfs and CI but 049 say things like i am the cure i see the disease in you oh my this things this will make the meeting with 049 more creepy
  11. i know scp 035 is on the d class team but he still technical scp and i think part of the scps supposed to be friendly or neutral and Serpent's Hand or just be friendly only with scp 049 because they are good friends it also not make sense the touch of 049 work on 035 just saying
  12. good idea and very interesting +1
  13. you're right mybe be better just friendly
  14. the Sarkic are part of the groups of interest the sarkics have different dark beliefs they believe in idols and part of idols are scps they also sacrifice and ritual cannibalism but in the game they going to spawn in the 8 or 2 like NTF or CI the sarkic spawn with some guns like AK normal human speed and 120 or 150 HP CI neutral d class neutral Researchers hostile MTFs and guards hostile The Serpent's Hand neutral Scps can be neutral or hostile because sarkic are not 100% humans idk I'm not sure sarkic model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=819421137 wiki http://www.scp-wiki.net/groups-of-interest#toc24
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