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  1. Those that I usually talk to within GFL already know but I’d just like to make it known to the larger group. Nothing dramatic, just lost interest in Gmod and have been fairly busy with work and school. I will probably visit the Discords occasionally. Thanks everyone.
  2. this is my favorite shitpost of yours yet
  3. breach senior admin, just inactive normal ttt admin :D
  4. Good luck! Never got to really meet you.
  5. Works for me... try bind "key" "stopsound"
  6. karma banned

    Your ban expires in about 2 hours anyways.
  7. I don't see anywhere in the chat where you asked for help. If you don't understand the game then don't go on a killing spree. I shortened the ban to 2 days since this is your first ban.
  8. You were banned by me for mass RDM for a week. Learn how the gamemode plays with F1 and read the short tutorial and press F9 for the server rules. Also, here's your steam id: STEAM_0:1:164438406
  9. This seems to be a lot of words, and everyone’s supposed to like words! 10/10
  10. good luck, ooh lunar base!
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