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  1. New Maps

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=107455292 I really wanted this map for a long time. It isn't that big but not as tiny. It has a lot of spots (well, parkour/jump spots) and even has a secret room.
  2. Its really good, specially since its the only thing that actually made me want to stand up and actually do something with my life.
  3. The "white" grapes that arent even white.
  4. Cereal, pancake, waffle, sandvich. Or your own d- oh god no. Just eat oxygen. You will live with that.
  5. Bursting up in flames and say "WHOS THE HOTTEST ONE NOW? NOBODY CANT HANDLE M-" *dies*
  6. I actually farted once in school. I couldnt hold it in so long. I hate my past.
  7. Yes. To fix all of my embarrasing moments and my shitty past.
  8. The only ice cream i like and tried is vanilla ice cream.
  9. Skillet The Resistance and Feel Invincible.
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