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  1. To the people wanting to hear vios side directly from him don't be afraid to message him.
  2. he didn't play breach that often but he's played hours on purge cwrp and ttt
  3. Since being with violator for the past 4 years I can tell you that he always put gfl first (even if he didn't want to) he would spend hours working on servers fixing servers interacting with our players etc. He really cared about this community (which is why he was so vocal about things) . He thought of a lot of you as friends and comrades. I wouldn't blame him for the recent spout of drama all he did was send a link to a video. (he mostly just wants to stay out of the bullshit and be done with gfl and its people and get on with life) The people who started the recent drama were Pancake and Stormsniper (i was mostly just sitting back with popcorn). And as for the leaking of info (thanks motor btw) we weren't gonna steal anything (even though violator made most of the shit anyways) This community is a shell of what it used to be. Barely any new people join, 90% of the servers are dead/dying, Roy is not a good leader, people have been doxxed, a lot of people have left/resigned, too many power hungry people. It's just not a good community anymore. I used to love this place it was like a second home for me but my tastes have been soured for the last year. I apologize for my "dramatic" outbursts towards anyone (whether deserved or not) It's gonna be hard but I'm gonna leave It's been fun minus the past year.(ill stick around in the ttt admin chat in the gmod discord) @IlluminatiTurtle Thanks for the invite but its time for me to go.
  4. There was no defamation its the truth you guys are all corrupt and yes you are a traitor to ttt spreading lies and bullshit. All violator did was speak the truth. If it wasen't for him you wouldn't be where you are today. Remember that. its bullshit violator did not snap he was just telling the truth about what happened. He has all the receipts and everything so we have proof whos lying in this situation.
  5. Announcement #1

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!
  6. :ree: Found Image online and Edited it myself (added transparency along with the red hue)
  7. Green= Good Idea Blue= Neutral Red= Meh Add a round timer for ~5 - 6 minutes. Customize the TAB and Murder menu and create a GFL-like theme for it. { I have an idea for the tab menu for when you're dead you can see whose who so if someone is being obnoxious and they're alive you know who to mute} Add more names and make it so it uses full names (first and last names). { Perhaps adding a more realistic CS:S knife for the murder. {I think adding a pointshop feature where you can buy cs:go knife skins and make certain knives supporter plus to give the incentive to donate.} Two murders (and maybe two gun holders) at > 20 players. Third person (with a shortcut such as F4). Customized chatbox (this should be a global thing within all GFL Garry's Mod servers). { get rid of the censorship in chatbox. If I wanna say fuck I want it to say fuck not fudge} Server Hop chat advertisements. Although the popups are nice, I feel the advertisements within the chat box also helped. Server Ads (this is a project I'm currently working on and I need to re-code the lua addon to support the Restful API). Make it so if the gun holder shoots an innocent, it kills the gun holder instead of the innocent player (this would eliminate RDM). Make it so you can see your body and arms when you look down in first person. Perhaps if the murder kills three+ people, it gives them another item such as a chainsaw? Make it so the murder can goomba stomp people (just a small idea I thought of).
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